How to Cancel Your Starz Subscription on iOS and Android Devices?

How to Cancel Your Starz Subscription on iOS and Android Devices?

The television network of America, STARZ, brings to customers unique content. With its budget-friendly subscriptions, entertainment can be conveniently available. Similar to it, several networks can be found that may increase the number of streaming options for customers. Reflecting on this and other grounds, they may want to cancel STARZ subscriptions. 

Subscribing to the service requires making a purchase and renewing it regularly. Stopping auto-renewals is one way of cancellation. STARZ or STARZPLAY featured by it may also be withdrawn by canceling directly. As a part of the two broad ways, differing methods can be used. Considering the iOS or Android software, a method can be chosen. The network’s app, website, and the device settings of Android and Apple can be included in these methods.

How do I Cancel My STARZ Subscription?

STARZ has been notable for producing original streaming content while featuring other shows. Restricted access or limited options to stream may not please every user. It comes with the option to remove the service when not needed. A user of STARZ may consider the official site of the network as the prime way to unsubscribe. With its app as well, the service can be closed. In both methods, the settings of the medium shall be used.

Method 1: Through

The simplest way to cancel your STARZ subscription is through its website. Here, you can check the subscription from the settings. Then you need to choose the option for its cancellation. Here, a thing to be essentially noted is that the provider may not support refunds. After you end the service, you may keep using it till the period for billing is over.

  • The beginning direction is to go to the website of “STARZ” and sign into the account.
  • From the “Gear” button or settings, push the “Subscriptions” tab.
  • Opt for “Cancel My Subscription”.

The app or website of STARZPLAY was earlier available to the users of the network. Whether or not new users can subscribe to it, presently, can be confirmed from STARZ. However, on, to cancel the subscription for this service, the method listed above can be used by old users.

Method 2: On STARZ App

The application of the cable channel company has been made for an entertainment experience on the go. To take a break from it, you may check its My Subscription option. Its cancellation can be given effect from here. To reach this option, the settings of the STARZ app can be searched for.

  • Access the “STARZ” application.
  • See to it that you are logged in to your account.
  • Choose the “More” button.
  • Now, you should visit “Settings”.
  • Touch the option given for “Account Management”.
  • Find the provider of the streaming service from the “My Subscription” details.
  • A list should come up. From it, you have to pick this provider.

Some of you may be unable to know who the provider is. STARZ has formed a page for sharing the request to receive the provider’s details. To visit this page, you may use the link – Then you can connect with the service-providing platform and cancel the subscription to STARZ.

Can I Cancel My STARZ Subscription on iOS Devices?

With changes in preferences and in the hope of an enhanced experience, customers may use new platforms to keep themselves entertained. While doing so, they may put on hold the other platforms and unsubscribe. Speaking of STARZ, iOS devices can well support the intent. To cancel a STARZ subscription on iPhone, both settings and the App Store can be reached. The settings can be used on an Apple TV as well to remove the service.

Method 1: From iPhone’s App Store

Direct closure of STARZ service is one way to unsubscribe. With the App Store on your iPhone, you can initiate an indirect way by stopping the monthly or yearly subscription. The entertainment platform cannot function without paying for it as free streaming or a trial may not be presently available.

Let us now see how to cancel the STARZ subscription on iPhone through the App Store:

  • The user needs to find his/her “Apple ID” in the store.
  • Click on the option that mentions “Manage”.
  • “STARZ” should be given on the screen.
  • Tap on “Automatic Renewal”. 

The toggle button will ensure that the periodic payment of the service comes to a halt. Since the service shall no longer be charged, the subscription should not remain active.

Method 2: Using Settings on an iPhone

The subscriptions that you have access to on an iOS device can together be viewed from the settings. Then you can cancel a STARZ subscription on your iPhone or iPad. As you find the option to do so, further instructions can appear. You may be asked to give the reason for discontinuation and then confirm.

  • Use “iTunes & App Store” in “Settings”.
  • Then check the “Apple ID” on your iOS device.
  • A pop-up should come into view. You have to touch the “View Apple ID” option in it.
  • Then move to “Subscriptions” and locate the one for “STARZ”. You can cancel it afterward.

Method 3: Via Your Apple TV

For presenting a high-quality viewing experience of STARZ shows, your Apple TV can be second to none. In the event that you wish to stop watching these videos and not pay for the time being, you can check the iOS device’s settings for withdrawal. Then the decision to cancel your STARZ subscription can be implemented from the iTunes & App Store on this TV. Your Apple ID can be used in the process.

  • See the “Settings” on your “Apple TV”.
  • Come to “iTunes & App Store” and utilize the option “Apple ID” to go further.
  • Hit “View Apple ID” and then type in the related credentials.
  • Select “Ok” and shift to “Subscriptions”.
  • Pick the “Manage” option for selecting the subscription for “STARZ”.
  • Disable the option given for “Automatic Renewal”.

How to Cancel a STARZ Subscription on Android?

For Android users, closing the streaming services of the premium cable company can be thought of with the Play Store. The subscriptions in use can be collectively found in one space on this store. In addition, some of them may be using the Funimation app to access STARZ services. The Hamburger menu of the app puts forth the ease of canceling them.

Method 1: Using Google Play Store 

Google Play can be useful for installing several applications focused on different things including entertainment. You can purchase the services of certain apps like STARZ and find the details in this store’s Subscription section. To quickly stop any service, you can run the store’s menu. Thus, when you have to cancel the STARZ subscription on your Android phone, the same directions can be used.

  • Check the “Menu” of “Google Play Store”.
  • Tap on “Subscription”.
  • Find “Starz”, followed by its selection.
  • Press “Cancel” along with “Yes”.

Method 2: On Funimation 

Funimation familiarizes you with several streaming platforms or services including STARZ. Via the app on your Android device, you can also do away with the services of the subscription you do not need. You may have often used the settings of the app for giving effect to certain preferences. Now, the cancellation of STARZ being your concern, you can find Google Play in the settings and stop the service.

Tip: This app may have been downloaded and used on Apple iPhone too for the movies/shows of the network. Therefore, the following instructions can be utilized on this device as well when cancellation is required.

  • Please launch the “Funimation” application on the “Android” phone.
  • View the “Hamburger” menu.
  • Open the “Settings” of this app.
  • Tap on the option that shows “Your Plan”.
  • The subscriptions for “Google Play” should be loaded. Please choose “STARZ” among these.
  • Now, you only need to hit “Cancel Subscription”.

You may redirect your related queries to the main cable channel after you cancel the STARZ subscription through this application. These may include re-activation, charges despite cancellation, etc. 

In a Nutshell

STARZ or STARZPLAY has been thoughtful about the various needs of its subscribers. Hence, along with introducing paid access to streaming services, canceling them has also been made possible for their greater convenience. As many as 7 methods were given here. The page attempted to keep them devoid of elements that may hinder your complete understanding, thereby, making cancellation effortless.

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