Fix 0x800705b4 Error in Windows Defender Update

Fix 0x800705b4 Error in Windows Defender Update

The Windows users very often encounter the error code 0x800705b4 while opting Windows Update and using Windows Defender tool. The error code usually faced by the Windows users under different scenarios and the user might face different error messages in different scenarios. The errors

are usually defined in codes for easy identification of the error occurrence. This hexadecimal data format, 0x800705b4 is displayed to the Microsoft Windows users when the error occurs. The errors should be fixed instantly to avoid the error being complex and serious. Further, it might hinder the work process by the slowdown or crashing of computer or data loss at times. So it is essential to get the error fixed as soon as possible. In the below information you can find step wise guide to fix Windows update error code 0x800705b4  that commonly happens error in Windows Update and Windows Defender.

What is Windows Update Error Code 0x800705b4?

The symptoms of the error windows 10 update error 0x800705b4: The Windows users are benefited with the service feature by Microsoft. The function of this feature is to provide recent updates for operating system and other Microsoft products such as Microsoft Office, Windows Live Essentials, etc. Commonly, the OS is set up to download and install Windows Updates automatically, in case the system is linked with strong internet connectivity and the updates are available. Microsoft authorizes the users to install updates on the system without linking to the internet connectivity also other optional solutions and programs to install Window updates. The Windows updates comprise of various types of updates like: security updates and critical updates that resolves the system susceptibility against virus and malware attack to the system security. It also comprise of other updates to rectify errors so as to enhance the functionality.

Infrequently when the Windows update fails to function in the right way and the installation is hindered it indicates that the error is occured. These days the Windows update error 0x800705b4 is not a complex error to the maximum Windows users. Usually the error is accompanied with an error message,“There were some problem installing updates, but we’ll try again later. If you keep seeing this and want to search the web or contact support for information, this may help: (0x800705b4)”.

What are main causes the Windows Defender 0x800705b4?

The probable reasons for the occurrence of error are discussed below:

  • Update failure by the Operating system
  • Damaged or Corrupt Windows system files
  • Windows update service is not set up as automatic update in the system
  • Error occurs due to error in the Registry
  • Virus or malware attack

WorkAround to Fix Windows 10 Error 0x800705b4

When the error occurs the user should not take it lightly. It needs to resolved as soon as possible so that work process is not hindered. This Windows Update 0x800705b4 error might end up causing serious problems to your system. So it is recommended to execute the solutions identifying the exact cause of the error and following the suitable solution. It is necessary to fix the error with the feasible solution for maintaining the security and performance of the system. Follow the below mentioned solutions to fix the error.

Fix 1 – Run a SFC Scan for the Computer

If you are wondering how to fix the Windows update error, the first attempt should be to run the a thorough sfc scanning for your computer. SFC scan is a free tool designed with the ability to fix many common system errors. SFC scanning helps the users to locate the corrupted Windows system files and once found repair them successfully. It is known that when the system files are damaged or lost, the system fails to function like earlier.

  • Go to the Command Prompt
  • Click Start -> Move to the search box and enter cmd
  • Select Run as administrator. In case you are prompted to enter the administrator credentials or UAC confirmation type the password -> then click Allow.
  • The command prompt is now displayed
  • Type or copy the command sfc/scannow -> Press Enter

Once the scanning of all the secured system files and resolving the damaged/ corrupt files starts, note that the Command Prompt is not ended till the process is complete. In case the Windows Resource Protection fails to seek any integrity violations the following messages will be displayed.

  • The Windows Resource Protection fail perform the requested operation.
  • Windows Resource Protection located corrupt files and repaired them completely.
  • Windows Resource Protection located corrupt files but failed to resolve some of them.

Fix 2 – Execute System Restore

Fix 0x800705b4

Implementation of System Restore is an second solution recommended to fix Windows Defender error 0x800705b4. Usually system backup is completed when Windows was working properly without any error. It is suggested that prepare a backup copy of essential files in computer partition prior restoring system. You can skip this solution if your computer has never been backed up.

The computer backup can be prepared by the professional programs as well by the backup feature offered by Windows. Maximum users choose backup by professional programs as the backup software such as Eassos System Restore, that makes the task easier and more flexible. With the Eassos System Restore you can judge the functionality by taking up 15-day free trial then decide to download and use it to backup your system. It guides how to backup Windows with Eassos System Restore. The below steps display how to perform system restore with Window built-in utility.

  • Click Start -> Enter system restore in the search box
  • Click to the right of the System Restore in the result list
  • Select Run as Administrator. You can look for this tool via Control Panel
  • Select the time slot to restore system
  • Select recommended restore or specific restore (depending upon the actual situation).
  • Verify the restore point -> Click Finish.

Fix 3 – System Update to Latest Version

Although system has been configured to install the latest updates automatically, there are times when it fails to follow the functionality due to some possible reasons. For instance: poor network connectivity. In that case manual reinstallation of the system updates can fix the 0x800705b4 problem. The steps involved in manual process of installation are as follows:

  • Click Start -> Choose Control Panel
  • Choose System and Security
  • Click Windows Update
  • Click “Check for updates” on the left part of the Window pane
  • Finally update Windows to latest system

Fix 4 – Especially for Windows 10 Users

For all the Windows 10 users who are dealing with this system update error code 0x800705b4, are recommended to follow the below mentioned steps.

  • Update Windows Defender from the security center
  • To find Windows Defender – Click Start button -> Settings -> Update & security -> Windows Defender.
  • Move to Windows Updates
  • Click Advanced options
  • Click the option to fetch updates for other Microsoft products
  • Reboot your system and verify for updates again. The update is done successfully. When you receive the system message: “Your device is up to date”
  • Click Advanced options and verify update options again for Microsoft programs.
  • Verify updates again and you will now allowed to download and install update for the other programs.

Other Solutions

If case you still find the error despite of the above resolutions then the error might be caused by other reasons. The reasons for error occurrence differs from user to user. The below are few other solutions that are available online and help to fix the error.

  • Attempt Using Windows Update Troubleshooter: With the implementation of this free tool designed by Microsoft for free and you can be easily downloaded, installed and run to fix the Windows update problem. The instructions for using the tool are provided on-screen to follow and the problem is easily diagnosed and automatically fixed once the tool is installed and run.
  • Turn off Windows Defender, firewall or any third party antivirus software if installed in the system. They go ahead for system update.
  • End up all the link with the devices that are not important like webcams, printers, USB flash drives, unless there are updates for these devices. Then you can run the Windows update again.

Fix 5 – Error in Windows Defender

Windows Defender is the in built tool that is offered by the Windows system for safeguarding the system. It is developed for according real-time security to the computer. It is very useful tools authorized by Microsoft to the Windows users. At times, it fails to function properly and the error occurs. This free software  program is designed to safeguard your system from external threats like spyware and malware. It is considered as a perfect option to safeguard your system.

Like other software the Windows Defender tool also encounters error. There are several times when Windows Defender does not start or scan system and gives various error messages. Error code 0x800705b4 is one of the most commonly reported errors by the users that is accompanied by an error message: “Windows Defender couldn’t turn on real-time protection. This operation returned because the timeout period expired. Click Help for more information about the problem. Error code: 0x800705b4”.

Fix 6 – Turn off Antivirus Security Software

  • Turn off  or uninstall third party antivirus for a short time
  • Enable the firewall software
    Click Start button -> Enter Windows firewall in the search box
  • Click Windows Firewall from the search result. You can do the same from Control Panel: 
    Start -> Control Panel -> System and Security -> Windows Firewall
  • To the sidebar of the window click Turn Windows Firewall on or off
  • Click Turn on Windows Firewall on the other pane.
  • Start Windows Defender
  • Click Start -> Enter Service in search box
  • Click on the right to run it as administrator
  • Go to the service window Defender and configure as Start.
  • Reboot your system
  • Verify the settings are implied or not.

Fix 7 – Make Use of Registry Editor

  • Open Registry Editor
  • Use Windows key + R key -> type regedit -> press Enter. If you by UAC to provide confirmation -> click Yes.
  • Find Windows Defender following this path: 
    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft\Windows Defender
  • View the file named DisableAntiSpyware on the right part of the window.
  • Click twice on REG_DWORD and see the Value data is 1 on the pop-up box. Insert 0 in the place of 1 -> click OK. Else delete the key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft\Windows Defender
Fix Windows Defender Error 0x800705b4
  • Reboot your system and Windows Defender will be working like earlier.

In case the Windows 10 update error 0x800705b4 still persists you can connect with the reliable support agency that offer excellent services related to Windows 10 and other Microsoft programs. is a well known company that employs experienced and knowledgeable experts certified from Microsoft. Assure quick and feasible solutions to all the errors and queries reported by the Windows users. They assure first call resolution that saves time and money of the users. They are easily approachable over phone and email. Available 24×7 and are patient in handling the issues of the users. Connect with them via toll free phone assistance number +1-866-496-0452 and acquire best Windows support.

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