Instantly Fix Epson Error Code 0x69 on WF 3620 & 3640 Printer

Instantly Fix Epson Error Code 0x69 on WF 3620 & 3640 Printer

Instantly Fix Epson Error Code 0x69 on WF 3620 & 3640 Printer

Epson WF 3640 & 3620 Printers are the printers from the Epson Work Force series that can be easily connected to your system. It is next generation printer that can be easily connected to your system. It is wireless multi-function printer that can also be connected through Bluetooth. It is All-in -one printer that will make your work smooth and faster. Even though it is a great printer to use, it also malfunctions. If you are using this printer and you come across Error code 0x69, then you should follow the steps below or reach out to technical expert.

Major Causes Of Epson Printer Error Code 0x69

Epson WF3640& 3620 Printer Error Code 0x69 is a general error that you can come across while printing a document. The main cause for the occurrence of the error in this printer is due to the wrong configuration of system files of the printer in your Microsoft Windows Operating Systems. Some causes for the error are listed below:

  • Missing files of your Epson Printer.
  • Violation access.
  • Dismissing the registration of your Epson Printer.
  • Unable in locating the path, “%PROGFILES64%\WIDCOMM\Bluetooth Software\Epson WF3640”.
  • The Bluetooth application cannot be started as the obligatory component is missing.
  • Solution to fix Error Code 0x69 in Epson WF3640&3620 Printer
  • If you encounter this error in your Epson WF3640& 3620 Printer, you can troubleshoot it in manual mode or you can follow the instructions mentioned below to resolve the error:

Solution I: Epson Error Code 0x69

  • Generally, the error code 0x69 occurs in the Epson WF3640& 3620 Printer due to the circuit issue that can be associated with printing motor or ink system issue. So, you should turn ON the printer and plug it off suddenly. This process should be carried out when your printer is boosting. You will have to wait for at least 15 minutes and reboot your system again.

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Solution II: Epson Printer Code 0x69

  • Check for any updates regarding your Epson printer. It is a common error that occurs in the printer can be resolved easily by updating your printer.
  • It is suggested that you should at least have Windows 7 operating system installed on your computer system, if you are working on Epson WF3640& 3620 Printer, as the older versions are not compatible with the same.
  • Start your computer and press the Windows Start icon from the Taskbar.
  • In the Search section, enter Windows Update and press Enter from the keyboard.
  • Windows Update option will be displayed in the dialog box, click on it to begin the process.
  • After this process of Updating your Windows is completed, reboot your system.
  • Sign in to the system as the Administrator.
  • Go to Start option again and click on the All Programs and Accessories option.
  • Now, click on then System Tools and then press System Restore option.
  • A dialog box will be displayed on system, select the Restore my computer for an earlier time option and click Next tab.
  • Complete this process by selecting the latest system restore section and then press Next about the confirmation window to end this process completely.
  • Reboot your system.
  • Now, use your Epson printer for taking print-outs.

In case you face issues or errors while the process, Get Support for Epson Printer @ USA/Canada +1-844-414-5222 & UK +44 2896 002856

22 thoughts on “Instantly Fix Epson Error Code 0x69 on WF 3620 & 3640 Printer

  1. Dear sir I have scp 6000 printer only 18 month old suddenly print cyan full background colour after change catrige .The Epson technic.says it’s it’s a issue of head .The head is so costilier what can I do for this I believed that the Epson head has so long life but unfortunately I have failed.

  2. This is BS. Either the solutions on this webpage were copied from other websites or other websites copied this solution. Even all of the same grammatical errors are on all the websites. In our case there’s not even a Windows computer involved in the whole landscape. Yet most of the solutions recommend doing something with your stupid Windows computer. This is a wireless printer. There may not even be a computer involved at the moment.

  3. Wow! This is a horrible printer. It never has printed clearly and when I changed the black ink tank for the first time, it started leaving striped of degraded print. Now in my attempt to clean the printer heads, I’m getting the error message 0x69 , this printer hasn’t even lasted a year… GRRRRRRRR!!!!What a huge inconvenience to my business!

  4. Tenho duas Epson L1455 com o código de erro 0x69. Ela é Eco tanque e não tem cartuchos, mas sim os dumper. Nada faz resolver esse problema. Estou muito danado com a Epson, pois essas impressoras são caras

  5. Nothing worked. I have all these and other additional steps from other forums but none of them fixed my epson error code 0x69. Really frustrated with it, i will just throw this printer out my window and get a new one..

  6. Force shutting down the printer by removing the cable from the printer rear end helped resolve my epson error code 0x69. Thanks

    1. Thank you for your help. I unplugged the printer quickly after turning it on and it worked, the Error Code 0x69 has been fixed.

  7. First my epson printer came with error code 0x69 and as soon as i fixed it, i get a blue screen error on my laptop. I am unable to do anything with my computer,but i am still able to print it using a phone. What could be causing this now?

  8. Few months back, my epson showed the error code 0x69 after changing the ink cartridges. Not knowing what to do i took it to a local printer repair and got it fixed for $20. I think i got rob after reading the comments. If i recollect it correctly I may not have inserted the ink cartridge cover properly and never hear it snap locked. But thanks, i would remember to check for solution online first before rushing to a local repair shop

  9. Yes that did it for epson error code 0x69. The printer ink cartridge latch should be push down a little bit to snap into its place. Thanks

  10. Thanks Barbara Lynn. Same problem – Epson error code 0x69 and your solution fixed it- shut the ink cartridge holder cover all the way making sure it snaps into place.! Epson should include this type of simple issues in their instruction manual instead of breaking our head and wasting our time.

  11. The last time my epson printer showed this error code 0x69 was while changing the ink cartridges and today the same error code popped up. This time i did not change the ink cartridges but it is showing me the error message.. What is with this error code 0x69??????? I have three epson printers with this error code and all of them are out of warranty. I need help to fix this asap,

  12. Had this issue, spent a whole day fiddling with it, following every hint I could find online to no avail, finally called Epson and they said the WF 3640 would have to be replaced, and it was under warranty. Got the replacement printer, but first time I had to replace a cartridge (I did use name-brand Epson official brand new cartridge) it immediately gave the exact same error message the original had been giving. Unbelievably frustrating.

  13. Make sure to check if the ink cartridge has been inserted properly and the ink cartridge cover cap is closed firmly. I was looking around for this epson error code 0x69 solution all over the web, later to find out that i have not closed the cover cap properly. Hope this helps someone.

  14. My epson printer give the same error message “ Printer error Turn the machine off and on again error code 0x69” i switched off the printer overnight but i still get the same error message the next day. What should i do next?

  15. After spending an hour over the phone the epson technician concluded that my epson wf 3640 is faulty and it needs to be serviced. I had the error message and it was error 0x69. I believe for every error code they will have a manual and know what is the exact issue instead of doing all those troubleshooting steps and wasting one’s time. The steps mentioned here are quite similar to what the epson tech guy said to me but i think this issue is with the printer hardware gone faulty and not the software.

  16. Updating my Windows and Printer fixed my epson error code 0x69. Thanks for the useful tip. I was thinking to take the printer to a local technical to get it fixed. Thumbs up

    1. but the question is that if updating the files is necessary but the printer is stand alone it has has to work even though not connected to the computer
      am facing the same problem

      i would very much appreciate if any one can provide genuine step to solve the problem

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