need to reprogrammed my epson WF-2540


Well, kind of a long story………my Epson scanner wouldn’t include the last page on 3 scans that I transferred to my usb devise, so I pushed the default button on my Epson printer, thinking it would revert back to original settings and my problem would be solved. Although, I forgot that my Epson printer was re-programmed for a new computer about 6 months ago, so now all my info. for my computer is wrong. Long story short, been trying to change the router info. and have some questions. When I add the new info. from my router to the printer, the printer name comes up “Epson50c680”, but the Epson printer I have is the WF-2540…..which name is right, or is the Epson50c680 NOT my printer’s name?

venmartin Changed status to publish August 13, 2018
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