Paper Source Setting Is Invalid. epson printer


My Epson printer WF-2750 will not photocopy, the error message reads: “The Paper Source Setting Is Invalid”

melisa Answered question March 19, 2022

This is the STUPIDEST PRINTER in the world! The problem is that the printer will NOT PHOTOCOPY onto anything BUT plain paper. If you want to copy onto matte or glossy paper, you must select “plain” paper. Period, end of story. If you want to “COPY” onto photo paper, you must SCAN the document first, and then PRINT it onto the matte or glossy paper. This is from the Epson web site*: “The product supports copying on PLAIN PAPER in these sizes: Letter (8.5 x 11 inches), A4 (8.3 x 11.7 inches), and Legal (8.5 x 14 inches).” (caps mine). For saving ink, this isn’t an unreasonable choice from an engineering standpoint, but EPSON has done a shitty job of explaining this issue in both the user interface *and* the EPSON documentation! I bought this printer mainly to copy physical photos onto photo paper. This just isn’t possible with this printer; I have to scan each photo and then print it onto glossy paper. You can just select “plain” paper and then copy onto photo paper (matte or glossy) to try to work around this problem, but the printer won’t use the correct amount of ink or the right speed (dry time between lines), and the image quality isn’t very good!

The worst part of this was trying to figure it out. The user interface for this printer is absolutely abysmal. It’s the worst interface I’ve ever seen on a printer! The documentation doesn’t really make this clear, and the EPSON tech support are largely clueless and don’t know to explain this to customers!


Just started not being able to copy [The Paper Source Setting Is Invalid] on my one year old (almost to the day!) Epson WF-2750. I tried many ideas, but the one that finally worked for me was changing from borderless to BORDER!

Thank YOU for advice about “with border” to print document. It worked!

I have an Epson printer and it really works well, where to buy an original ink for my printer.

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Jane (anonymous) 8 Comments

For my Epson printer “the paper source setting is invalid” i got help from a friend. He forwarded me this steps and it worked for me. The borderless settings did for me.
Under Settings, make sure you select the following:
If you’re copying letter size paper:
Set the Layout to With Border.
Set Document Size to Letter.
If you’re copying a photo:
Set the Layout to Borderless or With Border.

venmartin Posted new comment March 11, 2020

JANE worked perfectly – I was getting not just this error message but also my stuff was coming out landscape no matter how many times I tried to set it to portrait! And yes, Windows 10 did update last night. THANK YOU!!!!

Jane – You’re my hero! Adding the “with border” selection is what worked for me. Woo! Hoo! Now, if someone would tell me how to get the damn thing to print from my Mac that I updated to Mojave from High Sierra, that would be totally lovely. Everything worked great with High Sierra, and it all went to shit with Mojave. I’ve followed all the Apple solutions, as well as the Epson ones, with no joy. This sucks! Thank you!

Thak you so much I had the same error reading and this worked putting with border !!!!

Just tried did not work.

These are basically my settings already, but I’m still getting this message.

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