SBCglobal.Net Email Settings On iPhone,Andriod & Outlook| IMAP/SMTP Settings

SBCglobal.Net Email Settings On iPhone,Andriod & Outlook| IMAP/SMTP Settings was the brainchild of SBC Communication, formerly known as Southwestern Bell Corporation before it merged with its arch-rival AT&T in 2006. 

Users who got their email accounts with – as their accounts are operated by AT&T – could function their emails by the same domain on AT&T and other email accounts as we will guide you step by step to alter your SBCglobal net email settings. 

Hence, there is a possibility that your SBCglobal email settings are outdated because SBC does not provide email services anymore. But you can still send and receive emails by the same domain name. In other words, SBCGlobal uses the server of AT&T besides using the common server. Please note, do not change the password before configuring it to any other email domains. Do it once your configuring task is complete.

Check out the SBCGlobal Email support offered for various platforms. Mail Server Settings

To access your email with AT&T on your PC, refer to the IMAP and SMTP settings below.

To set up your email account on your desktop, you should do the following:

  • Log in to your the AT&T email account
  • Go to Apps > Settings > Manage Account > Add Account
  • Enter the username and password

If you are unsuccessful in configuring your account via the above-mentioned steps, follow the manual procedure. After adding the username and password, click on the ‘Manual Setup’ options. You will also require IMAP settings. Please note, the below-mentioned email setting is only valid for SBCglobal, Bellsouth and ATT email services. IMAP Settings

IMAP server port type993 or 995
Choose secure connectionSSL or TLS
IMAP UsernameSBCglobal email address
IMAP Password SBCglobal email account password SMTP Settings

SMTP server port type465 or 587.
Choose secure connectionSSL or TLS
SMTP UsernameSBCglobal email address.
SMTP Password SBCglobal email account password.

It is very easy to configure SBCglobal email accounts on the AT&T domain. SBCglobal utilizes the AT&T domain. Thus, it makes it easy for SBCglobal users to access its inbox on the AT&T account.

SBCglobal Yahoo Email Settings

You can easily access SBCglobal email via Yahoo. If you face any difficulty integrating email settings in the Yahoo domain, follow these simple steps for configuration. Also, you need to create a wizard on the Yahoo tool, which will work as an extension on your Yahoo account to configure your SBCglobal account. Here are the steps :

1. Download the SBCglobal extension by the name “SBCglobal to Yahoo tool’ to configure the account with your Yahoo email.

2. Once done, on your Yahoo toolbar, it will give you the option for SBCglobal mail.

3. Click on that and select the IMAP server. Enter the server details as listed below : IMAP Settings For Yahoo:

  • For IMAP accounts, enter
  • The IMAP server should be port 993 or 995.
  • The checkbox for this server requires a secure connection. It could be SSL or TLS.
  • In the IMAP username, insert your email address.
  • In the IMAP password field enter your password. SMTP Settings For Yahoo:

  • For SMTP accounts, enter
  • For outgoing servers (SMTP) should always be port 465 or 587.
  • SMTP always requires a secure connection to be SSL or TLS.
  • Enter your SMTP username which should be your email address.
  • SMTP password would be your password.

4.  It will ask you to select a saving option. Choose Yahoo as all the SBCglobal mail would be imported in the Yahoo Mail account.

5.  Once you choose Yahoo as the saving option, enter your username and password that belong to the Yahoo account.

6.  Click the Backup button at the bottom which starts importing all the SBCglobal emails into your Yahoo account.

Note: If you prefer to choose IMAP on your Yahoo account, it will synchronize all the messages and folders between the mail clients and the server. Thus, useful when you are accessing your email on different devices. With IMAP, an auto backup is created in a cloud environment.

On the other hand, users who want to restrict the access of emails on different devices can choose the POP3 protocol on their Yahoo account. Email Settings For Outlook 2007

To configure the SBCglobal email account on Outlook, you need the exact credentials for IMAP, SMTP, and POP3 servers. Microsoft Outlook can handle emails from all other different email domains. In this post, we will talk about installing SBCglobal email server settings on Outlook. Here are the steps :   

  • On your Outlook account, from the toolbar menu go to Tools and select Options from the drop-down bar.
  • A popup window will appear on the screen. From the ‘Options’ tab, select Mail setup > Email > Email Options.
  • An account Setting pop up window will be displayed. 
  • From the Email Accounts toolbar, select Email and click New to add your SBCglobal email credentials.
Add new account to do email settings for Outlook 2007
  • Additional pop up window will appear that will ask you to enter your name, email address, and password for auto account setup.

In order to set up the SBCglobal account settings manually, check the box below that says, ‘Manually configure server settings or additional server types

  • A pop-up box will appear that will ask you to choose from the given options: Internet Email, Microsoft Exchange and Other
  • Choose Internet Email and click Next to go to Internet Email Settings.
Select Internet Email for outlook 2007 sbcglobal email settings
  • In the Internet Email Setting, select IMAP for the incoming mail server. Also, insert the username and password credentials.
  • In incoming mail server accounts, enter
  • For outgoing mail server (SMTP), insert in the field box.
Internet Email Setting add Sbcglobal server settings
  • Select More Settings and then select the Outgoing Server tab.
  • Check box next to ‘My outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication
My outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication - sbcglobal net outlook 2007 settings
  • Select the Advanced tab.
  • In the Incoming server (IMAP) field, type 993 as server port. Under the option, ‘Use the following type of encrypted correction’ select SSL.
  • In the Outgoing server (SMTP) field, type 465 as server port. Under the option, ‘Use the following type of encrypted correction’ select SSL.
  • Select OK.
  • On the Internet Email Settings window, select Next and then click on Finish to complete the setup.

A  ‘Congratulations’ message window will pop up, which means that SBCglobal net email settings are rightfully configured and the email account is ready to use. 

Also, despite any Outlook version you are using for configuring your SBCglobal email account, the user interface on Outlook will remain the same. Meanwhile, here are the following versions which we use in our daily professional life:

SBCglobal Outlook 2003 settingsSBCglobal net email settings Outlook 2007SBCglobal net email settings Outlook 2010
SBCglobal net email settings Outlook 2013SBCglobal net email settings for Outlook 2016SBCglobal net email settings for Outlook 2018

SBCglobal Email Settings On iPhone

SBCglobal iPhone email settings can be configured irrespective of any iPhone models. We have drafted a step by step guide that makes you configure the SBCglobal email settings by selecting the exact options on your device. It helps you navigate so that you can set up SBCglobal email on iPhone for all your personal and professional needs. Do the following :

  • On your home screen tap the Settings icon.
  • Tap the option ‘Mail, contacts and Calendar’ and select Add Account. It will give you various email server options like iCloud, Google, Yahoo, Outlook and others.
  • For setting up SBCglobal net email on iPhone, tap Others.
tap Others - set up SbcGlobal Email on iPhone
  • Tap ‘Add Mail Account’ from the list.
Add Mail Account - Sbcglobal Email Settings For iPhone
  • Insert Name, Email, Password and Description in the respective field. 
  • In the Description box, you can add anything that makes you identify your SBCglobal email account. This can be helpful when you are operating multiple accounts. You can also add your business name or even a descriptive title like work email. 
Fill the form - sbcglobal iphone email settings
  • After adding details to all the fields, tap Next on the top right-hand corner of your iPhone screen which would be highlighted in blue.
  • Go to the next screen now. You need to decide whether to set up server settings for SBCglobal net email as POP or IMAP. 

(If you have already set up your SBCglobal account on the desktop and now intend to use your iPhone as secondary access, then you can select IMAP. SBCglobal net POP mail settings simply download your inbox. Thus, synchronization with the iPhone is very limited). 

  • You will notice that the first three fields consisting of name, email, and description on the next page, are already filled in from the previous input screen directly. And, below must be the incoming and outgoing mail servers that now require completion once again as you need to check the exact information needed with SBCglobal. 
  • Scroll to Incoming Mail Server and always prefer to select IMAP. Add username and password in the incoming mail server field. In the Host Name section, add
  • Similarly, scroll down further to add details in the Outgoing Mail Server section. Add username and password, which has to be credentials from the SBCglobal account. In the Host Name section add
  • Tap on the Next button at the top right corner of the screen, which will now be highlighted in the blue. 
  • After this, you may see a final screen pops up asking you to review the certificate details. Simply tap on Continue button and wait for your device to verify the details with SBCglobal DSL settings server. 

(Please keep in mind, this can be particularly slow taking anywhere from five seconds to one minute)

  • Once successful, a new window with the ‘Added Account’ appears at the top of the screen and you can now save your SBCglobal email account by tapping on Save button highlighted in blue at the top right corner of your device. 

For all the SBCglobal net email settings for iPad, the user interface is exactly similar to the iPhone. Hence, the aforementioned steps and navigation for SBCglobal com email settings for the iPad will remain the same.

SBCglobal Email Settings Mac Mail

Mac Mail, also known as Apple Mail, is an email client service provided free to all the users of Apple devices (iPhone, iPad, and Macbook). Any users accessing apple emails get their username by the domain Now, SBCglobal net email settings for Mac mail work the same way as for Outlook, Yahoo and any other email client service. But we have created this post, to help you navigate and understand the user interface for any Macbook that helps to configure SBCglobal email settings for mac mail. Please go through these steps for Mac mail SBCglobal email settings :

  • On your Macbook, click on the Mail icon that helps you access your Mac mail all the time. 
  • On your Mailbox toolbar, select Mail and then click Add Account.
select Mail and then click Add Account - sbcglobal email settings mac mail
  •  A pop-up window will appear asking you to select from various email servers like iCloud, Google, Yahoo, Outlook and Other Mail Account.
  • Click on Other Mail Account to configure SBCglobal email settings with Mac mail.
Other Mail Account - Sbcglobal Email Settings For Mac
  • The next window will appear asking to enter SBC global net’s name, email address, and password. After adding all the details into the required field, click the Sign in button to proceed.
Sign in button to proceed - mac mail sbcglobal email settings
  • After you give your SBCglobal login credentials, a new window will appear that says, ‘unable to verify username and password’. This is because we haven’t added anything to our incoming and outgoing server field. 
  • Select the Account Type which has to be IMAP by default.
  • Add Incoming Mail Server as
  • Add Outgoing Mail Server as
unable to verify username and password - sbcglobal net email settings for mac mail
  • Click Sign In now.
    • After this, you may see a final screen pops up asking you to review the certificate details. Simply click on the Continue button and wait for your device to verify the details with SBCglobal DSL settings server. 
click on the Continue - SbcGlobal Email Settings For Mac Mail
  • A new window pops up asking, ‘Select the apps you want to use with the account’.
  • Check the ‘Mail’ box icon and click on ‘Done’ to complete the configuration process.

Configuration in Mac mail allows you to access SBC global emails in sync with Mac inbox. You can easily access your SBC global account from the Mac mailbox, where all the SBCglobal related emails would be dropped directly in your Mac mails. 

SBCglobal Email Settings On Android

Users accessing android smartphones for the first time don’t know much about operating multiple accounts on their devices. Users need to set up a wizard to configure email settings for SBCglobal on android phones because there are only a few known domains, which are already configured in the devices. Setting up SBCglobal on android manually is the way to go. Follow these steps : 

  • Launch your mailbox, your by-default email app, on any android smartphones.
  • Go to settings and tap Add Account to set up the SBCglobal net email account.
  • It asks you to set up an email with given options like Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, Office 365 and others. For setting up SBCglobal on android, tap the option ‘Others’.
  • Enter the username and password, where it will ask you to do tap between Sign in and Manual Setup
  • Tap Manual Setup to configure SBCglobal email settings.
Manual Setup - SbcGlobal Email Settings For Android
  • A bottom slider will appear asking you to ‘Select account type’.
  • Select IMAP account option and it will take you to Server settings screen.
POP3 Settings -setting up SbcGlobal on android
  • In the Incoming server, enter the hostname for IMAP server which should be
  • In the port section, just enter 993 which is by-default the server port for IMAP.
Incoming server - email settings for sbcglobal on android
  • Similarly, In the outgoing server, enter the hostname in the SMTP server field which is
  • Type 587 in the SMTP port, which is the default server port for all SMTP servers.
  • Hit the ‘Sign In’ button now to finish the configuration.
outgoing server - sbcglobal email settings android

Though SBCglobal could have merged with AT&T, it still functions just like any other email client service provider. You can either merge with a different domain or can also set up a wizard to access separately, irrespective of the devices you are using. All you need is an accurate configuration. For instance, you can even access your SBCglobal inbox in sync with Comcast email settings

In case, you face any difficulty configuring SBCglobal net email settings, then chat with our ErrorsDoc experts and our team will leave no stone unturned to configure email settings, on your behalf, to any email domain provided. Feel free to reach us anytime and our technical experts are capable of answering all your queries.

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Thank you so much for the clear step by step instructions for SBC Global settings on Outlook 2013. It worked for Outlook 2016, too. I had been trying to use the Microsoft directions and was getting no where. They didn’t have all the steps you have here.

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I have added my account in my android phone using the gmail app settings but i have added the wrong one. How can i remove that sbcglobal email from the email settings and add the other email that i use for work