My samsung printer shows an error A1-1110


my samsung printer shows an error A1-1110 i think the main motor of the printer is not working as i do not hear any activity from the printer

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usually a full shut down of the printer helps. but if that does not help, check the connection between the main board and the main motor. To do so, turn the printer off (unplug the power cable from the wall outlet), remove the front and the back cover of the printer and check for the connection between them. if there is no connection problem, replace the main motor of the printer. you can contact the customer service to get assistance regarding this or take your printer to the nearest local printer store and get it repaired

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Hi Russell,

Yes, you are correct that the #a1-1110 Samsung error could mean that the main motor of the printer could not be working. However, the error A1-1110 could also be due to other different things causing it. An error with the Toner cartridge, a faulty main motor or an issue with the main motherboard of the printer could be the cause of Samsung error #A1-1110. Here I would like to discuss how to isolate the issue to find out if it is just a power outage issue or a specific part of the printer is causing the Samsung printer error and how to fix error a1-1110. Please follow the steps below so that we can isolate the Samsung printer error.


1. Turn off the Samsung printer.

Switch off the printer and unplug all the cables that are connected to it. Wait for the printer to rest in a power-off state for more than a minute. Connect only the power cable back into the printer and restart the printer. If the error A1-1110 persists, refer to the next step

2. A damage OPC coupler.

With an overloaded OPC Coupler, the Samsung printer would display a1-1110 error. To check if the issue is due to the OPC coupler, remove the toner cartridge and manually rotate the OPC coupler. If you find any damages and the OPC coupler cannot rotate as smoothly as it should, replace the toner cartridge.

3. Check the wire connections.

As you have mentioned that the main motor of the printer is not working. The Samsung error #al-1110 could also be due to a loose connection between the main motor and the main board. To check the connections, remove the right panel and the rear panel of the printer and check if the cable connections are inserted correctly. If the issue remains the same after checking the connections, replace the cable connections and if the issue remains the same, replace the main motor of the Samsung Printer.

4. Error A1-1110 indicating a faulty motherboard

If you have replaced the main motor of the printer, and the printer still comes with the error #a1-1110, then replace the main board of the printer

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