Printer jet pro 6978 not working and tells there is an error


my hp quit printing about 2wks ago Tells me there is an error and doesn’t print the 12 loaded documents. office jet pro 6978

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Are you able to make copies? Could you share the error code detail so that it would give a better understanding about the issue.
While you respond to this, you can this steps
Reset the printer. With the printer powered on (idle) pull out the power cable from the back of the printer. Wait for 30 seconds and plug back the power cable back into the printer. If the printer does not start automatically then press the power button to restart.
Delete printer spooler service – Press windows key + R together, type services.msc, hit Enter. Search for the Print Spooler from the list, right click and click Stop. right click again and Start the printer spooler services again

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