Vertical line on my HP monitor


I have a lot of vertical lines on my HP monitor. there is no physical damage on the monitor

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Vertical lines on your display can be due to many reasons, it can either be a hardware related issue or a software related issue
To start you can enter the BIOS setting to determine if it is a hardware or software issue. To enter BIOS, shutdown the computer, turn it on and simultaneously keep tapping F10 to load to BIOS. Because BIOS is not a part of Windows Operating system, if you can still see the vertical lines than it indicates that it is a hardware related issue.  
If not, you can try some of these steps

  1.       Update the graphic card drivers of your computer
  2.       Update with the latest BIOS
  3.       Adjust the screen resolution settings
  4.       unplugged and reconnect the power cable connected to the monitor
  5.     Perform a power drain, disconnect all devices and cables that is connected to your desktop tower, press and hold the power button for 30 seconds, reconnect all the cables and restart your computer.

If the steps helped you, please reply.

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