How to Install Printer on Mac, MacBook Air, and Mac OS 10.15 Catalina?

How to Install Printer on Mac, MacBook Air, and Mac OS 10.15 Catalina?

Installing a printer on your Mac requires expert knowledge and the right steps. You can gain this knowledge and know these steps with us. We will be pleased to teach you how to install printer on Mac, MacBook Air, as well as Mac OS 10.15 (Catalina). With us, you can learn the methods for installing both wired and wireless printers on your Mac computers. 

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How to Install Printer on Mac via USB?

In this Mac OS install printer procedure, we will be using a USB. The USB must be in a working condition for installing the printer. Once you get the USB, you can open the System Preferences on your computer. Here, you can select the USB option and the installation of your printer will be complete. 

The detailed steps for this method have been shown as follows. 

1. Press the “Apple” icon on your computer.

2. Open “System Preferences”.

3. Select “Printers and Scanners”. This option may be present as “Print & Scan” in the section of “Hardware”.

printer and scanner - install printer on mac

4. Below the printers’ list, press the “+” sign.

5. Go to the tab named “Default”. A list of printers will be shown to you. You have to choose the printer which has “USB” listed in the “Kind” column.

6. Tap on “Add” for adding the printer. 

Your printer will have been successfully installed on your Mac computer. 

How to Install a Printer on My Mac via WPS Method?

When you ask us how to install printer on Mac without CD, we will advise you to try the WPS method. For this method, you need to have a WPS button on your wifi router. Or else, this method may not help in installing your printer. 

You can check that your router has this button. And then you can administer these steps.

1. To start, turn on your Mac computer. 

2. Now, turn on your printer.

3. Locate the “WPS” button of your wifi router. The press it.

4. See to it that the network connection has been provided on your printer. Also, check that the wifi indicator has stopped blinking.

5. Now, proceed with the standard procedure for installing your printer on your computer. 

6. Make certain that the printer has been correctly installed on your Mac. For this, you can print a file on your Mac. If the file gets printed, then the printer has been correctly installed on your computer.

How Do I Install a Printer on My Mac via IP Address?

Now, you can check out how to install a printer on a Mac without CD. We will show you to use the IP address of your printing device for installing it. Using this, you can install it by reading these 9 steps. 

Note: Prior to beginning the installation with this method, you should know the IP address of your printer. 

1. The basic step is to tap on the “Apple” icon on the screen.

2. On your computer, access the “System Preferences”.

3. In the third step, you have to choose “Printers and Scanners”.

4. Here, a list of printers can be seen. Below this list, you have to press the “+” sign.

5. Then press the icon of “IP”.

6. In the required field, provide the “IP Address” of your printer.

7. Wait until your computer collects your printer’s information. Once the information has been collected, you can rename your printer. This step is optional.

8. In “Use”, select the print driver.

9. Then tap on “Add” as the final step.

How to Install Wireless Printer on a Mac?

“How do I install a wireless printer on a Mac in an easy way?” The easiest way to install your printer on Mac requires you to access the System Preferences. Here, you can add your printer. Within a short time, your device will get installed on your computer. Then you will be able to use it. 

You can also read the following step-by-step instructions.

1. Start your Mac computer.

2. On the top-left of the screen, press the icon of “Apple”.

3. Then click on “System Preferences”.

4. You will find the option of “Printers and Scanners”. Click on it. 

Note: If you are using an older model of Mac, then you will have to click on the option of “Print & Scan” in the section of “Hardware”.

5. Locate a list of printers. Below it, you will see a “+” icon. Press this icon. In case this icon is not available, you can press the “Lock” icon provided at the bottom. Then enter your password when any changes have been made in the “Print & Scan” menu.

Note: In case you have an older model of Mac computer, you can click on the icon of the “+” sign. Then you can select “Add Printer or Scanner”. The printer you are trying to install may also be detected and listed in “Nearby Printers”. You will find this in the submenu for “Add Printer or Scanner”.

6. Access the “Default” tab. Here, a list of printers will be available. Choose your printer for installation.

7. In “Use”, select the printer driver or printer software. You can choose either “AirPrint”, the driver of your printer, or you can click on “Auto Select” for downloading it.

8. Then press “Add”. Your printer will get installed.

How to Install Printer on Mac Wireless via Bluetooth?

“Can the users of Mac install a printer using Bluetooth?” In response to your question, we would like to tell you that using Bluetooth will be a quick way of connecting your printer to your Mac. For this, only 8 steps are needed to be done.

Note: Before you implement this method for installing a new printer on Mac, check that the printer comes with a Bluetooth connection. 

1. On your Mac computer, enable “Bluetooth”. The button for enabling it will be provided in the menu at the top of your screen.

2. Turn on the printer that has to be installed on your Mac.

3. Open the “Apple Menu” in the third step.

4. Head to “System Preferences”.

5. Now, open “Printers and Scanners”.

6. Look for a list of devices. Down below this list, you have to press the “+” sign.

7. Go to the “Default” tab.

8. Then choose your printer from the list. Now, your printing device will get installed on your Mac.

Note: It is possible that your printer may not be shown in the list of devices. This can occur when the printer drivers have not been automatically installed through the Bluetooth. You can install the printer drivers manually. After the drivers have been manually downloaded and installed, you can repeat the procedure for installing your printer on Mac.

How Do I Install Printer on Mac OS 10.15 (Catalina)?

The Self Service application can be applied as one of the best ways for how to install printer on Mac OS 10.15 (Catalina). As you will read ahead, you will find this method explained in 19 steps. Each of these steps is crucial. So, make sure you do them in the correct manner.

1. Know the name of your printer that has to be added. It will be present on the label of your device.

2. Now, launch the “Self Service” application.

3. Go to the menu for “Printers”.

4. The printer which you want to install will be shown here. Press the “Install” button for installing it.

5. In case your printer is not visible in the menu for “Printer”, open the “Apple Menu”.

6. In the sixth step, you have to click on “System Preferences”.

7. Then choose “Printers & Scanners”.

8. Press the “+” sign for adding your printer.

9. Select “IP”. 

10. In the field of “Address”, enter the complete name of your printer.

11. Click on “Use”. Here, the drivers for your printer will be selected. In case you see “Generic Printer” being selected, then you can try again.

12. Make changes to the “Protocol” setting. Choose “Auto Select” in “Use”. For every “Protocol” setting, this step has to be repeated. 

13. Ensure that your printer is on.

14. Also, check that your printer has been connected to your network.

15. See to it that the printer’s name address is right. Then add “-lw” at the end.

16. Click on “Select Software”.

Note: You may be required to download and install printer drivers from the website of your manufacturer.

17. Press “Add”. 

18. In case you fail to install printer on Mac and receive the message “Unable to verify the printer on your network”, press “Cancel”. Then return to the earlier step.

19. Now, an “Options” box will be displayed. Add your printer and any units attached to it. After making the changes, press “Ok”.

How to Install Network Printer on MacBook?

Here you can learn how to install printer profiles on Mac. This will help you in installing your printer on your computer. And soon, you will be able to use it for several printing functions. Let’s go through the steps for this printer installation method. 

1. Download the configuration profile on your MacBook. You can also copy it on your system.

2. Tap twice on the file of the profile for opening it.

3. A pop-up window will emerge for installing the profile.

4. Then press “Next”. 

5. A notification will be received by you to confirm the installation. Provide the confirmation for continuing. 

6. Next, head to the “System Preferences” on your MacBook. Click on the panel of “Profiles”. Here, you will find the configuration profile. 

7. The next step is to use the standard procedure for adding the printer to the printers’ list. 

When the above steps are done, you will have finished installing your network printer on your MacBook.

How to Install Printer on Mac Air?

Find out with us how to install printer on Mac Air in this section. For installing it, you will first require a USB cable. Then you can visit the System Preferences on your Mac and easily install your printing device. You can also see these steps for more clarity.

1. Connect your printer to your MacBook Air via a USB cable.

2. On your MacBook Air, press the “Apple” icon in the main toolbar.

3. Go to “System Preferences”.

4. Select “Print and Fax”.

5. Below the box of “Printers”, tap on “+”.

6. Click on your printer and press “Add”.

You can start using your printer on your MacBook Air.

Thoughts in Conclusion

Printers can be installed on Mac computers by following different methods. They can be installed via USB cable, IP address, WPS button, Bluetooth, etc. All of these methods are reliable. You only need to ensure that the methods are executed in the correct manner. When the method has been correctly done, your printer will get installed with success. And in a short while, it will be up for use.

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