Fix Epson Printer Filter Failed or Stopped on Mac Error

Fix Epson Printer Filter Failed or Stopped on Mac Error

The stopped functioning of your Epson printer due to filter failure can hint at an error in the driver software. The filter failed issue can occur on your printer while it is connected to your Apple device. As you attempt to print a document or PDF, the Epson printer filter failed error or its error message may halt the action. 

To fix this issue, reinstalling the software for the Epson printer on Mac can be preferred. The option of System Preferences enables you to remove the existing faulty software for your printing device. After it has been successfully removed, it can be freshly installed via the official site of Epson printers. This troubleshooting fix for the filter failure error can work for different models of Epson such as WF 4630, Artisan 710, ET 3600, Stylus Pro 7800, etc. 

To explore more about what the filter failed issue means and how you can fix it, please read further.

What does Filter Failed Mean on an Epson Printer?

The Epson printer error of the filter failed or stopped can indicate that this part of your device is unable to work. The reason behind this could be due to the faulty driver software of your Epson printer. In other instances, the driver may have encountered bugs or issues. These bugs may then be interfering with the functioning of the printer’s filter. For as long as this error stays unresolved, your device may either give no printing output or may incorrectly print.

How to Fix Epson Printer Filter Failed Error on Mac

Reinstalling the software for your device can fix the Epson Printer filter failed error message. The printer’s filter can stop or fail when certain problems or bugs are present in the driver software. As you install it again on your Mac, the problems in the software should get removed. After the reinstallation has been completely done, these bugs may not arise again. Thus, your Epson printer’s filter would neither stop nor fail. 

For freshly installing it, you can move to the upcoming sub-section and know the details.

Fix 1: Attempt Fresh Installation of Software

If your Epson printer says the filter failed or stopped, you can freshly install the software, as we told you earlier. Doing so will make the driver software error-free. There are a few troubleshooting steps that you can try out to resolve the issue and reinstall the software.

 Please Note: One thing that you must remember is that you need to uninstall the existing faulty device driver from your device (Mac) completely and go for a fresh installation of the software. Then you can download the software and think about activating it thereafter. For assuredly removing the Epson filter failed error message on Mac, this approach must be considered.

  • Power off your printer. Next, follow the path: Open System Preferences>Print & Fax
Open System Preferences step for Filter Failed Error
  • Choose the name of your printer and then click on the “-“ to remove the name of your printer from the list.
  • Now choose the option to delete the name of your printer from the list and close the ‘Print & Fax’ window.
  • Next, navigate to your hard drive. Follow this path: Library->Printers. Thereafter, delete the folder named ‘Epson’.
Delete Epson Folder for the Filter Failed Error
  • Now, get back to your hard drive and follow the path: Library->Printers->PPD->Contents->Resources. Then look for the name of your printing device on the list that follows. Once you find the name of your Epson printer, remove it from the list.
follow the path to Fix Filter Failed Error in Mac
  • Now, follow this path: Library->Cache. Delete the folder, namely ‘Epson’. Once you are done with this step, close the window of the hard drive by clicking the cross button on the top right-hand side of the window.
Follow This Path to Clear Cache
  • Restart the computer and switch your printing machine on.
  • Visit the official site of Epson and look for the name of your printing machine and try to find out the driver software for it. Once, you locate it, download the software.
  • Wait for some time until the download is complete. When the file is downloaded, launch the file and follow the instructions that appear on the screen. Make sure you do it in accordance with the instructions. Once the installation is complete, the job is almost done.
  • As the last step, you just need to verify whether the issue still persists. You can find out whether or not you have been able to resolve the issue by simply trying to get a print. If you are able to get a print, it is the indicator that the issue has been resolved.

Epson Printer Models to Which this Fix can be Applied

This troubleshooting measure can help you get rid of the error Epson printer filter failed on Mac El Capitan on the following WorkForce models:

Epson WF-520 PrinterEpson WF-545 PrinterEpson WF-610 PrinterEpson WF-630 Printer
Epson WF-645 PrinterEpson WF-3540 PrinterEpson WF-3620 PrinterEpson WF-3640 Printer
Epson WF-4630 PrinterEpson WF-7610 PrinterEpson WF-7620 Printer

The Epson Artisan Printer models given below are compatible with the fix mentioned in this post.

Epson Artisan 710 PrinterEpson Artisan 835 PrinterEpson Artisan 1430 Printer

Epson ET Printers can also get affected by the Epson filter failed error on Mac. The workaround provided here can work on certain models of this series. These models have been mentioned in this table:

Epson ET-2650 PrinterEpson ET-3600 PrinterEpson ET-4550 PrinterEpson ET-4750 Printer

The users of the following Epson Stylus Pro and Color models can also use this measure:

Epson Stylus Pro 3880 PrinterEpson Stylus Pro 7800 PrinterEpson Stylus Pro 9890 Printer
Epson Stylus Pro 9900 PrinterEpson Stylus Color 980 Printer

Epson L series models presented here are compatible with this fix:

Epson L355 PrinterEpson L805 PrinterEpson L1455 Printer

In case you are using a model of the Epson R Series, you can implement this fix. The models on which the fix can work have been cited here:

Epson R2000 PrinterEpson R2880 PrinterEpson R3000 Printer

Epson XP Printers like the following ones can also display this problem. For the models shown here, this fix can be executed:

Epson XP-215 PrinterEpson XP-245 PrinterEpson XP-310 Printer
Epson XP-640 PrinterEpson XP-830 Printer

Other models of Epson printers like the ones shown as follows are also compatible with this workaround:

Epson SureColour P800 PrinterEpson NX420 PrinterEpson NX430 PrinterEpson P600 Printer

Frequently Asked Questions

In case the readers have certain queries to ask us, we’ll recommend reading the FAQs provided in this section. These questions are usually asked by Epson printer users. They may help in answering your query as well. 

1. How do I fix my filter failed on my Epson printer?

When your Epson printer’s filter has failed/stopped, the troubleshooting measure will be to reinstall the driver software for it. Due to some faults in the driver, the issue can arise on Mac. You can visit System Preferences in the Apple Menu to start the fresh installation preceded by completely uninstalling the driver software.

2. Why does my Epson printer say the filter has failed?

An Epson printer error that results in the failing or stopping of its filter can be due to the driver software. If the driver software has encountered any issues, the filter of your Epson printer may be affected.

3. How can I fix Epson ET 2720 filter failed Issue?

On your Epson ET 2720 Printer, you can first attempt to reinstall the driver for it on your Mac. If the problem is still not fixed, then you can connect with professional help.

4. Why does Epson ET 2760 filter failed issue arise?

Usually, the issue of a stopped or failed filter can arise on Epson ET 2760 Printer when the driver isn’t functioning like it normally does. Sometimes the issue can arise due to other reasons too. Proper diagnosis will have to be conducted for identifying the exact cause in that instance.

On a Final Note

Issues in printing like Epson printer filter failed on Mac Mojave, Sierra, or Ubuntu can sometimes land you into a serious problem, especially if you need to get urgent prints for the purpose of your business. Your sure-fire way to resolve a technical issue with your printer is to take quick action to fix the issue rather than keeping it pending for too long. Hopefully, the above steps will do the trick and solve the issue. In case the filter failed printer issue persists, there could be something seriously wrong with the machine. A hardware issue can also be behind it. Proper diagnosis may be necessary to establish the exact cause behind the unusual behavior of your printer. Consider getting professional help in this regard.
For further readings, you can go through our posts on Epson printer printing blank pages and Epson printer skipping lines.

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2 years ago

THANK YOU! You helped me with my printer!! I tried texting with support but I just waited around so I ended the chat and found your article. You made my night, thanks!! 🙂

2 years ago

I am having this trouble on wp-4525 will this method work to fix this printer?

2 years ago

Tried it, it worked for a short while but then I got the same error again. I then removed the drivers completely, re-downloaded the sofware for Epson’s website and installed everything again. I did it 4 times already and it’s always the same: works the first time I print and then I get that filter error again. What the heck am I suppose to do with this brand new printer? Why can’t you just make a driver that works?

Last edited 2 years ago by Denis
Paul Peck
3 years ago

Printer works fine on my WiFi, but only from the iPhone. From the MacBook Air, I keep getting the “filter failed” error.By the way – HP printer in another room works fine with both iPhone and MacBook. This keeps coming up.

nl l
3 years ago

Sadly this didnt work with my epson stylus sx218

Vanessa Valente
3 years ago

Thank you!! Very simple instructions and this fixed my problem!!! Thanks again!

3 years ago

This was incredibly clear and helpful! It worked and saved me at this time!

Thank you!!

Trevor Jost
3 years ago

Thanks! This worked but all I did was reinstall the printer driver – didn’t have to delete anything.

3 years ago
Reply to  Trevor Jost

Likewise…. just downloaded the driver, installed it and it worked.

Did not have to delete a thing.

It simply reinstalled over the old driver.

2 years ago
Reply to  Trevor Jost

Yep, don’t touch a thing. Just download a new driver and install! Worked on my 3880.

Dan Anderson
3 years ago

This solved the “filter” problem I was having with my MacPro running High Sierra 10.13.3. The instructions kind of fell apart at the end… things looked and acted a little differently than the instructions, but I was 1st and goal on the 2 yard line, and I got it across the goal line! Thank you for the fine resource you have!

Mark Segal
3 years ago

The easy way to fix this problem is to go to Epson’s website, download the Uninstall application, turn on the printer and run this application. It can take a long time to do its work, but eventually it will pull up a list of all your installed Epson applications. Check-mark the one called Epson printer driver and click Uninstall. The complete driver package will be uninstalled immediately. Then go to the Epson website, download the latest driver package version compatible with your operating system and printer, and follow the installation instructions. This will fix the filter failed problem until it re-occurs, which it can.