How to Fix Crash Catcher QuickBooks Mac Error?

How to Fix Crash Catcher QuickBooks Mac Error?

The crash catcher QuickBooks Mac error is an unexpected problem. It may often display when you run the accounting software on this OS. Being recurrent in nature, this error prevents you from consistently working. As it is unexpected, its causes may lie within your Apple computer or the software. To be able to fix it, you need to ensure this cause. As you do so, you can simply improve the working of QB by getting important updates. When the cause lies in your Mac PC, bugs in it will have to be worked on.

Causes of Error QuickBooks Crash Catcher on Mac

In certain instances, the crash catcher can result on Apple PCs due to problems in the operating system. These problems may later affect the programs/software installed on Mac like QB. Thus, the error may emerge in it.

It will be helpful to also look at the other causes of the error:

  • The software may be lacking recent updates.
  • QuickBooks data can be problematic. Hence, this error may come up.
  • Your user account on Mac may not function as usual or without errors. Thus, when you launch the software via it, the QuickBooks crash catcher Mac error may be the end result.

Troubleshooting Crash Catcher QuickBooks Mac Error

Crash catcher can occur due to faults within QuickBooks and Mac. Therefore, you should check that the software and OS are bug-free. For this, you can update QB. On Mac, errors like QuickBooks crash catcher on Mac can be prevented from interfering with the software when you run it through Safe Boot. Additionally, you should try fixes like using Verify and Rebuild Utility for troubleshooting the error.

Fix 1: Update Accounting Software

On finding the crash catcher QuickBooks Mac error, please see to it whether you are running an updated version. For resolving issues like this one in the software, its developers release updates. Improvements in QB are made as you download the updates. Once this is ensured, you can test the software by running it as usual.

Fix 2: Try Verify and Rebuild Utility

The crash catcher issue may exist in the software due to problems with data. Working on these problems can remove the source of the error. To deal with the data-associated problems, you should use Verify and Rebuild Utility. The utility is found in the Verify Data option in QuickBooks.

  • See “File” on running “QuickBooks” on your Mac.
  • Then you have to choose “Utilities”.
  • Tap on the option which mentions “Verify Data”.
  • After this, please choose “File” again.
  • Click on the option “Utilities”.
  • Opt for “Rebuild Data”.
  • Now, you can press “Verify Data”.

Data verification can take some time. Later on, please check whether the QuickBooks crash catcher Mac problem is fixed. Should you experience it even now, then restoring QuickBooks backup can help in further troubleshooting it.

Fix 3: Create New Account for Mac User

QuickBooks errors may appear when you run this software on Mac OS. When the software carries no glitches, your account on Apple may have problems. Speaking of the QuickBooks crash catcher issue on this OS, you can add one additional account. It is to be used as a troubleshooting measure for this issue.

  • On your “Mac”, access the “Apple” menu.
  • See “System Preferences” and choose the option.
  • Then click on the button for “Users & Groups”.
  • Push the “+” icon.
  • Then you have to add one new user. Ensure to assign it “Administrator” rights.
  • The account for this user needs to be used for logging in on your Apple computer.
  • Next, run “QuickBooks”.
  • Do the activity that was resulting in the crash catcher Mac error. Hopefully, you may not find it now.

Fix 4: Operate System with Safe Boot

Sometimes a problem may keep interfering with the operating system. Due to this, when you start software like QB, the catch up error may be observed. Safe Boot on Mac is one way of removing this interference. You need to restart your PC in a particular way to enter Safe Mode via booting. Then use the accounting software in this mode to inspect the crash catcher bug.

  • Turn off your Mac OS system.
  • Push the button for “Power”.
  • Now, you have to continuously press “Shift” given on the keyboard.
  • When “Desktop” is visible on the display, let go of the key.
  • Please run the accounting software.
  • Administer the activity which was resulting in the QuickBooks catch up error.
  • Should the problem not reproduce, then you may end the fix here. 
  • Otherwise, start your Apple PC all over again. This time, please run it usually without the safe boot.


A technical problem like the catch-up error may not be complex but recurring. When you want to work on QuickBooks on Mac without interference from this error, you should quickly identify its causes. With an overview of the error and its causes, you will find it easier to troubleshoot it.

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