How To Fix AOL Mail Problems In Sending Mail

How To Fix AOL Mail Problems In Sending Mail

How To Fix AOL Mail Problems In Sending Mail

Having problems with your AOL not sending mails? There are a few things that may possibly give rise to such issues. Relax, you can fix most of them by following some quick troubleshooting steps.

I am finding unknown emails in my sent folder, ones which I didn’t send

Odds are that your account has been hacked or compromised. Such noticeable problems won’t even let you compose, leave aside sending emails.

Secure your account by changing the password immediately.

Fix problems when your AOL cannot send mails

When your AOL flunks in sending emails, go after the options stated below.

  • Option#1 – Restart your computer

Restart Computer

  • Option#2 – Make use of a different browser

Use Different Browser

  • Option#3 – Confirm your account’s display name

confirm display name

  • Option#4 – Tidy up your browser’s cache

Clear the cache

  • Option#5 – Disable the software which blocks pop-ups

 blocks pop-ups

 Deactivate the built-in firewall

Fix problems related to challenges faced while sending emails with image attachments

You may see a CAPTCHA or an image challenge question popping up and you cannot send attachments in your AOL Mail. Here, you’re left with no other choice but to accept and complete the challenge. Then only, you can send an email. But, on a few occasions, even after answering the image challenge correctly, it may seem that your AOL Mail won’t send anything. Simple as that. This indicates a more serious problem which can be arrested by:

  • Option#1 – Clearing the cache on your web browser

Clear the cache

  • Option#2 – Checking with the AOL security center to download and activate a robust antivirus
  • Option#3 –  Changing your account password and ensuring it’s secure

Fix problems related to images not getting displayed for your mail recipients

Sometimes the intended recipients may experience problems to view images which you forwarded along your mail. Such typical AOL Mail problems in sending images and failing to evince them properly for the recipient can be resolved by:

  • Option#1 – Enabling Rich Text/HTML option in your mail settings

Enabling Rich Text option

Option#2 Don’t simply forward the image along with the mail content. In this situation, you can’t send AOL mail in a way so that the image attachment gets reflected properly when the recipient opens the email. First, download the image into your system. Then attach the image in the to-be-forwarded composition and send it. The image will now feature correctly at the other end.

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