How to Change AOL Email Password on iPhone, iPad, Apple, Android and More

How to Change AOL Email Password on iPhone, iPad, Apple, Android and More

For the users of any email account, the password acts as the key to sign in. When this key is forgotten or stolen, certain risks can develop especially with respect to your data, contacts, and other such pieces of information. For gaining access to your AOL email account as well, knowing the password will be essential. In case you have forgotten or lost it, you can prefer to change the AOL password or reset it, as per the need of the situation.

In this post, you can know multiple procedures to change the password of your AOL account via your web browser, mobile phone, existing password, etc. These procedures can be applied to iPhone, iPad, and Apple devices. In case you wish to change the password on your computer or an Android device, you can find help for that too.

Note: While you try to sign in to your AOL account, you may be prevented from doing so. This may indicate that the password is either incorrect or has been changed. Contrary to that, such a problem can also arise when the mail server of IMAP is not responding.

These are the AOL mail change password procedures and other things that we will be reading about:

Reasons to Change AOL Password

Here, we have cited certain reasons to understand the need for changing or resetting the password of your AOL account.

1. The password of your AOL account may have been hacked.

2. You may have accidentally left your AOL account signed in on a shared or public computer system. Thus, its security may have been compromised.

3. The users may not be remembering the correct password. Thus, they may want to change the AOL password on the PC.

4. Changing the password every 3 to 6 months is a useful habit for increasing the security of your AOL account.

Note: Sometimes there can be a problem with the AOL Email Settings. Thus, you may not be able to log in to your account. Prior to changing the password of your account, you may wish to correct the settings for fixing the issue.

Things to Consider Before You Change the AOL Email Password

As you visit to change the password, you may require certain tips to ensure that it is secure, long enough, and not easier to crack. Considering the same, some of the tips have been mentioned as follows:

  • You can prefer using a short sentence as the password, devoid of spaces, in case you are not good at remembering complex passwords.
  • The initial letter of every word of the preferred sentence can be used for making the password.
  • Consider including at least 2 special characters or numbers. You can input them either at the starting of the password or at its ending. 
  • Make a habit of changing the password on a regular basis. Changing it every 3 or 6 months will be suggested.
  • In the case of AOL, 8 letters form the minimum requirement for creating the password. 

It should be observed that following these tips is not mandatory for AOL users. However, using them will simplify the task of setting up an ideal password for your account.

How to Change My AOL Password?

Using your system’s browser is a usual way of changing the password. In case your AOL account is being used on your mobile phone, then you can use its number to receive the verification code for creating a new password. Using the final way, you can form a new password using the already-existing password. 

These three ways can help you learn how to change the AOL email password or reset it. Below, we have explained more about them. 

1.Reset or Change Password via Browser

The method stated here will help you in changing the password of your AOL account when the old one is known to you. So to say, there can be times wherein an AOL user may remember the old password but may not correctly remember the new one. 
To provide you with a general description of this method, you can head to to change the password. On the sign-in page of this email service provider, fill in your Username, press Next, and then tap on the option of Forgot My Password. After this, you can follow the available prompts to continue.

  • Go to your AOL sign-in page.
Aol Login - Change AOL Password
  • Enter the username you have logged in with.
  • Click on “Next”
  • Now, click on “Forgot My Password”. 

Note: This option will direct you to the steps to Mail change password.

click on forgot my password -
  • Enter the last password you know, and then enter the new password.
Enter new Password -How do i change my AOL Password
  • Enter the new password again to confirm.

You have now changed the email account password. Before the new password gets set, you will have to verify your information. This information is accessible only to the account holder.

2.Change Password through Mobile Phone

If you are using AOL on your mobile phone, then you can use the same device for changing the account’s password. You will require the mobile number that has been registered for making your AOL account. On this number, you will receive a verification code. The code will have to be entered for confirming that you are the owner of the AOL account. Once this is confirmed, you will be asked certain security questions. On providing the correct answers to these questions, the process will be complete. Eventually, you will be able to change the password of your AOL account using your mobile phone.

  • Open to change the email password.
  • Head to “AOL Mail Login” and click on “Login”.
  • Write the account’s “Username”.
  • Press “Next”.
  • Select “Forgot Password”.
  • Input the “Username” again.
  • Click on “Next”.
  • Provide your registered phone number.
  • Tap on “Next.
  • For the purpose of identity confirmation, a “Verification Code” is needed. You can choose to get the code via a “Phone Call” or “Text”.
  • Write the code after receiving it.
  • Push the “Next” button.
  • Click on “Join” or “Login”.
  • Now, you can prepare a new password for signing in to your account.

Note: While using this procedure to change the password for AOL email, you may come across the following options:

  • Send a “Verification Code to the Registered Mobile Number”.
  • Send a “Verification Code to the Registered Recovery Account”.
  • The option to verify using the account security questions and other profile information.

You can select either of these options as per your convenience.

Note: Following these simple steps, the AOL mail login change password procedure will be complete. You can also change your AOL email password using your mobile phone. Once you enter the registered phone number, you will receive a five-digit code. Enter the code in the box, and then you can proceed to the next page to change your password.

3.Creating New Password Using the Existing One

The users of AOL mail can change the password of their account using the password that is already being used. Doing so can be the choice of those users who believe that their account has been hacked or is not secure. By changing the account password, unwanted sign-in attempts into your AOL account can be prevented.

To start this method, you can open using your web browser. After signing in to your account, you can tap the Profile Picture to find the Account Security option. On this screen, you will find an option for changing your password. After selecting this, you can proceed with the remaining method. 

  • On your device or system, launch the browser.
  • Open “”.
  • Ensure whether or not you are signed in to your AOL email account. If not, then correctly fill in your credentials to log in.
  • In the right corner at the top, tap on “Profile Picture”.
  • When the account page appears, you have to choose “Account Security” from the left.
  • Navigate to the section named “How You Sign in”.
  • Now, tap on “Change Password”.
  • This is accompanied by creating a new password. 
  • Write the new password one more time for the purpose of confirmation.

Note: At the time of creating and confirming your new password for the AOL email account, we will suggest you to select the option of “Show Password”. Doing so will help you ensure that the new password has been correctly entered for confirmation. Also, you can note the password from there for future purposes. 

  • Now, select the “Continue” button.
  • After pressing “Continue”, the password of your account will be changed. You can open the sign-in page of the site. Then using your new password, you can sign in to obtain access to it.

This is how the users can visit the page of AOL mail login, change the password, and make their account secure.

What is the Procedure to Change My AOL Password on My Apple Device?

We often come across queries like “How do I change my AOL password on my iPhone”. To answer such queries, we have collected 5 methods. You can use your browser to change it on Apple devices like Mac. You can also change the password from the settings of your iPhone and iPad. The methods to change the password on different models like iPhone 6 and 7 are similar but can slightly vary. We have separately mentioned the methods for each of the models and devices.

1.Change Password on Site and Your Device

If your AOL account has been set up on your Apple device and you desire to change the password, you can rush to the settings to initiate the procedure. In the settings, you can find Mail, Contacts, Calendars. This option has to be selected. After this, you can opt for AOL as well as pick the email ID linked to it. This will be followed by changing the password of your account.

  • Prior to changing the password of your AOL email account on your Apple device, you will have to change it on the site.
  • After the above-mentioned step has been done, open the “Settings” of your device.
  • The option of “Mail, Contacts, Calendars” has to be selected.
  • Choose “AOL”.
  • Now, select the email address associated with it.
  • Click on the option stating “Password”.
  • Enter the password that you created and changed on the site of AOL in the first step of this procedure.
  • Hit a click on “Done” to save everything.

Using the method stated in this section, the users of can change email passwords without having to follow complicated or time-taking instructions.

2.Changing Password on iPhone/iPad

On your iPad or iPhone, you can launch the Menu for entering Settings & Privacy. In Manage Accounts, you can opt for Account Info. Then you can switch to the Security Settings for formulating a new password for your AOL email account.

To know more about how to change AOL password on iPhone and iPad, you can browse the guidelines given in this section.

  • Ensure that the AOL app is open on your iPhone or iPad.
  • Press the button indicating the “Menu”.
  • Click on “Settings & Privacy”.
  • Choose the option of “Manage Accounts”.
Manage Accounts - how to change aol password on iphone
  • In this step, select “Account Info”. You can locate this option near the account that requires a new password.
  • Click on “Security Settings”.
Security Settings - change aol password on iphone

Note: You may be required to provide the password of your iOS device or perform any other steps related to authentication.

  • Tap the “Change Password” option.
  • Provide a new password.
  • Now, you have to press the “Continue” button.
Continue - how to change aol password on ipad

3.Setting up New Password on iPhone 5

Just like on the other models of iPhone, the procedure to change your AOL password on iPhone 5 is a bit similar. On this model too, you will have to visit the Mail, Contact, and Calendars option. To proceed, you can select the suitable account for which a new password is needed. After that, you can add the new password and wait for the updating procedure to begin. 

  • Push the icon of “Settings”.
  • Click on “Mail, Contact, and Calendars”.
  • Look for your email.
  • Press “Password” and then prepare a new password for AOL.
  • Now, press “Done”.
  • Wait for some time for the password to get updated. 
  • When your new password has been successfully prepared and updated, ensure that you’re able to sign in.

4.Change Password on iPhone 7

While using AOL on iPhone 7, certain factors may demand you to change the account’s password. These factors can relate to forgetting the correct password, accidentally sharing it with someone else, etc. As a user of this device, you can change the password. 

Focussing on how to change your AOL password on iPhone 7, we have identified certain steps for the purpose. These steps will suggest you to enter Accounts & Passwords on your device. After entering Accounts, you can make a selection for your AOL account and then press the Password option. Moving forward, you can input certain settings and make the changes. 

  • Unlock your iPhone 7 and tap on “Settings”.
  • Go to “Accounts & Passwords” in the second step.
  • Now, “Accounts” has to be selected.
  • Pick your “AOL Account”.
  • Now, add the “Password”.
  • Tap on the settings for “Outgoing Mail Server”.
  • In the settings for “Outgoing Mail Server”, “Primary Service” has to be selected.
  • Write “” in the “Primary Server” settings.
  • This is accompanied by selecting “Password”.
  • Add the new password

Note: To prevent your new password from being weak or vulnerable to hacking, you can combine a few uppercase and lowercase letters. Symbols, as well as numbers.

5.Adding New Password on iPhone 8

This section has been dedicated for guiding you about how to change AOL’s password on iPhone 8. The process to do so can be started by looking for the Mail, Contacts and Calendars option in the Settings of your iPhone 8. After this, you can choose the AOL option and identify the email address associated with it. Finally, you can start making a new password. Just make sure that the password is easy to remember and you don’t forget it for as long as possible. 

  • Access the “Settings” of your device.
  • Locate “Mail, Contacts and Calendars”. Then click on this option.
  • Prefer selecting “AOL”.
  • Input the “Email Address” of your AOL account.
  • Tap on “Password”.
  • In the section of “Password”, you can choose to reset the account’s password.
  • Now, create a new password. 
  • Afterwards, press “Done”.

We hope that these methods guided you enough to change the AOL password on iPhone 6/7/8/10.

Frequently Asked Questions

To change the password for the AOL email account, we assisted you in many ways. For any queries relating to the same, you can glance at the FAQs presented here.

1. Why can’t I change my AOL password?

AOL may not be allowing you to change your password if your browser has unresolved problems. You can try clearing the cache and then attempt to change the password. 

2. How can I find my AOL username and password?

The page for “Sign-in Helper” can be visited for knowing your username and recovering the password of your AOL account. You can fill in either your “Phone Number” or the “Recovery Email Address”. This will provide you with the username. Using that, you can retrieve your password via the “I Forgot My Password” option.

3. Why does my AOL password not work?

Your AOL password may not work if “Caps Lock” has been turned on. Other reasons for the problem can be inclusive of login issues, an incorrect password, web browser issues, etc. You can change your password on AOL or reset it as a workaround for this problem.

4. How do I reset my AOL password without resetting it?

Sign in to your AOL account from your browser. After entering the “Username”, press “Next”, and then choose “Forgot Password”. This should help you in adding a new password for AOL without resetting it.

5. Why does my iPhone keep asking for my AOL password?

Your iPhone, iPad or any Apple device may ask you to frequently change your AOL account’s password due to network problems. Resetting the settings of the network can fix the issue. In “Settings”, select “General” and press “Reset”. Now, you won’t be frequently asked to change the AOL password on iPhone 6, iPhone 10, other iPhone models, or other such devices.

6. How to change my AOL email password on Android?

To change your AOL password on Android devices, you can open the sign-in page of the site. Write your “Username” and tap “Next”. Choose “Forgot My Password”. Then write the last password you can recall. Finally, create a new password. Then you can add it to your Android device.

After All is Said and Done

AOL provides you with secure email services. When you are unable to correctly remember your password or wish to change it due to certain reasons, you can count on this provider to offer you an easy way of doing it. For AOL mail password resetting or changing on android, computer, Apple devices, iPhone, and iPad, you can execute several procedures. The ones mentioned in this post are suitable for these devices. We believe that these procedures will have made this task easier for you.
For more knowledge of AOL, you can read the related posts on how to recover deleted AOL email and how you can fix http 504 gateway timeout error in AOL mail.

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