workforce wf-2760 printer.When I color print, there are lines all through the page.


I bought a workforce wf-2760 printer with a warranty plan in November of last year. When I color print something, there are lines all through the page. I put new cartridges in not to long ago and haven’t printed but a few colored pages. B & W doesn’t have any lines

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Try one of these solution,
-Run the print head alignment utility
-Clear the high speed check box in the advance dialogue box
-Run the head cleaning utility to clear any clogged ink nozzles
-Check if the microweave checkbox is selected when available in advance dialog box

The issue can either be due to incorrect or missing colors
-Change the color setting in your printer software to Color
-Adjust the color settings in you printer software advance tools
-And do not use the ink cartridge beyond its expiration date

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