Xbox Game Pass Ultimate for Android Devices(xcloud): All You Should Know About Internet Requirements and Data Usage

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate for Android Devices(xcloud): All You Should Know About Internet Requirements and Data Usage

The launch of cloud gaming by the software giant Microsoft for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate has come as a box of goodies for gaming freaks lately. This remote gaming streaming experience will be a unique feast to Android device users as gamers will now be able to enjoy these Xbox One titles anywhere around the world. No need to stick to your device inside your living room from now on. For remote streaming, Xbox Game Pass uses Microsoft’s data centers. 

Internet requirements: Xbox Game Pass cloud gaming  

A stable internet connection with speed up to 10Mbps is ideal for a great HD experience. You can try out speed testing websites to ensure that your download demands are met and satisfied. 

Gamers can enjoy these cloud games on both WiFi and mobile data connections. Microsoft recommends players using 5GHz wireless over 2.4 GHz as it’s got a number of benefits. If you are a gaming zombie on the move, then Xbox cloud gaming is just what you want to keep your gaming buds tickling. To enjoy it on your mobile, you must use a 5G network for the best experience while 4G will also do just good. However, for the best experience a 5G network is recommended. 

Data requirement: Xbox Game  Pass cloud gaming

Xbox cloud gaming is decked out with some of the most advanced technologies, which is why data usage wouldn’t really be that grave of a concern for users now. With 720p resolution at 60Hz, the game won’t rob you of much data. According to reports, the gameplay sessions are generally around 590 MB, which is like 5.2Mbps or 2.36GB an hour or so. 

In simple words, if you face no issues while watching movies on Netflix then you will have no just no problem enjoying Xbox cloud games. 

What do you need to start enjoying Xbox cloud games?

All you need to get started is a stable connection, Android device, and 15 USD for a monthly Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription. You get more than 150 games in the beginning while more will keep on adding as the months pass. 

Your device must be Android version 6.0 or newer. You will also require an Xbox controller along with a Bluetooth 4.0 connection. All these are crucial to playing just any game. Get the best Xbox controllers to keep playing uninterruptedly. 

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