my printer won’t scan from computer or iPhone. error 9923. deskjet 2655


my printer won’t scan from computer or iPhone. It prints fine on wireless I get error 9923. deskjet 2655

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Is this the first time you are trying to scan from your computer or iPhone?
The scan not working may either be due to the scan to PC option is not enabled or because the full feature drivers are not installed.
To enable the scan features, Open the HP Utility, find the Scan/Scan to PC and make sure Scan to PC is enabled. Save the changes made and restart both your PC and the Printer and then try to scan again
If the above steps did not work, reinstall your printer drivers. To reinstall the new printer drivers, uninstall the old printer driver first. Then run the Apple software update and restart both your printer and PC again. On start up, click the Apple menu and click System Preferences. Click on the printer and scanner to open the printer list, right click the blank space in the printer list and then click Reset printing System. Click on reset to confirm the reset process. Wait for some time until the printing system is reset and make sure no devices are shown on the printers list. After that, open the HP website, enter your printer model number and download the drivers from the under Software and Drivers Download and install the drivers. After the installation, click on the Add Button and find and select the name of your printer from the printer list and add your printer.  Now try to scan using your computer or iPhone.

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is the issue fixed? i am getting the same error code

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