How to Fix Error Code 43 Mac

How to Fix Error Code 43 Mac

MAC OS is most preferred operating system after Windows OS. Both the OS has its own features and benefits that helps the users miraculously.

But there are times when these OS encounters problems that if not fixed instantly can grow complex and hinder the work process too. One of the rarely reported error that annoys the user is the Error code 43. This error is accompanied with an error message: “The operation can’t be completed because one or more required items can’t be found.”

What exactly is Mac Error code 43?

MAC error code 43 occurs due to several reasons. It comes with an error message that states that the function can not be carried forward as multiple items are not found.

The error happens commonly when the user attempts to delete/remove a particular file to the trash or remove some. This is a very unusual error that happens on systems, OS X El Capitan or OS X 20.2. No need of panicky in case the error has happened and the recommended solutions will easily fix the error.

Main Causes for Mac Error code 43

The reasons behind the occurrence of this error are listed below. Knowing exactly why the error has occurred helps in easy fixing and to be cautious from happening in the future. The main causes are:

  1. Invalid Characters: One of the main cause is usage of invalid characters to save the name of the file such as: @ ! # % ^ $. It is suggested try not to use and avoid maximum while saving the files. If the error has been occurred due to invalid characters used in the file name you can simply fix the error by renaming the files.
  2. Missing Shared Point: The error might also occur if the shared point of the choose files is missing. The user is restricted access to the file that is attempted to transfer.
  3. Improper Download: In case the files selected to move are not completely downloaded the error might occur. The error can be avoided by verifying the downloaded files prior they are transferred to any location.
  4. Locked/Active File: If the files selected to move are in active mode or in locked state, error 43 might occur. In such scenario, you need to stop the accessing the file or need to unlock it prior shifting. You might be prompted to seek administrator permissions to move the file.
  5. Problem in the Hard Drive: If there is any issue in the hard drive possibly the error code 43 might occur on your Mac OS. It should be fixed immediately to avoid work loss.

How to fix Error Code 43 Mac can’t Delete file, Error code 43 Mac Sierra

The resolution of this error is completely manual. you need to follow the steps in the right order to fix the error. The three major solutions to fix this error is detailed below. Follow in the sequence and if the error still persists or in case of any doubt you can connect with Mac customer care support.

Method 1. Resetting of the Memory:  PRAM or NVRAM

Parameter Random Access Memory (PRAM) or Non-volatile Random Access Memory (NVRAM) are the small memory that is used by Macintosh operating systems in order to save specific settings and access them quickly. Reset attempt of PRAM or NVRAM helps out in most of the cases: To reset PRAM or NVRAM you will have to follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Turn off your Mac PC in the usual way.
  • When it turns off find the Command, Option , P and R keys.
  • Restart your Mac PC and use the Command along with Option + P + R keys at the same time prior the  grey start screen is displayed. Due to this reason you need to find them out earlier.
  • Press the keys till you confirm startup by the sound three times.

Thus, you can resolve the Error code 43 in your Mac PC by the above steps to reset PRAM.

By any chance you are not able to hear the startup sound you are supposed to shutdown your computer suggested steps. If doing so does not resolves the error you can move to the second method to fix the error.

Method 2. Implement the Disk Utility Tool

Verify the permission error or the directory corruption as the Mac Error code 43 is associated with the damaged or missing files. Thus, the Disk Utility tool makes its entry. This is an default tool in Mac OS that handles the issues related to the drive. Follow the below listed steps to use the tool:

  • Go to the menu on the screen top -> Click Reboot.
  • When the computer restarts use the prompt and press the Command + R keys at the same time till the Apple logo is viewed.
  • Then click the Disk Utility option -> Press Continue.
  • Move the panel on the left -> Choose the disk that needs to be repaired.
  • Click the First-Aid button -> Start with the Disk Utility check process.
  • Disk Utility might offer you various reports and you need to move ahead accordingly.

Probable Reports

  • In case it recommends that the selected disk is about to fail, create a backup of your data and replace it with a new disk. If the tool reports that there is no problems or the problems are fixed then exit the tool. The fixed problems can be viewed by a simple click over Show Details.
  • The tool might report “overlapped extent allocation” error. This error indicates that there are some files that holds a particular spot on your Mac computer. One of those files might be damaged, you need to find it in the Damaged Files folder and repair or delete it as per the need.
  • Another possible report is “The underlying task reported failure. When this report is displayed you need to run the First Aid tool again and in case the problem continues create a backup of your data and format the disk.

There are chances that the error will be fixed, otherwise move to the third method mentioned below.

Method 3. Remove or Clear the Locked Files

In case the error is identified occurring due to the locked files, you are suggested to remove or delete those files by unlocking them.

Despite of all these method you are confronting the error you can report the error to Mac customer support. Alternatively, you can connect with It is a renowned support agency that houses profession Mac experts. They are experienced in handling the Mac errors and assure quick resolution of the error in a very short time. Call to the toll free phone support number +1-844-414-5222 and garner quick assistance.

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1 year ago

This error code 43 is on an external hard drive in mac book so nothing changes when i reset the NVRAM or clearing the locked files. I can only run a disk check on it and it gives there was no problems found on the disk.

1 year ago

Thanks for the fix help on how to fix error code 43 on mac. I have looking around for sometime and method number two for disk utility tool cleared out the problems i had on my mac.

Frodel Casia
1 year ago

the error code 43 mac shows up when i try to open a system folder. I have kept some hidden files in that folder and can no longer access it. If i can’t open the folder, can there be a another way to go to that folder and delete the file.

1 year ago

I got the exact error code 43 mac today. This happens only when i tried to open a particular folder. The folder had a invalid character and changing it back to its original name, the error was gone. I never changed the folder name and thinking that the computer might be infected with virus, i ran a complete scan but nothing was found. How could a folder randomly change its name. Help me out here please

1 year ago

I get the error code 43 on my mac but i can’t delete file. I have spotted the problem but i cannot edit it or delete the file

2 years ago

Thanks for the help i had a hard time trying to fix the error code 43 on my mac. My toddler was playing with the laptop and he might have pressed something that caused the error