My LaserJet M1212nf is initialize problem when I turn it on.


My LaserJet M1212nf MFP is acting up all 3 green lights on the upper left are lit and it will not initialize when I turn it on.

venmartin Changed status to publish August 13, 2018
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Did the issue begin after changing the ink cartridges? Printers failing to initializing while turning on is usually caused due to power outage. To resolve this issue, you can do this,
Unplug the power cable from the printer while the printer is still ON and idle.
Unplug any other cables if connected the printer.
Press and hold the printer’s power button for 45 seconds.
Make sure the printer is directly connected to the wall outlet and not to a surge protector.
Reconnect the power cable to print and the printer should power ON by itself. If the printer doesn’t power ON then please manually power it ON.
If the issue persists then you may need to perform an NVRAM reset. This will completely reset the printer settings to its original factory settings.

venmartin Changed status to publish June 21, 2018
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