HP Deskjet 3755, the power light blinking

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We had an HP Deskjet 3755 that we bought this year and had no trouble setting it up and using it wireless. It quit working and we returned it to Best Buy and got a new one. I’m having issues getting it going this time. Right now, the power light is blinking. When I press the X and wireless button together, the wireless button isn’t flashing.

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If you don’t have CD drive, Download the software from the official website for your specific printer.
Connect your printer with the laptop through the provided USB cable. It is a one-time process only.

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HP Deskjet is a new age printer with easy-to-access. The printer comes with a modern and compact design. It is a smart printer, which you can connect to your smartphone easily and get the work done in one go.  You can easily manage all your printing and scanning tasks with HP All-In-One Remote application. It has a Windows 8 operating system.

Many times, there appears Hp Laptop Blinking Power Light. This can mean that the device needs maintenance. Or it might even mean that the device is in a state of error. Sometimes, a message may display on the computer in such cases.

The Hp Desktop Power Supply Light Blinking can be because of the following consequences. To resolve the issue, you have to find the message that displays on the screen and then proceed. These are some of the messages that might display on the screen,

  1. A cover is open.
  2. The printer is out of paper.
  3. Paper Jam.
  4. An incomplete print cartridge.
  5. Printing in back up mode.

These are some of the easy issues in which the Hp Power Light Blinks 3 Times. These issues can be resolved at home itself without any professional help. For some other issue, power resetting the printer, cleaning the electrical contacts, re-installing the ink cartridges and updating the printer might help.

If there is Hp Deskjet 3755 Power Light Blinking only once, and there are no other messages displayed and the printer is not printing, you might try the following steps.

  1. Plug in the printer in a direct wall and not a surge protector (a spike guard)
  2. You can remove all the ink cartridges from the printer and close the door.
  3. Try removing the power cord from the back of the printer without pressing the power button.
  4. Clean the electrical contacts.
  5. Plug the power cable back.
  6. Wait for the printer to turn on completely and then put the ink cartridges back in.
  7. Keep the printer updated.

The power light on the HP Deskjet blinks at a steady rate when the printer is processing, but if the Hp Pavilion Blinking Power Light occurs rapidly, it can mean that the ink cartridge door might be open, or there might be some kind of error in processing.

In case of the error, an error message appears on the screen, and you can follow the on-screen message to resolve the issue. To check the Hp Deskjet 3755 Light Blinking issue, continue with the following steps:

  1. Close the ink cartridge door. And put back the output tray into the printer.
  2. Open the exterior door.
  3. Close the ink cartridge access door, if open.

Need Help In Resolving Power Light Blinking Issue With Your HP Printer.Contact the Support team on USA/Canada +1-866-496-0452 & UK +44 2896 002856

If the wireless light is blinking;

The wireless light blinks when the wireless connection is on, but the printer cannot find the connection. For this you can follow the following steps:

  1. Wait for the printer to establish the wireless connection.
  2. Check for any issues with the wireless connection. If the network connection is low or has a bad signal, the printer goes into sleep mode.
  3. Sometimes a VPN also prevents the printer from accessing the wireless connection.

Correct the following items, and then again establish the connection.

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