Epson Printer Offline in Windows 10 [Quick Fixes]

Fix Why Is MY Epson Printer Say Offline In Windows 10

An occurrence of Epson Printer offline hampers works productivity in the organization, thus it bars you to accomplish those tasks which are the need of the hour. Nobody wants a dead printer in the office, especially when it is connected online but shows offline. So, what to do if the Epson Printer is offline?
In this post, we will enlighten you on why such a problem arises and how to fix the Epson printers when it goes offline?

Why is My Epson Printer Offline?

 If your Epson printer says offline, then it is probably the configuration problem. Generally, Epson printers show offline status due to an outdated configuration with your PC. It could also be a software bug that does not go along with the system’s configuration or maybe your WiFi network is not strong enough.

Here are some models listed below in which the offline issue is quite prevalent. Even if your Epson model does not find any mention here, this post is still relevant for you.

Epson XP 310 printer offlineEpson XP 410 printer offlineEpson 420 printer offline
Epson NX 420 printer offlineEpson NX 430 printer offlineEpson WF 2660 printer offline

Methods to Fix Why is My Epson Printer Offline Windows 10

Why is my Epson printer offline? What to do if the Epson printer offline but connected? Yes! When things go south with your printer, several questions abuzz your mind. A defunct printer in the office leads to delay in your day to day tasks. And directly or indirectly, it takes a toll on your important deadlines. Here are a few solutions to help you out:

Fix 1 – Disable Epson Printer Offline Manually

Fix Epson Printer’s Offline Issue for Windows 8.1 and 10 – One of the best ways to fix Epson printer’s offline issues is to disable the setting manually. Here are the steps :

  • Press Windows and R keys together to run a dialog box.
  • Type Control Panel and press Enter.
Control Panel - Epson Printer Offline
  • Click on Devices and Printers in the Control Panel.
Devices and Printers - Why is My Epson Printer Offline
  • A Window box will appear that gives the name of the Epson Printer. Right-click on the listed model and click ‘see what is printing’.
See What Is Printing - Epson Printer Says Offline
  • To ensure that there is no check mark on anything you will have to click the printer option before trying to use the printer offline. Now hit the printer button again and check Set As Default Printer option this time.
Set As Default Printer - Epson Printer Offline Windows 10
  • Now close the window and see if you can use your printer

Fix 2- Reinstall Product Software 

Before reinstallation of your Epson product software in your PC, you should be aware of your network name (SSID) and password. The Epson WiFi printer’s offline issue can be fixed with these simple steps:

  • Reset the product’s WiFi setting by navigating to the product’s control panel. Select Setup>Restore Default Settings>Network Settings>Yes, and press OK.
  • Turn off the model and detach all the cables.
  • If Epson printer says offline for Windows 8, Windows 8.1 or Windows 10, go to the Apps screen, select Control Panel and then go to Windows Firewall.
  • Disable your system’s Firewall. If you have any third-party software to enable the firewall, deactivate those as well. 
  • Go to the Apps screen again, select Control Panel>Programs>Programs and Features. Uninstall the Epson product software from the list and select Uninstall/Change.
  • From the list, try to uninstall all the Epson printer product-related software applications such as Epson Scan and Epson Event Manager.
  • Turn off your WiFi router. Detach all the cables associated with it. Wait for the brief period and plug back all the cables and turn it on. 
  • Download the Epson printer related Drivers and Utilities Combo Package. Try to save the location of the file so you can recover it at a later stage if required.
  • Try to install the file you have just downloaded and refer to the on-instructions. It will ask you to select the option Select your Connection Screen, select Wireless connection from it and then click Next.
  • A screen will appear that says Select Setup Option. From that, select Set up printer for the first time.
  • Another option will appear where it will ask you to Select a Wireless Network Setup Method. Click that and follow the remaining on-screen instruction. 

The WiFi set up as well as the reinstallation of the software is completed. Post that, you can enable your system’s Firewall.

Fix 3 – Reinstall Epson Printer

Another best way to resolve the ‘Epson Printer Says Offline’ issue is reinstalling the printer. We have compiled a step by step guide to help reinstall your Epson printer :

  • Press the Windows key and ‘R’ key together to open the Run dialog box.
Windows key and ‘R’ key - Why Does My Epson Printer say Offline
  • Enter the command ‘devmgmt.msc’ and press enter.
devmgmt.msc - Epson Printer Offline Fix
  • A Device Manager window pops up that displays the list of devices.
  • Click to choose Printer and Printer Queues, right-click on your Epson printer option and select Uninstall.
Select Uninstall - Epson Printer Showing Offline Windows 10
  • Open the Run dialog box again and enter control panel 
  • Double click the option ‘Devices and Printers’ from the control panel list.
Devices and Printers- Epson Wifi Printer Offline
  • Right-click to select the ‘Add a printer’ option.
Add a printer - Printer Offline Fix Epson
  • Windows 10 users skip the next step. Windows 7 users are required to hit the Add a network, wireless or Bluetooth printer box.
Add a network, wireless or Bluetooth printer - Printer Offline Fix Epson
  • Click to choose ‘The printer that is wanted isn’t listed’.
The printer that is wanted isn’t listed
  • Select the option ‘Add a printer using a TCP/IP address or hostname’ and enter next.
Add a printer using a TCPIP address or hostname
  • Now enter the Ip address and Port name of your Epson printer. Click on Next to reinstall your printer.
  • After restarting your computer, you must be able to use your printer. Check whether the Epson Printer says offline issue is resolved or not.

Fix 4 – Always Check Your Physical Connections!

1. Epson printer’s offline problems are quite common. They can occur due to problems with your printer, computer or Wi-Fi network. Try to see if your printer could function without a computer. For example, blank pages are inserted in an Epson printer to check if it is working. Try to print the nozzle check pattern using a control panel on the Epson printer model. Load a few plain sheets in the printer. Select Setup from the mode. Press OK and select Maintenance. Press OK. Select the Print Head Nozzle Check option and press OK.

  • If it is able to print. Proceed to the next step.
  • If it is not able to, print nozzle check pattern. Check the printer’s model screen for error messages.
  • If you spot any, try to clear them all and try to print the Nozzle check pattern. Also, try to change ink on the Epson printer.

2. Cancel all the printing tasks which are pending and then try printing again. Try to assign the printing task one by one. It could be the fact that your WiFi is not well connected with the printer and that’s why it is not able to maintain steady coordination. If the Epson printer is connected to WiFi but an offline error pops up, try to restart your WiFi as well as the computer and see if the WiFi icon is displayed on the printer’s screen or not.

 If your Epson printer is connected to the WiFi network but still showing offline status. Don’t worry! Chat with our experts for 24*7 assistance. Our technical team will provide you with the best solutions on Epson printer offline errors and issues.

See Video Tutorial About How To Fix Epson Printer Offline Windows 10

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John Smith
10 months ago

My Epson printer remained offline every time I switched on my system. I thought it was a temporary problem and would automatically go away like other such issues do…but I was completely wrong. It didn’t. I was just thinking why is my Epson printer offline when suddenly I stumbled upon this blog and I thank God that I did. My Epson printer is no more offline now. It is doing well.

10 months ago

My Epson printer was offline on Windows 10 for a while. And despite doing all i could under the sky, I couldn’t fix it up. The guide above, however, came to my rescue just in time. Applied the solutions as described above and bingo! My printer is now working better than the gadgets owned by Iron Man. My printer never says offline. Keep shooting more stuff like that, huh!