Fix Can’t Access My AOl Mail Account

Fix Can’t Access My AOl Mail Account

At times, users can’t access AOL mails or their account. There can be plenty of reasons for this. While you may be putting in your time to identify these reasons, we would love to save your time. 

Here, we have identified a multitude of reasons why you can’t access your AOL account. Along with these, we have also found out excellent fixes to get you access to your AOL account and emails. 

What can you learn in this blog? Take a look right away. 

Why can I Not Access My AOL Email Account?

“I can’t access my AOL email. What could be the reason behind this?” The reason could be any one of the following. 

1. Is your internet connection slow? If your answer is a yes, then you may not be able to access your AOL emails because of this.

2. The web settings may have been changed. This may be restricting your access to AOL mail.

3. If your AOL mail requires opening a pop-up, then you may be blocking it. Blocked pop-ups can deny access to Your AOL account.

4. In case you have not removed the cache and cookies from your browser for long, then these could be the source of interference.

5. The firewall being enabled, you may find the AOL emails inaccessible.

6. Sometimes the Protected Mode of the Internet Explorer may show problems while accessing your AOL account.

7. The password of your AOL account may have been incorrectly entered.

8. Java Applet Scripting may not have been enabled on your system. Thus, you may get no access to your AOL account. 

How Do I Access My AOL Email Account?

In the above section, we looked at the reasons why you can’t access AOL mails. In this section, we will be showing you 10 ways to resolve these reasons or causes. When these reasons have been worked upon, you will gain access back to your account.

Fix 1: Try Using AOL Basic Mail

If you can’t access AOL mail, you can opt for its basic version. AOL Basic Mail is a very simple version of this mail. You can use it from any desktop, provided that it has an internet connection. AOL Basic Mail will be really helpful for those of you who have internet issues like poor functioning or a sluggish speed.

Fix 2: Try to Reset the Settings of Web

“My browser is not working properly. Then how can I access my AOL email account?”

Do you have several browsers installed on your system? If you do, then the web settings may have got changed. The general settings of the web can be reset. After resetting them, you can open AOL mail. You will be able to access it now.

To reset these settings, the following steps will guide you.

1. Twice-click on “Google Chrome” to open it.

2. On the top, you will find “More”. Click on it.

3. Clicking on “Settings” is the third step.

4. Go to “Advanced”. You will find this at the bottom.

5. For “Chromebook”, “Mac”, and “Linux”, Go to “Reset Settings”. Then select “Restore Settings to their Original Defaults”. Then select the “Reset Settings” option. For “Windows”, go to “Reset and Cleanup”. Choose “Reset Settings”. Then again click on “Reset Settings”.

reset - how do i access my aol email

Now, sign in to your AOL account and check if you are getting the access. If you can’t access AOL mails even now, then you can move to the next fix. To fix AOL mail issue on Macbook Pro follow the guide.

Fix 3: Ensure You are Not Blocking Pop-ups

When you access AOL mails, you may receive certain pop-ups. Many users tend to block these pop-ups. When a mail is supposed to open via a pop-up, the access will not be provided if it has been blocked. Therefore, we will suggest you to not block the pop-ups while trying to access AOL emails.

Also, if you have any pop-up blockers installed on your system, then you need to do away with them. With these blockers being present, you can’t access AOL emails.

Fix 4: Get Rid of Your Browser’s Cache

You can’t access AOL account or emails due to the browser cookies. The cookies on your browser make it possible for the websites to quickly load. A downfall of these cookies is that they can, on some occasions, cause this problem. 

When you get rid of the cookies and cache of your browser, this problem should sort out. For removing the cookies and cache, you can see these steps. These will be suitable for Chrome users.

1. Go to “Google Chrome”.

2. Press “More” represented by 3 dots.

3. Choose the “More Tools” option.

4. Tap on “Clear Browsing Data”.

how do i access my aol email acoount

5. Pick a time range.

6. See to it that “Cookies and Other Site Data” as well as “Cached Images and Files” is ticked.

7. Press “Clear Data”.

Fix 5: Disable Firewall for Temporary Time Period

Do you believe that your system’s firewall could be responsible when you can’t access AOL mail today? Just like you, some other AOL users were also speculating the same. Therefore, they disabled the firewall for a temporary time period. The problem was repaired within a few minutes.

The firewall can be disabled by using these directions. The directions shown here will be the most suitable for the users of Windows 10.

1. Press “Start”.

2. Open the “Settings”.

3. Choose “Network & Internet” from the “Settings Menu”.

4. On the left, pick “Ethernet”.

5. On the right, pick “Windows Firewall”.

6. Select “Turn Windows Firewall on or off” available on the left.

7. Visit “Customize Settings for Each Type of Network”.

8. Click on “Turn off Windows Firewall (not recommended) in “Private Network Location Settings” as well as “Public Network Settings”.

9. Press “Ok”.

Fix 6: Ensure Internet Explorer’s Protected Mode is Not Enabled

“I can’t access AOL emails on my computer while using Internet Explorer. Please help me in resolving this issue”.

Internet Explorer is one of the preferred browsers for checking AOL emails. However, the Protected Mode of the browser can be a problem when you have enabled it. Find out how to disable it in 7 steps. 

1. Run “Internet Explorer”.

2. Go to “Tools”.

3. Access the “Internet Options”.

4. Visit the tab called “Security”.

5. “Enable Protected Mode” needs to be unticked.

6. Start the browser again.

7. Now, your AOL account needs to be logged in.

Fix 7: Log out and Log in to Your AOL Account Again

“Why I can’t access my AOL account?” In case you are not able to identify the exact reason for not being able to access your account, you can simply log out of it. Then you can log in again. This is only a 3-step fix. Its details can be accessed below.

1. Sign out of your AOL email account.

2. Then enter your credentials again. Be sure that you enter them without any mistake.

3. Press the “Sign in” button. The access will not be denied.

Fix 8: Check the Password of Your AOL Account

“I can’t access my AOL email account despite several attempts.” For a problem like this one, you should first check your password. You need to be sure that you are correctly writing it. 

In case the password is correct, then your account may have been accessed by someone else. So, its password may have been changed. This can happen when you use a shared or public system for using your AOL account and forget to sign in. You can change AOL email password or reset the password in 6 steps and this problem will get resolved.

1. Begin with opening the “Sign-in Helper” of AOL mail.

2. You will see several items for account recovery. You can fill in either one of these.

3. Then press “Continue”.

4. Further directions will emerge on your screen. Perform them one by one.

5. Set a new password and confirm it. 

6. Login in to your AOL account using the newly set password. 

Fix 9: Switch to Another Browser

“I can’t access my AOL account when I am opening it from my browser.” 

If your present browser is not compatible, then you can switch to another one. While you switch to a new one, see to it that it is updated and has no flaws. Then you can open the login page of AOL and sign in.

Fix 10: Turn on Java Applet Scripting

“I can’t access my AOL mail. My internet connection is properly working and my browser is also updated. What should I do to access it?”

Despite the internet connection being proper and the browser being updated, you may have left the Java applet scripting turned off. Take a look at this short method for enabling it.

1. Go to “Google Chrome” on your computer.

2. Select the option of “More”. 

3. Press “Advanced” at the bottom.

4. Select “Content Settings” in “Privacy and Security”.

5. Choose “JavaScript”.

6. Tap “Allowed (recommended)”.

Thoughts in Conclusion

In this blog, we answered your questions like why you can’t access AOL mails and what you can do to get the access without any difficulties. If these fixes worked for you, then do drop us a comment to let us know.
Do you need help with something else too? You may be needing assistance with the AOL email settings. See how our blogs can help you.

Still Can’t Access your AOl Mail Account. Get Support for AOL Email @ USA/Canada +1-866-496-0452 & UK +44 2896 002856

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4 years ago

Tired all your suggestions except for the phone call. And everything I try to access my aol email account. I get a message “this page can’t be displayed ” and to check if the web address: http;//guce.
advertising is correct/collectidentifers? is correct

4 years ago
Reply to  joe

Same problem here…..I can access on my cell phone but get the same message on my laptop and cant get past that…….what do we do and why are we getting this message???

Manuel Reis
4 years ago

I can’t have my aol mail

Sarah Noddings
4 years ago

The Telephone number you gave did not go through. I can’t access my aol email although I used to be able to do so on this phone. ?

helen haine
4 years ago

I am in Belgium for 3 months and aol bloqued my email service .they want to send a verification code to my phone in NYC to which I have no access in order to sign in again. I called them but they seem fixated on sending that code to the cell phone number….could not give it to me in Belgium! What to do ?

john higgins
4 years ago

all I need is my aol account back

Iko Tradings
4 years ago

I can’t sign into my email, the website tells me they can’t recognise me e-mail address.

sandy glass
4 years ago

cannot get through to my aol email account it just says not accesible

sandy glass
4 years ago

can not get my email

5 years ago

it worked last night afrter I put password over and over now does not work