HP laserjet pro M402n offline

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Hello, my hp laserjet pro M402n has been offline for a week or so. I have to trouble shoot this problem myself to no avail. I am looking for some assistance.

venmartin Edited comment March 25, 2020

Hello Anthony, To get rid of the offline problem on your HP laserjet pro M402n printer follow the below link:


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Printer offline usually indicates that the computer is unable to communicate with the printer because the printer is either turned off, the wifi is disconnected or the printer is set to printer offline. Try the following steps – Perform a power reset and check connections. Make sure the printer is connected to the network. Check the ‘Use printer offline’ setting. Make sure the Wi-Fi password or username of wifi were not recently changed. Use HP Print and Scan Doctor. Reset to default print driver. Make sure the correct port is selected. Reset the driver configuration in Windows. Remove and reinstall the driver/software. Try connecting the printer to another computer

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