my officejet pro 8600 fax machine is not working


It shows the error title ” Missing or failed print head” and then sates “The print head appears to be missing, not detected, or incorrectly installed”
maybe a couple of months ago we changed the ink.

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Please follow the following steps to determine what could causing this issue.
Do a Printer Reset. (removing the power cord from the back while the printer in ON)
Unseat the printhead.
Remove the ink cartridges from the printer, and then check the error message.
Clean the ink cartridges, and then check the error message.
Update the printer firmware from the official hp printer website.
if you are still facing with the same issue after following the steps, i would recommend you to contact the HP printer support as the issue could be related to a hardware problem

venmartin Changed status to publish June 21, 2018
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