Will never buy and Epson again!


I have an Epson Workforce WF-3640.  I have had it maybe a year and rarely use it.  I tried to print a color and B&W document and the color documents are very faded.  Colors are pretty accurate, but very light  I have replaced ALL print cartridges, cleaned the print head and a couple other things  No success.  It will copy black and white fine.  What is the deal?  I don’t want to call and sit on the phone indefinitely.  I just want an answer.  I should not have to trash my printer or buy anything for my printer being that is probably about a year old and seldom used.  Please help me with this problem.

Debbie Thompson Answered question November 22, 2019
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Hey, you do not have to panic as this issue has been faced by many. Even I faced this error a long time ago and was completely satisfied with the solution provided on the link mentioned below. It is merely a technical issue which can be solved within no time. You won’t even require any technical support for this as the solutions mentioned are very easy and require no expert assistance. Just click on the link below and thank me later.

Instantly Fix Epson Error Code 0x69 on WF 3620 & 3640 Printer

venmartin Changed status to publish November 22, 2019
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