How to do Rocketmail Login & Clear the Sign-in Errors?

How to do Rocketmail Login & Clear the Sign-in Errors?

Rocketmail, at one time, was one of the email provider companies that offered free services. In 1997, it was sold to Yahoo Inc., a leading web service provider. Customers were allowed to maintain their email address along with which they received extra services from Yahoo. In the year 2008, Yahoo reopened Rocketmail for those users who wanted to create a new account but this service got closed in 2013. The existing users can now only perform the Rocketmail login process and access their emails. The main website can be checked for finding the option to sign in. Access can be granted most of the time. Only in a few instances, it may be hindered. When the sign-in errors emerge, you can simply fix the issue and see/send mails once again.

What is the Rocketmail Login Procedure?

The procedure to log in to Rocketmail is about accessing the website of Yahoo as the original platform may not be available. On its Login Page, you can enter the information you have. Then you can directly sign in to your account. In the process, you may either provide accurate information or recover it with the options given.

  • Go directly to the Rocketmail Login Page by clicking on the given link:
  • On the screen, you can find “Sign in Using your Yahoo Account“. Press it.
  • After that, enter any of the following details linked with your account:
    • “Login ID”
    • “Email Address”
    • “Phone Number”
  • In this step, “Next” should be selected.
  • Put your “Rocketmail Password” in the box below.
  • Hit “Next” in this step. Your Rocketmail or Yahoo email account has now been successfully signed in. 

Why can’t I Log in to My Rocketmail Account?

At times, during the Rocketmail account login, access may be denied. Such an issue may come up if you have not updated the Yahoo application for a long period. Likewise, you may also come across other conditions and be prevented from signing in:

  • In case the server of Rocketmail is down, the page may not work.
  • If you do not remember the password, then the login process cannot be processed.
  • A bad internet connection can restrict you from accessing your emails.
  • Unknown problems in email settings can lead to a login error.

Can I Fix the Rocketmail Sign-in Problems?

You can resolve the sign-in issues by keeping a check on the internet connectivity. The Wi-fi and router have to be examined for resolving this issue. Another way through which you can fix the Rocketmail email login problem is by updating the application on Android as well as iOS devices. There are more fixes available that can help you in eliminating the error. These can include resetting the password or checking Yahoo SMTP settings.

Fix 1: Checking the Data Connection

Sometimes, while accessing your account on to log in, you may see that the browser is unable to load the page. This situation can take place if the internet connectivity is poor. To fix this, you can turn off the Wi-Fi connection and switch on the Airplane Mode on the system. Wait for at least a minute and switch it off. Then again turn on the Wi-Fi and connect the computer to it. 

If you still struggle with the same problem, then tap on the Power off button present on the router and wait for a minute or two before restarting it. Push it now and try connecting your PC with it. After that, go to the website and see if the Rocketmail Login Page is working.

Fix 2: Update Yahoo Mail App

When updates are not made for the Yahoo Mail application on a smartphone, at one point in time, it may stop working. Signing into the account may be difficult on such an app. Thus, it is necessary to update it. To get the updates, you need to open the Play Store on an Android phone. To resolve errors as you log in to the Rocketmail account on iOS, you may download the updates via the App Store.

Option 1: On Android

Android users can update the Yahoo Mail app by looking for it in the store. When it has been found, you can press the Update button. After a while, enter your Rocketmail account through login. When the access has been received, the sign-in problem will have been cleared.

  • On your Android smartphone, open the “Play Store” application. 
  • Then tap on the “Search” icon. 
  • Enter “Yahoo Mail” in the box provided and press its icon when you find it.
  • Next, select “Update“.
  • Wait for some time until the app is updated.

Note: Your app is up to date if the tab says “Installed” instead of “Update.”

  • Run it and fill in the required credentials. Then sign in and check the solution. 

Option 2: In iOS

If you want to carry out the app updates on an iOS device such as an iPhone, then go to the App Store and select Updates. From the apps given, choose Yahoo Mail. When the installation of the updates is not pending, you can open it. Then provide the credentials registered on to log in and inspect the error.

  • The “App Store” is to be launched on the iOS device.
  • Next, click on the “Updates” tab.
  • Choose the “Update” option beside “Yahoo Mail”.
  • Once it is updated, launch it and try logging in again.

Fix 3: Resetting the Rocketmail Password

Setting a password that you can easily forget might put you in a problem. If this happens, then you may not be able to sign in to the Rocketmail email account. However, to come out of this situation, you can reset the current password. You are required to visit the main website of the mail. In the Username field, opt for any option and fill in its details. Then on the page for Rocketmail login, the Forgot Password option is to be pressed. 

  • Head to the Yahoo Mail’s homepage by tapping on the given link:
  • Mention the Rocketmail credentials.
  • Next, press the “Forgot Password” option.
  • Choose the recovery method between the two:
    • “Phone Number”
    • “Email Address”
  • A code will be sent on the method you have selected. Enter it in the field provided.
  • In this step, type a new password for the email account.
  • Fill it up again for confirmation and save it.

Now, proceed to the login webpage where the required details are to be typed. Now, sign in to your Rocketmail mail account and view the emails.

Fix 4: Verifying the SMTP Settings on Yahoo

The Simple Mail Transfer Protocol is an application through which the emails are received and sent to the email accounts. Sometimes, because of certain instances, it starts creating a problem in the Rocketmail login process. Therefore, to fix this, you can verify the SMTP settings from the settings of the email. Once you find it, you need to tap on the Outgoing Server Settings option. Then the required information is to be filled in the respective fields and saved.  

  • Go to the “SMTP” server settings in the Yahoo mail settings.
  • Choose “Outgoing Server Settings”.
  • In the “Yahoo Mail SMTP Server/Hostname” field, type “”.
  • Next, in the field of the “SMTP Port Number”, enter “465”.
  • Choose the “Encryption” in-between:
    • TLS”
    • “SSL”
  • Then provide your Rocketmail email address in the box for “Username”.
  • Now, enter the “Password” of the email account and save it.
  • Head to the Login window and mention the credentials needed for signing in. 

Note: If the issue is still the same, then try changing the Port Number to 587 and login in again.

All in All

Users can log in to Rocketmail mail by adequately performing the method. The sign-in process as well as the fix for the login error were chiefly concentrated in the blog. It becomes easier to resolve the error with the tested measures known to you. This can eventually save a lot of time that you can put into utilizing other works. 

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