AOL Mail Problems in Sending: Why won’t Your Emails Send and How to Fix?

AOL Mail Problems in Sending: Why won’t Your Emails Send and How to Fix?

AOL mail problems in sending can disappoint you in several ways. Your work may get affected due to the emails not being sent. Or you may not be able to see important images in the emails. Either your web browser may be generating issues in sending the emails or your device’s software may not be updated. Based on the multiple causes of this issue, we will suggest you to change your web browser. You can also check the email sending limit for AOL and ensure that it has not been exceeded.

For knowing more causes of the mail sending problems with your AOL email account and the measures to fix it on your computer, laptop, iPhone, or any other device, you can read ahead.

A summary of the things covered in this post has been provided in this section:

Why Won’t My AOL Emails Send?

Here, you can glance at innumerable reasons due to which your AOL mails may not be getting sent:

  • The RAM of your computer or laptop may be resulting in the issue.
  • You may have exceeded the AOL email sending limit.
  • Your email account may be problematic.
  • The web browser using which you are accessing AOL may be faulty.
  • Your browser’s cache may not have been removed for long.
  • The system’s firewall may be generating interference.
  • In your AOL email account, the display name may be incorrect.
  • It is possible that your account may be hacked. Thus, such problems may be arising.
  • The information entered in the SMTP or outgoing mail server may not be correct.
  • If this problem is coming while using AOL on your iPhone, then this device’s software may be outdated.
  • HTML/Rich Text may have been disabled.

Troubleshooting AOL Email Not Sending Problem

To fix the issues being faced when you cannot send the AOL emails, you can start your system again. You can ensure that the limit for sending AOL emails has not been crossed. If your account is problematic, then you can resolve issues with that as well. You will be able to send your emails after that. 
When you keep getting the “554 6.6 0 error” in sending messages for delivery on AOL, these fixes can bring the expected results. Reading ahead, you can learn the directions required for administering these fixes.

Fix 1: Attempt to Start Your Computer Again

When you observe AOL mail problems in sending, try to start over your computer. Starting the machine again will clear its internal memory or RAM. Clearing the RAM of your computer should remove the problems encountered while sending emails from your AOL account. 

Many of you may be familiar with the procedure to start your computer again. You can select Power from the Start Menu. You can pick the option of shutting down your machine. At a later point, you can run AOL and sign in to your account. When you send an email, no problems should be observed.

  • Start with saving your work on your computer.
  • Press “Start”.
  • Then tap on “Power”.
  • Choose to “Shut Down” your computer.
cannot send email to aol account
  • When your computer starts, run your web browser.
  • Open your “AOL Email Account”. Then try sending an email.

Fix 2: Check the AOL Email Sending Limit

It will be useful to know that like certain email platforms, AOL also comes with some kinds of limitations. There is a limit to the number of attachments you can include in a mail. A limit exists for the number of email recipients as well. Likewise, there is an AOL email limit for sending your messages. When you notice that your emails are not getting sent, it may be that the limit has been exceeded. 

You can try sending an email after some time. If it does not get sent, then you can be certain about this being the cause of the problem. We will suggest that you send emails preferably after a long gap or a day. The limit problems should get resolved.

Fix 3: Check that Your AOL Account has No Problems

Users can’t send AOL emails when their account has certain problems. The fix in this scenario will be to access your web browser and open AOL. Sign in using your credentials. Try composing an email now. Send an email to yourself. If it gets sent, then the problems with your account will have been resolved.

  • Using your web browser, log in to your AOL email account.
  • Composing a mail is the next step.
  • In “To”, write your own AOL email address.
  • Press the button to send the mail. 

The mail should arrive in 5 minutes. In case it doesn’t, your AOL account may have certain problems.

Fix 4: Run Another Browser for Sending AOL Emails

Your browser may have not been updated in a while. Or it may not be supportive of AOL. So, when you own an AOL account but can’t send an email to AOL or any other account, you can switch to another browser. Thus, if you are using Chrome at present, you can switch to Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox. You can also attempt to install the updates for your previous browser. Whichever option you choose, the email sending problem on your AOL account will get resolved.

Fix 5: Remove the Cache of Your Web Browser

There can be times when you are unable to send emails not because of problems with AOL but with your web browser. Continuing to use the browser can result in the accumulation of cache. In our opinion, you can remove the cache of the browser. If you are using Google Chrome, then you will find three dots located above. Select this and then opt for More Tools. Choose Clear Browsing Data. Tap on the option of All Time for deciding a range. As you press Clear Data, the cache will be removed. 

  • Open the “Chrome” browser on your PC.
  • Press the three-dot icon on the top.
  • Access the “More Tools” option.
  • Then you have to click on “Clear Browsing Data”.
Remove the Cache of Your Web Browser
  • The next step is to set a time range for clearing the cache. Click on “All Time”.
  • Next, tap on “Clear Data”.
  • Now, try to send an email from your AOL account. 

AOL problems in sending emails should not arise once the cache has been deleted from your internet browser.

Note: The steps shown here are specifically for “Google Chrome”. The procedure for removing the cache can vary as per the browser you are using.

Fix 6: Turn off Firewall on Your Computer

Enabling the firewall is essential to keep your system safe against hacking and attacks. However, it may be causing certain issues. If you cannot send emails to an AOL account, or your AOL account is unable to send emails to any account, then these issues may be responsible for this problem. 

In solving these issues, you can use the McAfee Internet Security Suite for turning off the firewall for some time. When it has been turned off, you can attempt to send an email. Hopefully, this solution will not let the problem show up again. You can also turn off the firewall from the Start Menu. You can find Firewall & Network Protection and head to Windows Security. You will find the option to disable it here.

  • Click on the “Start Menu”.
  • Choose “Settings”.
  • Tap on “Update & Security”.
  • Opt for “Windows Security”.
  • After this, go to “Firewall & Network Protection”. 
  • Navigate to the settings of “Windows Security”.
  • Now, a “Network Profile” has to be chosen.
  • Disable the firewall via the “Microsoft Defender Firewall” option.

Once the firewall has been disabled on your computer, you can re-launch AOL. You can compose an email and send it. The issues in sending it should not be observed now.

Fix 7: Temporarily Disable the Software for Blocking Pop-up

Certain users prefer disabling pop-ups on their devices. For this purpose, they even install particular software. You may have done the same. The disabling of pop-ups may be causing certain interferences and resulting in several AOL mail problems.
Suspecting that your AOL outbox is not sending your emails, you should consider removing these interferences. For this purpose, temporarily do away with the software that is blocking the pop-ups. Also, it will be helpful to include AOL in the allow list if you are not in a position to disable the software. After this has been done, you can open AOL on your device. Compose an email and send it. Hopefully, the same problem would not emerge now.

Getting Rid of AOL Email Not Sending with Image Challenge Problem

When the AOL Verizon email is not sending messages due to incorrect answers provided for the image challenge, you can check the answers. You would have often come across such challenges while sending or using AOL. For correctly answering them, keep yourself patient and select suitable images. 

For removing this error, you can find more help in the following sub-section.

Fix 1: Correctly Answer the Image Challenge Question

Certain reasons could be causing a problem while sending emails from your AOL Verizon account. Further, the image challenge question may be seen. Before you can send the email, you would be required to complete the question. It is possible that you may have incorrectly attempted the image challenge. Or it may be that this challenge is repeatedly appearing even after correctly answering it. 

To overcome the AOL Verizon email not sending issue, you can first see to it that the question in the email challenge is being correctly answered. Despite checking the same, if this issue is appearing, then you can open AOL again. You can try sending your emails now. Hopefully, the issue may have been fixed.

Resolving the Error of AOL Account Sending Spam Messages

The display name of your AOL email account needs to be correctly set. An incorrect name may be generating errors. As a consequence of the same, spam messages may be getting sent to your contacts. Let us also tell you that spam emails can be sent when your AOL account has been hacked. When a hacked AOL account is sending spam emails, you can change the password to improve its security.

Fix 1: Check the Display Name of Your Account

There can be different types of issues when you are trying to send AOL emails. On unexpected occasions, your emails may not be getting sent. However, there can also be an instance in which your account is sending spam messages to your contacts.

An unusual cause of this error can be an incorrect display name. Thus, when AOL email is sending spam to contacts, you can correct the display name of the account, if required to do so. You can go to Options in your AOL email account. Enter the Mail Settings. Select Compose and find the Display Name. Make changes to it only if it is not correct. 

  • In “AOL Mail”, on the top-right, press the “Options” button.
  • Go to the “Mail Settings”.
  • Press “Compose” on the left.
  • Scroll below to check the “Display Name”.
  • Ensure that it is correct. If it is incorrect, make the necessary changes.
  • Save the changes, if any.
  • Now, exit the window.

After the name has been corrected, you can send an email. It will not be marked as spam

Fix 2: Change Password in Case of a Hacked Account

Should you find out that your AOL email is hacked and is sending spam messages to your contacts, you can prefer changing the password. The Account Security page of AOL should be accessed for changing it. You are likely to find the option of changing the password here. See to it that the new password being set is hard to crack. 

For changing the password of your AOL email account, you can use the 4 directions given as follows:

  • Open AOL’s page for “Account Security”.
  • Select the “Change Password” option.
  • Provide a new and strong password.
  • Press “Continue”.

Troubleshooting the Problem of Sending the Message Content to the Server Failed AOL

When you are coming across AOL mail problems in sending due to server-related factors, always ensure that the information has been correctly mentioned by you. The information in the outgoing mail server or SMTP server can be faulty at times. Due to this, you may encounter issues in sending your emails via your AOL account. 

Below, we have explained how you can check the information of the server for repairing this issue.

Fix 1: Check that the Outgoing Mail Server Information is Correct

If you cannot send messages using the server SMTP on, then you can check the information of the Outgoing Mail Server. See to it that it is correct. Incorrect information regarding the server may surface problems in sending emails to your recipients. For checking or correcting this information, you can open AOL and enter the Account Settings. Navigate to the sections of Outgoing Mail Server and SMTP. You can check the information such as the Host Name, Password, and Username here. If they haven’t been correctly mentioned, then you can initiate the necessary changes.

  • Launch “AOL Email” as the first step.
  • Go to the section of “Account Settings”.
  • Then open the section of “Outgoing Mail Server”.
  • Now, open the section of “SMTP”.
  • The “Primary Server” needs to be enabled now.
  • Tap on “Add Server”.
  • In “Outgoing Mail Server”, type the following information:

“Host Name”: “”

“Username”: Type your complete “AOL Email Address”

“Password”: Type the correct “Password” of your AOL account

“Use SSL”: “ON”

“Authentication”: “Password”

“Server Port”: “587”

  • In the section of “SMTP”, the “Username” field has to be left empty.
  • The section of “Primary Server” may be highlighted in grey. If a new one is being made, then give no attention to this one.

Solving the Problem of AOL Email Not Sending on an iPhone

Turning off and on the airplane mode on your iPhone can help in getting across the email sending problems on AOL. You can also remove your email account and add it again on the iOS device. In addition, the software of your device should be updated when AOL can’t send emails on an iPhone.

Let us now find more information relating to these fixes. 

Fix 1: Enable and Disable Airplane Mode on iPhone

AOL mails won’t send on iPhone probably due to problems relating to the network. You can try enabling or disabling the Airplane Mode on your iOS device for fixing these network-related issues. 

On your Apple iPhone, swipe the screen upwards after unlocking it. Head to the Control Panel. Locate the Airplane Mode and turn it on. Now, you will be suggested to wait for some time. Then disable this mode. Connect your device to the internet and open AOL. You can attempt sending your emails now.

  • Swipe up your iPhone’s screen.
  • From the “Control Panel”, turn on the “Airplane Mode”.
  • Wait for a few minutes. Then turn off the “Airplane Mode”.
  • Check that your wifi or data is on. 
  • Then send an email from your “AOL Account”.

Fix 2: Remove and Add Your AOL Account Again on iPhone

Several users had been sharing that they can’t send AOL emails from their iPhone devices. We advised them to remove their AOL account and re-add it. Gradually, they were able to overcome the issue and faced no troubles in sending their emails. 

If you would like to do the same, then open the Settings of your iPhone. Tap on Accounts & Passwords and pick the option with the same name. Select the AOL account owned by you. Delete it from here and then add it again via the Add Account option in the Settings.

  • Hover to the “Settings” on your device.
  • Scroll down to “Accounts & Passwords”.
  • Search for the option of “Accounts & Passwords”.
  • Choose your “AOL Email Account”.
  • A new page will open. Here, you will find the option to delete your account. Delete your account from your iPhone.
  • Open the “Settings” again.
  • Select “Add Account”.
  • Write your credentials and sign in to your account.

Your AOL account will be added again on your device. The error of AOL mail won’t send on iPhone will not appear.

Fix 3: Update the Software of Your iPhone

It may seem surprising but you may be unable to send AOL emails from an iPhone when its software hasn’t been updated. To confirm this cause, you can check that the latest iOS version available is being used on your device. If not, then you can update its version. Afterward, you can launch the application and ensure that the problem has been settled.

Fixing AOL Email Problems in Seeing Images

AOL email problems such as the inability to view the images in the messages can be fixed by enabling Rich Text. Additionally, you can turn on HTML on your computer or laptop. When these options have been disabled, you can find some issues in viewing the images in your emails. To settle such an issue and enable Rich Text/HTML, you can head to the Mail Settings of AOL. 

For knowing the complete procedure, reading further will be suggested to the readers. 

Fix 1: Try Enabling Rich Text or HTML on Your System

In addition to the AOL mail problems in sending your messages, you may be unable to view the images received in the messages. Not having HTML or Rich Text enabled on your system may be responsible for not showing the images in your emails. 

Enabling HTML or Rich Text can be the troubleshooting measure on which you can rely. For turning it on, you can land on AOL’s Login Page. After signing in, find Options and go to the Mail Settings via the same. View Compose and then enable Rich Text/HTML.

You can also view the 6 steps shown below:

  • Open the “Login Page” of AOL.
  • Log in to your AOL account.
  • Click on “Options”.
  • Click on the “Mail Settings”.
  • Access the context menu and click on the option to “Compose”.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

We hope that the sections shown above helped in fixing the email sending problems on AOL. In case you have more queries to ask, you can read the frequently asked questions displayed below:

1. Why is my email sending spam on AOL?

Your AOL email account may be sending out spam messages if it has been hacked. Thus, due to compromised security, your contacts may be receiving spam emails from your account. Or you may not have set the correct display name. Thus, this error may be coming up.

2. Why are my outgoing emails not being sent on AOL?

Web browser-related issues can be the reason why your outgoing AOL emails aren’t being sent. You can prefer clearing the cache of the browser. Additionally, you can change your web browser and try using AOL on that.

3. How do I fix an AOL email problem?

To an AOL email problem, you can check that your account has no issues. Also, you can ensure that the email sending limit hasn’t been crossed. Additionally, you can temporarily turn off the firewall of your system. 

Thoughts in Conclusion

AOL email sending problems can occur at times. Reasons like the cache of your browser, incorrect display name, incompatible browser, etc., can generate such problems. Keeping in mind these causes, we provided you with the fixes. According to several readers, turning on Rich Text or HTML is the fix that efficiently worked for them. We will be happy to know which fix worked for you. To share it with us, you can post your comment in the following section.

Along with the fixes for this error, you can also learn how to delete AOL email account and how to recover deleted AOL emails. Click to read now.

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