AOL Email Settings for Setup on Outlook, Android, iPhone, iPad, and More

AOL Email Settings for Setup on Outlook, Android, iPhone, iPad, and More

For the configuration of your AOL email account, the settings for IMAP and SMTP are needed. The information relating to the AOL IMAP settings need to be correct for the setting up and functioning of your account. In an instance wherein these email settings are not correctly provided, failure can be seen while receiving AOL emails. In addition to the incoming AOL mails, for your outgoing mails also, you may find problems in sending them. To help you correctly add these AOL mail settings on Windows 7 and Windows 10, you can prefer reading this post. Here, you can also get to know the correct AOL email settings for Outlook, Outlook 2003, Outlook 2007, Outlook 2010, Outlook 2016 PC Client, Android, iPhone, and iPad.

The AOL mail settings need to be understood in detail prior to setting up your account. For this purpose, we will be reading about the following:

Incoming and Outgoing AOL Mail Server Settings

The AOL incoming and AOL mail outgoing server settings should be known by the users for receiving and sending emails. Failure encountered in receiving your emails can indicate that these settings have not been correctly entered by you. To remove such problems, we have provided the required settings in the following sections. These will be inclusive of the IMAP and SMTP server, username, password, port, and security.

AOL IMAP Settings for Incoming Mail Server

For receiving emails with ease, the correct AOL incoming server settings are required. In case these server settings are not correctly set, you may encounter problems while receiving your mails. In this section, we have provided you with the server address, username, password, port, and information relating to TLS or SSL. You can use this information for setting up these settings in the right manner.

  • AOL Mail IMAP server address:
  • AOL Mail IMAP user name: Your full AOL Mail email address.
  • AOL Mail IMAP password: Your AOL Mail password
  • AOL Mail IMAP port: 993
  • AOL Mail IMAP TLS/SSL required: yes
AOL IMAP setting

We believe that this information of the AOL incoming mail server settings will provide you with the help you require. Additionally, no challenges shall be faced while receiving your AOL emails on your device.

AOL SMTP Settings For Outgoing Mail Server

Knowing the correct AOL mail outgoing server settings are essential. It helps in ensuring that you are able to send your emails without failing. In instances wherein these settings are not correctly known, you may receive emails but may not be able to revert to them or send outgoing mails.

Below, you can find the settings required for the AOL SMTP outgoing server address, SMTP port, SMTP security as well as the SMTP username and password.

  • AOL SMTP Outgoing Server Address:
  • AOL SMTP port: 587
  • AOL SMTP security: STARTTLS
  • AOL SMTP Username: Your full AOL Mail email address
  • AOL SMTP password. Your AOL Mail password

What are the AOL Mail Settings for Outlook, Android, iPhone, and iPad?

To set up AOL email on Outlook, Android, iPhone, iPad, and Android devices, the server settings for IMAP and SMTP will be needed by you. For such software and devices, the method to set up AOL will slightly differ. Along with that, the incoming and outgoing mail server settings can also be different. 

Below, we have featured different sections where you can find the AOL SMTP settings and IMAP settings for Android, iPhone, etc. Additionally, you can also read the methods to set up your email account. 

Option 1: AOL Outlook Settings for Incoming and Outgoing Mail Servers

For the users of Outlook, we have defined the settings required for the incoming mail server as well as the outgoing mail server. In addition, we have also explained how you can attempt the setting up of AOL mail with Outlook. To provide you with an overview of the same, you can click on File and visit the Account Settings. In these settings, you have to choose the New option and opt for Manual Setup. Followed by this, you have to select either POP or IMAP from the options available. After this, you have to visit the window of Add Account and fill in the required information.

In the steps shown below, you can find the information of the server settings that have to be filled in:

  • Open Microsoft Outlook and go to File.
  • Click on Account Settings and from Account Settings menu, open the Account Settings window.
  • Click on the first tab and select New.
  • Now click on Manual setup or additional server types.
  • Click Next.
  • Choose POP or IMAP from the list of options.
  • Click Next.
  • Fill out all the details in the Add Account window: Your Name, Email Address, Server Information section ( for the Incoming mail server and for the Outgoing mail server).
  • Type your AOL email username and password at the bottom of the Add Account screen. Do not enter “” portion here, type only your username.
  • Check Remember password box.
  • Now select More Settings from the bottom right of the Add Account window.
  • Go to the Outgoing Server tab and check ‘My outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication’ box.
  • In the Advanced tab of the Internet Email Settings window, type 587 in the Outgoing server (SMTP) area.
  • Click OK to save the changes and exit the window.
  • Select Next and click on the Add Account window.
  • Outlook will test the account settings and will send you a text message.
  • Select Finish to close down the Add Account window.
  • Now click Close to exit the Account Settings screen.

Option 2: AOL IMAP Settings Outlook 2003

As a user of Outlook 2003, you can set up AOL on it by going to the Tools option. Then opt for E-mail Accounts. After this, the option stating Add a New E-mail Account has to be preferred. Once this option has been chosen, you have to pick IMAP as the Server Type and then input the information for the server settings. After the correct user, server, and login information has been entered, you can visit More Settings. 

Let us now learn the remaining directions for how to set up AOL in Outlook 2003. These directions have been provided below:

  • Start “Outlook 2003” as the first step.
  • Tap on “Tools”.
  • Click on “E-mail Accounts”.
Tools -aol imap settings outlook 2003
  • Choose the “Add a New E-mail Account” option.
  • Then press “Next”.
Click Next to set up aol email on outool 2003
  • Click on “IMAP” for the “Server Type”.
  • Again hit “Next”.
Choose IMAP to set up aol email on outool 2003
  • Input the server information that is required next. You can find it below:
  • Click on “IMAP” for the “Server Type”.
  • Again hit “Next”.
  • Input the server information that is required next. You can find it below:

User Information:

“Name: Provide the Name for the Field of From”

“Email Address: Provide the Complete Email Address for AOL”

Server Information:

“Incoming Mail Server (IMAP):”

“Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP):”

Login Information:

“User Name: Provide the Complete AOL Email Address”

“Password: Provide the correct AOL Password”

Add info to set up aol email
  • Select “More Settings”.
  • Visit the tab of “Outgoing Server”.
  • Choose the option of “My Outgoing Server (SMTP) Requires Authentication”.
My Outgoing Server (SMTP) Requires Authentication
  • Now, click on “Use Same Settings as My Incoming Mail Server”.
  • Select “Advanced”.
  • Below “Incoming Server IMAP”, tap on “This Server Requires an Encrypted Connection (SSL)”.
  • After this, look for the option of “This Server Requires an Encrypted Connection (SSL)”. You will find it below “Outgoing Server (SMTP)”.
  • Ensure that “993” (SSL), “143”, or “585” (SSL) is used as the “IMAP Port”.
  • For the “SMTP Port”, “587” or “2525” can be used.
Advanced tab to fill outgoing server details
  • Press “Ok”.
  • Select “Next”.
  • Wait for the procedure to be complete. When you receive the notification for the same, press “Finish”.

Note: The AOL mail server settings for Outlook 2003 must be correctly entered. Only then will you be able to set up your AOL account.

Option 3: AOL Email Settings for Outlook 2007

You can find the AOL email settings for Outlook 2007 in this part. The correct IMAP and SMTP settings have been provided here for ensuring that you are able to use your account without facing any difficulties.

To set up AOL on Outlook 2007, you can head to the Account Settings via Tools. After clicking on New, you can choose Manually Configure Server Settings or Additional Server Types. Followed by this, you have to pick the Internet E-mail option for connecting to the IMAP or POP server for sending as well as receiving emails. 

The settings that have to be entered now have been described in the following steps:

  • Click-open “Outlook 2007”.
  • Select the tab of “Tools”.
  • Click on the “Account Settings”.
Account Settings
  • Now, press “New”.
  • Ensure that “Manually Configure Server Settings or Additional Server Types” has been ticked.
  • Then click on “Next”.
Manually Configure Server Settings or Additional Server Types
  • Tap on “Internet E-mail (Connect to POP or IMAP Server to Send and Receive E-mail Messages)”.
  • Certain settings for setting up an AOL account in Outlook 2007 have been shown here. Manually write them by visiting the section of “Server Information”.

“Account Type: IMAP”

“Incoming Mail Server:”

“Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP):”

Add info to set up aol email on outlook 2007
  • Choose “More Settings”.
  • In the screen of “E-mail Settings”, click on “Outgoing Server”.
  • See to it that the option of “My Outgoing Server (SMTP) Requires Authentication” has been ticked.
  • Now, press the radio button given near the option of “Use Same Settings as My Incoming Mail Server”.
Outgoing Server
  • Head to “Advanced”.
  • Check that the following information has been entered:

“Incoming Server (IMAP): Either 993 (SSL) or 143”

“Outgoing Server (SMTP): 587 (TLS/Auto)”

  • Press “Ok”.
Advanced Settings to setup aol email
  • For testing these Outlook settings for AOL email, choose “Test Account Settings”.
Test Account Settings
  • You will be notified when the setup is over.

Option 4: Outlook 2010 Settings for AOL via IMAP

In case your system is equipped with Outlook 2010, you may wish to set up AOL on it. Here, we have explained how the settings for AOL have to be used for establishing your account on Outlook 2010. This will be done via IMAP. 

As an outline of this procedure, you have to visit Outlook 2010 and click on File. After selecting Info, you have to move to Account Settings. Now, you are required to tap on New and pick the option of Manually Configure Server Settings or Additional Server Types. Then you can input the necessary information for the incoming and outgoing mail server and visit More Settings to complete the remaining procedure.

Reading ahead, you can come across the Outlook 2010 AOL settings below:

  • Go to “Outlook 2010” on your system.
  • Select “File”.
  • In the third step, click on “Info”.
  • Now, visit the “Account Settings”.
AOL Account Settings for outlook 2010
  • After this, press “New”.
  • Click on “Manually Configure Server Settings or Additional Server Types”.
  • Press “Next” in this step.
Manually Configure Server Settings or Additional Server Types
  • Followed by this, you have to choose the option of “Internet E-mail (Connect to POP or IMAP Server to Send and Receive E-mail messages)”.
  • Input the settings given as follows in the section of “Server Information”:

“Account Type: IMAP”

“Incoming Mail Server:”

“Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP):”

Internet E-mail settings
  • Select “More Settings”.
  • Go to the screen of “Internet E-mail Settings”.
  • Visit the tab of “Outgoing Server”.
  • Here, you have to tick the option of “My Outgoing Server (SMTP) Requires Authentication”.
  • Press the radio button near the option of “Use Same Settings as My Incoming Mail Server”.
Use Same Settings as My Incoming Mail Server
  • Now, visit the tab titled “Advanced” and input the information mentioned as follows:

“Incoming Server (IMAP): Port 993”

“Incoming Server Encrypted Connection: SSL”

“Outgoing Server (SMTP): Port 587”

“Outgoing Server Encrypted Connection: TLS/Auto”

Advanced Settings to setup aol email on outlook 2010
  • Press “Ok”.
  • To check these AOL Outlook 2010 IMAP settings, click on “Test Account Settings” after pressing “Next”.
  • After ensuring that the settings are correct, exit the window.

When this procedure is over, you will see a message stating the same. You can start using AOL on Outlook 2010 now.

Option 5: AOL Settings for Outlook 2016 PC Client

To set up your AOL email in Outlook 2016 PC Client, you can first run the software. From the option of File, you can go to Add Account. After this, you have to provide the AOL Email Address. When this is done, you have to use the Advanced Options and then pick the option for manually setting up your account on Outlook 2016. Soon after this, you will come across a window asking for information such as the AOL incoming and outgoing mail settings for Outlook.

Moving further, we will suggest you to go through these directions for understanding more about the procedure:

  • Begin with opening “Outlook 2016”.
  • Select the “File” option.
  • Opt for “Add Account”.
  • You will see a window opening. In this window, the “AOL Email Address” has to be added.
  • Now, go to the dropdown for “Advanced Options”.
  • Click on the option stating “Let Me Set up My Account Manually”.
  • Now, tap on “Connect”.
  • You will come across certain options for “Account Type”. Choose “POP”.
POP - aol smtp settings
  • Then input the information mentioned as follows:

AOL Incoming Mail Settings for Outlook:


“Port: 995”

“Encryption Method: Checkmark “This Server Requires an Encrypted Connection (SSL/TLS)”.

“Secure Password Authentication (SPA): NO”

Note: This password will be needed for logging in to AOL on Outlook 2016. 

Outgoing AOL Mail Settings for Outlook 2016:


“Port: 465”

“Encryption Method: SSL/TLS”

“Secure Password Authentication (SPA): NO”

Note: The password mentioned above will be required for signing in to your AOL email account on Outlook 2016.

  • In case any data file exists, you can go to the section of “Message Delivery” for browsing for it.
  • Press “Next” after the required information has been correctly filled in by you.
  • Provide the password for the AOL email account.
  • Now, press “Connect”.
  • Once the setup reaches completion, press “Ok”.
  • You can view every account in Outlook at the left and perform any operation as per your preference.

We hope that the AOL POP and AOL IMAP settings for Outlook 2016 described above would have helped you in setting up your account. In case you were not able to successfully set it up, we will suggest you to ensure that all the directions were appropriately performed by you.

Option 6: How to Set up AOL Email on Android?

The AOL Android email settings such as the incoming server, incoming port, and security type are required for establishing your mail account. To enter these settings, you can open the Settings of the Mail app. As you add a new account for your emails, you can select IMAP for doing so. You can choose the Manual Setup option and then enter the server settings.

  • Go to your mail app and choose settings.
  • Click Add a new email account.
  • Choose IMAP (AOL IMAP Settings)
  • Enter your full AOL email address and password. Now select “Manual Setup”.
  • Now in the incoming settings screen, enter the following information:
AOL Email Settings Android
  1. Username: email
  2. Password: UW email-wachtwoord
  3. Incoming server:
  4. Incoming port: 993
  5. Security type: SSL
  • Click ‘Next’.
  • Now in the outgoing settings screen, enter the following information:
  1. Outgoing server:
  2. To Outgoing port: 587
  3. Security type: ssl
  4. Authorization required: yes
  5. Username: email
  6. Password: your email password
  • Click ‘Next’.
  • Enter your preferences in the upcoming screen and type your username and password.
  • Finally, click OK to save the changes and exit the window.

Now, you can start using your AOL mail account on your Android device. The AOL IMAP settings being correct on your Android device, you will be able to send and receive your emails without seeing any problems.

Option 7: How to Set up an AOL Email Account on iPhone or iPad?

The correct AOL mail settings for iPhone/iPad are usually required when you’re setting up this account. Initially, to set it up, you can open the Settings and go to Passwords & Accounts. Using the Add Account option, you can start adding your mail account. While adding it, you will be asked to enter the incoming and outgoing SMTP settings for AOL. After they have been correctly entered, the procedure will come to an end.

AOL Email Settings iPhone
  • Click on your email account and go to Settings.
  • Click on Passwords & Accounts and then click Add Account.
  • Click on Other and click Add Mail Account.
  • Enter your name, email address, password, and a description for your AOL Mail account. 
  • Tap Next.
  • Mail will try to find the email settings and will automatically complete the account setup process.
  • Click Done to complete your account setup process.

Make sure that you enter the IMAP and SMTP settings as mentioned below while setting up the AOL account on your iPhone.

Incoming AOL Email Settings for iPhone:

Host name:-
Username:- Your Email Address
Password:- Your Email Account Password

AOL SMTP Settings for iPhone for Outgoing Mail Server:

Host name:-
Username:- Your Email Address
Password:- Your Email Account Password

AOL SMTP server settings on iPhone, your account should get set up. On the off chance that any error is witnessed, see to it that the username and password are correct. Along with that, also check that the settings are the same as mentioned here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should you like to know more about the AOL mail server settings and how to set them, you can glance at the 5 FAQs provided as follows:

1. What are AOL email server settings?

The AOL email server settings help you in completely setting up your account. These settings are essential for receiving and sending AOL emails. Based on the device or software on which you are using AOL, the server settings can be different.

2. How do I set up AOL mail on my Mac?

To set up AOL mail on your Mac, you can launch the Mail app. It will provide you with an option to add an account. Using this option, you can input the information of your AOL email account and set it up.

3. What are the IMAP settings for AOL?

For setting your AOL email account via IMAP, you can use “” as the “AOL Mail IMAP Server Address”. In “AOL Mail IMAP Username”, you have to enter your AOL email ID. After this, you can type your correct “AOL Mail IMAP Password”. When you’re asked to mention “AOL Mail IMAP Port”, write “993”. Finally, select “Yes” for the “AOL Mail IMAP TLS/SSL Required” option.

4. How to set AOL as the default email in Windows 7?

You can go to “Default Programs” in “Start”. In “Set Default Programs”, you can select “AOL”. Then you can choose the option of “Set this Program as Default”. Thus, on Windows 7, AOL will be selected as your default email.

5. How to set AOL as my homepage on Chrome?

On Chrome, you can choose the option of “Customize and Control Google Chrome”. This option will be indicated by 3 horizontal lines. Then you can visit the “Settings” menu for initiating the changes. In these settings, you can enter “” as the homepage.

In Brief

The AOL IMAP and AOL SMTP settings were discussed in much detail in this reading. Section by section, we covered all the information you need for entering these settings on different Windows versions such as Windows 7 and Windows 10. We also guided you about the correct settings for the server that should be used for Outlook and its versions like Outlook 2016 and Outlook 2010. For the users of Android, iPhone, and iPad devices, we introduced the AOL email server settings that will assist you in establishing your account. Do let us know your feedback after using these settings on your devices.

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Using exact Android setup, after it tries to connect to the server, I keep getting “wrong sign-in info”..using Baseband version