User Profile Service Failed the Logon in Dell Windows 7 Ultimate


I am using Dell Vostro 14 3000 laptop. Recently i changed my window from window 8 to window 7. Since i install windows 7 i am facing User Profile Service Failed the Logon problem. Suggest me solution.

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when you see the message “User Profile Service Failed the Logon Windows 7” you can work on steps to recover or log in again to the system. This is a very common issue which has been addressed before too and user profile service failed the Logon windows 7 domain can be resolved by taking few steps. Dell Windows 7 User Profile Service Failed Logon is easy to resolve with following steps:

User Profile Service Failed the Logon in Dell Windows 7 Ultimate

  • Tap F8 after starting your system first then select the “Safe Mode with Command Prompt”. Go to step 15 if this does not work

safe mode

  • In case you managed the logging in and a command prompt pops up, type “net user administrator password /active:yes”. Password can be changed here as need.

net user administrator password active yes

  • Restart the system in case you get the “The command completed successfully” message,
  • Choose safe mode and boot the system with F8. (Learn How to Boot in Safe Mode on Windows)
  • Login should be possible with the password that you set earlier
  • Windows logo + R keys to be pressed simultaneously and type regedit. Followed by pressing “enter”.

regedit hit enter

  • Move to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\ProfileList once the register opens

registry editor img

  • Find the one that starts with S-1-5 at the left pane and ends with .BAK. go to second last step if it doesn’t work

bak registry change

  • Rename by right clicking it to change the .BAK to .BK

  • Right click on the one that has same numbering without. BAK and add it to the end
  • Right click and delete the one named .BK
  • Basically you have changed the .BAK at end form second entry to first which should solve the issue too
  • Start Windows Explorer to C:\Users\Default\AppData\Local\Application Data in case you didn’t find a .BAK,
  • Delete any other application data if found below which can resolve the issue too.
  • Reboot and hit F8 until you see the menu again in case you are unable to login using the safe mode with command prompt, followed by highlighting Repair Your Computer and pressing Enter.
  • When it prompts for keyboard language press next
  • Choose your user from the menu and enter password and try logging in here then move to second last step.
  • Use your windows installation DVD and restart the system if this doesn’t work to
  • select Boot from CD\DVD after tapping on F12 with a menu of boot options
  • Select required keyboard language and click on next. Then search for repair your computer, below the center left
  • Click on Open Command Prompt and type: net user administrator password /active:yes with a specified password again
  • Click restart after closing the command prompt and repeat from step 4
venmartin Changed status to publish November 28, 2018
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