How to Delete Comcast Emails, Accounts, and Folders?

How to Delete Comcast Emails, Accounts, and Folders?

Comcast may be used for both personal and professional reasons. When you send mail through the account, you may also receive responses or additional messages. When a number of them have been received in your inbox, it may become full. Any storage issues may also emerge in the account. 

Sometimes, you may want to delete these emails or the folders in which they are stored. However, when the account itself is not required due to similar reasons, its removal may also be needed. The platform enables you to delete Comcast emails, folders, and accounts. Not only on a computer but on smart devices too, this can be done.

How do I Delete Comcast Email Accounts and Mails?

If the account is to be deleted permanently, then you can try the manual method which needs to be carried out through the Users menu. Users can delete the Comcast emails in bulk via an easier way by utilizing the Shift key present on the keyboard. You may also remove the emails on the iPhone with the help of the Settings option.

Option 1: Delete the Email Account Manually

If you no longer need a particular Comcast account, it is better that you remove it permanently. You can carry out this process manually via the Users section. It can be viewed when you are signed into your account. From here, move to the User Account to find the Edit option. Use it to delete the Comcast email account.

  • Run the browser and visit the website of Xfinity.
  • After you have opened it, fill in your “Username” and “Password” to sign in.
  • Go to the section of “Users“.  
  • Find and click on the “User Account” button.
  • A window containing all the information related to the Comcast account will pop up.
  • Now, choose the account that is to be deleted permanently.
  • Click on “Edit”.
  • Among the two options appearing on the window, go for “Permanently Delete the Account”.
  • Follow the directions that come up for completing this process.

Option 2: Removing Bulk Emails

When you keep on receiving emails in your Comcast account and have not deleted them for quite a long time, they might get piled up and fill your storage. Thus, it is better to remove those that do not have any use. 

To delete Comcast emails in bulk, you are required to sort the ones that you no longer need. Then click on the first email of that list and move down to the last one. While selecting the final email, press the Shift button on the keyboard.

  • The sender’s emails that are to be deleted need to be sorted.
  • Choose the first email that you want to clear.
  • Scroll down to the final email.
  • Here, tap on the last one while holding down the “Shift” key.
  • Pick “Delete”.

Option 3: Clearing Emails on iPhone

You can delete Comcast emails on an iPhone through the Settings application. Open it and head towards the Mail, Contacts, Calendars option. Then you will have to pick Comcast. After that, the Advanced button is to be availed, followed by choosing the Delete from Server tab. Also, a time is to be scheduled for the deletion process to take place.

  • Head to the “Settings” app on your iOS device.
  • Click on “Mail, Contacts, Calendars”.
  • Opt for the “Comcast” account.
  • Hit “Advanced”.
  • The “Delete from Server” option is to be chosen.
  • Now, set the time at which you want the emails to be removed from your account. Save it and your mails will get deleted.

How to Delete Folders in a Comcast Email Account?

On Xfinity Comcast, you can create several folders to differently store/categorize information. When the folders are not needed at any time, they can be cleared from your account. You need to choose it and then tap on the dot that you can see beside the folder. It will lead you to the Delete tab.

  • Login to “Comcast” mail.
  • Choose the “Folder” that is to be deleted.
  • Look for the “Dot” sign appearing next to the selected folder. Click on that.
  • Next, opt for the “Delete” tab at the end of the window.
  • A dialog box will pop up on the screen.
  • Hit “Ok”.

The folder will now get deleted along with the emails that it contained. After performing the process, you will have finished learning how to delete folders in the Comcast email.

Summing Up

Respecting several reasons that may demand the removal of emails, folders, or even the entire account, Comcast has made available the option to delete them. From removing bulk emails on PC and iPhone to deleting the folders, the blog concentrated deeply on providing accurate methods. Hence, you can save time and enhance your knowledge by getting all the details in a single place.

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