How To Delete an AOL Email Account

How To Delete an AOL Email Account

How To Delete an AOL Email Account

Do you want to Delete an AOL Mail account? Do you wish to create a new one? Or do you have many email accounts? Do you find your AOL account ineffective? But have you ever asked yourself “How do I delete my AOL Mail account?” Regardless of the reason to delete your AOL Mail Address, you can consummate the action by twigging on to the instructions stated below.

How Do I Delete My AOL Mail Address

Truth be told, you won’t be able to delete AOL Mail address of yours unless you close the account. This entails a loss in accessibility to every AOL service including AOL instant messenger (AIM). Moreover, your address book and emails will be permanently deleted 3 months post closure. Yes, after 3 months, you can’t recover the account anymore.

Midway, you can, however, have your AOL Mail account reactivated and the address book revived as and when you sign in by using your erstwhile username and password.

But, prior to deleting your account, make certain the following.

  • Taking a backup of important contacts, emails, documents and many more
  • Checking any paid subscription linked to your AOL account. If so, see to it that you clear any pending dues and unsubscribe
  • Confirming any social media account allied with your AOL
  • Intimating others about the imminent cancellation of the AOL email address which others hitherto may have used to contact you. Give them an alternate email address before you punch the “delete my AOL mail account” button.

How to Delete an AOL Mail Account

Step: 1 – Open the AOL page on your web browser. You need to sign in to your account by tapping the login option situated on the top right corner of the AOL webpage.

AOL sign-in page

Step: 2 – After you have logged in to your account, roll down and select the “My Account” option. This, in turn, steers to your account and service page. Ensure not to click the “My Account” option present on the left-hand side of the webpage. It will direct you elsewhere that’s beside the point.

Select My Account Option

Step: 3 – Click on the link “Manage My Subscriptions”. It’s located beneath the heading “Services” on the left-hand side just below “My Account” page.

Click On Manage My Subscription

Step: 4 – Next move to the “Cancel” option. You’ll find it on the lower right-hand side of the section named “Plan Information”. Click it. Doing so transports you to the cancellation part.

Cancel Button

Step: 5 – When you land on the cancellation window, tap the option “Cancel AOL”. It’s placed at the window’s lower portion. Once you hit off this button, your AOL Mail account gets deleted straight away.

Cancel Aol Account

In this way, you can delete your AOL Email Address quickly and easily. Hope this step-by-step guide solves your concern “How to delete an AOL Mail Account”.

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