Can’t print black on WF-3640


I own an Epson WorkFroce WF-3640 and every time I try to print something, black ink is not coming out, even though the status tells me the black cartridge is very nearly full. I have checked and cleaned the nozzle through the maintenance section, as well as aligned the print head, etc. I have taken the black cartridge out and put it back in several times, and nothing seems to be working. All other colour cartridges appear to be working fine.

Given current circumstances around the world, I cannot just take my printer in somewhere to be fixed. Is there anything I can do from home to sort this problem?

venmartin Changed status to publish April 17, 2020
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If the problem is only in the black cartridge, then you should probably manually clean the storage area. It will also be helpful to check the other parts of the printer. Even though they may be working fine, anything stuck to them, such as bits of paper, may be causing problems. Since these parts may be involved when the black cartridge is used, you may find it to not print anything when the bits aren’t cleared.

You might also like to check the other possible fixes on this link:

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