How to Resolve AOL Mail Problems in Sending?

How to Resolve AOL Mail Problems in Sending?

AOL mail problems in sending can disappoint you in several ways. Your work may get affected due to the emails not being sent. Or you may not be able to see important images in the emails. To prevent such situations and resolve this error, you can go through our fixes. We have explained them in clear steps to make the fixes easy-to-perform. 

A summary of the things covered in this post has been provided in this section.

Troubleshooting AOL Email Not Sending Problem

AOL Verizon email not sending error can be resolved by restarting your system, maintaining the email sending limit, using any other browser, etc. All the fixes have been explained in detail below.

Fix 1: Attempt to Start Your Computer Again

You can clear the internal memory or RAM of your computer when there is a failure in sending mails from your AOL account. To do so, execute the 6 steps given below.

1. Start with saving your work on your computer.

2. Press “Start”.

3. Then tap on “Power”.

4. Choose to “Shut Down” your computer.

5. When your computer starts, run your web browser.

6. Open your AOL email account. Then try sending an email.

AOL mail problems in sending should not occur now.

Fix 2: Check AOL Email Sending Limit is Not Exceeded

Is there an AOL email limit for sending? Yes, when you are using AOL, you will find a limit for sending emails, attaching the attachments as well as the number of recipients to whom the emails can be sent. So, when your emails don’t get sent, the limit may have been exceeded.

The most suitable fix for this problem is to keep in mind the limit and maintain it.

Fix 3: Check that Your AOL Account has No Problems

“I am receiving “554 6.6 0 error sending message for delivery AOL” while trying to send an email from my AOL account.”

Receiving this message means that a failure has occurred while sending emails from your AOL account. Your account may be problematic. Checking it for problems is what you need to do. Here is how you can do it.

1. Using your web browser, log in to your AOL email account.

2. Composing a mail is the next step.

3. In “To”, write your own AOL email address.

4. Press the button to send the mail. 

The mail should arrive in 5 minutes. In case it doesn’t, your AOL account may have certain problems.

Fix 4: Run Another Browser for Sending AOL Emails

Your browser may have not been updated in a while. Or it may not be supportive of AOL. So, when you own an AOL account but can’t send email to AOL or any other account, you can switch to another browser. You can also attempt to install the updates for your previous browser. Whichever option you choose, the email sending problem on your AOL account will get resolved.

Fix 5: Remove the Cache of Your Web Browser

According to certain users of AOL email, the problem of emails not getting sent was not arising some time back. However, now they are facing troubles. This may be happening due to the cache of your browser. By clearing it, you will be able to restore your browser to an error-free state. 

The steps of this fix are listed here.

1. Open the “Chrome” browser on your PC.

2. Press the three-dot icon on the top.

3. Access the “More Tools” option.

4. Then you have to click on “Clear Browsing Data”.

5. The next step is to set a time range for clearing the cache. Click on “All Time”.

6. Next, tap on “Clear Data”.

7. Now, try to send an email from your AOL account. AOL problems in sending emails would not arise.

Note: The steps for removing the cache can vary as per the browser you are using. 

Fix 6: Turn off Firewall on Your Computer

Enabling the firewall is essential to keep your system safe against hacking and attacks. However, it may be causing certain issues. If you cannot send email to AOL account, or your AOL account is unable to send emails to any account, then these issues may be responsible for this problem. 

In solving these issues, you can use the McAfee Internet Security Suite for turning off the firewall for some time. When it has been turned off, you can attempt to send an email. Hopefully, this solution will not let the problem show up again. 

Troubleshooting AOL Email Not Sending with Image Challenge Problem

“Why won’t my AOL email send and why am I seeing the image challenge question?” There can be several reasons for this problem. To find the fix for it, you can move to the next part of the blog.

Fix 1: Correctly Answer the Image Challenge Question

Certain reasons could be causing a problem while sending emails from your AOL account. Further, the image challenge question may be seen. Before you can send the email, you would be required to complete the question.

How to send email to AOL in this case? In case the question was not correctly answered, your email will not get sent. So, the simple fix is to answer the question correctly. And then you can send the email. 

Troubleshooting AOL Email Problems in Seeing Images

Are you unable to see images in your mails? The Rich text or HTML being disabled could be causing this issue. For troubleshooting it, you can find the solution below.

Fix 1: Try Enabling Rich Text or HTML on Your System

Not having HTML or Rich Text enabled on your system may be responsible for not showing images in your email. AOL mail problems in sending emails or seeing images can be fixed by enabling it. You can visit the page for Mail Settings to enable it or read the following steps. 

1. Open the login page of AOL.

2. Log in to your AOL account.

3. Click on “Options”.

4. Click on the “Mail Settings”.

5. Access the context menu and click on the option to compose. 

6. Enable “HTML” or “Rich Text”.

Troubleshooting AOL Account Sending Spam Problem

What to do to fix the issue of AOL email sending spam to contacts? You can take various measures. Among these, setting the correct display name is the best one. More information about this can be acquired by reading ahead. 

Fix 1: Check the Display Name of Your Account

“Why my email is sending spam AOL?” Was your AOL email account recently compromised? If it was, then the name of your account may not be correct. An incorrect name may be generating issues like this one.

Setting the correct display name for your account will be the ideal solution for you. It can be changed in 7 steps. 

1. In AOL mail, on the top-right, press the “Options” button.

2. Go to the “Mail Settings”.

3. Press “Compose” on the left.

4. Scroll below to check the “Display Name”.

5. Ensure that it is correct. In case it is incorrect, then make the necessary changes.

6. Save the changes, if any.

7. Now, exit the window.

After the name has been corrected, you can send an email. It will not be marked as spam.

Troubleshooting the Problem of Sending the Message Content to the Server Failed AOL

Due to certain server failure issues, you may be unable to send emails from your AOL account. Incorrect server information is one such cause of these issues. To enter this information correctly, you should read the next section.

Fix 1: Check that the Outgoing Mail Server Information is Correct

If you cannot send message using the server SMTP, then you can check the information of Outgoing Mail Server. See to it that it is correct. This information can be checked in 9 steps.

1. Launch AOL email as the first step.

2. Go to the section of “Account Settings”.

3. Then open the section of “Outgoing Mail Server”.

4. Now, open the section of “SMTP”.

5. The “Primary Server” needs to be enabled now.

6. Tap on “Add Server”.

7. In “Outgoing Mail Server”, type the following information.

“Host Name:”

“Username: Type your complete AOL email address”

“Password: Type the correct password of your AOL account”

“Use SSL: ON”

“Authentication: Password”

“Server Port: 587”

8. In the section of “SMTP”, the “Username” field has to be left empty.

9. The section of “Primary Server” may be highlighted in grey. If a new one is being made, then give no attention to this one.

Troubleshooting AOL Email Not Sending on iPhone Problem

Do you know what to do when you can’t send AOL email from iPhone? You can perform 2 solutions. These include enabling and disabling the Airplane Mode as well as adding your email account again. Read on to know the steps for each.

Fix 1: Enable and Disable Airplane Mode on iPhone

For the AOL email not sending on iPhone error, enabling and disabling the Airplane Mode should be done. The steps for this have been explained here.

1. Swipe up your iPhone’s screen.

2. On the “Control Panel”, turn on the “Airplane Mode”.

aol mail problems sending

3. Wait for a few minutes. Then turn off the “Airplane Mode”.

4. Check that your wifi or data is on. Then send an email from your AOL account.

Fix 2: Remove and Add Your AOL Account Again on iPhone

This error can be sorted out by removing your AOL account and then adding it again on your iPhone. This requires you to do 8 steps. These steps have been provided below.

1. Hover to the “Settings” on your device.

2. Scroll down to “Accounts & Passwords”.

3. Search for the option of “Accounts & Passwords”.

4. Choose your AOL email account.

5. A new page will open. Here, you will find the option to delete your account. Delete your account from your iPhone.

6. Open the “Settings” again.

7. Select “Add Account”.

8. Write your credentials and sign in to your account.

Your AOL account will be added again on your device. The error of AOL mail won’t send on iPhone will not appear.

Thoughts in Conclusion

AOL email sending problems can occur at times. Reasons like the cache of your browser, incorrect display name, incompatible browser, etc., can generate such problems. Keeping in mind these causes, we provided you with the fixes. Hopefully, these fixes should work for you. 

Along with the fixes for this error, you can also learn how to delete AOL email account and how to recover deleted AOL emails. Click to read now.

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