Fix Epson Printer Printing With Lines Missing or Printer Skipping Lines Issues

Fix Epson Printer Printing With Lines Missing or Printer Skipping Lines Issues

The problem of Epson printer skipping lines or missing lines is reported often by the users. Such a problem can occur when the nozzles of your device have become clogged. There can be other factors too that can result in your Epson printer to skip or miss lines while printing. If you would like to know in detail about the causes of this issue, then we will suggest you to go through this informative reading. After elaborating on the causes, you can browse through the fixes for getting rid of the problem. Soon, the device will begin to print clear and correct pages.

From understanding the causes of the Epson printer printing issues like missing or skipping lines to understanding its causes, the following have been covered in this blog:

Why does My Epson Printer Skip Lines or Miss Lines While Printing?

Epson printer can skip or miss lines at the time of printing due to the reasons mentioned as follows:

  • The nozzle of your Epson printer may have become clogged.
  • In case your device’s printhead has been misaligned, you may witness the issue of the Epson printer not printing all lines. 
  • The settings of your printer may have been set to low quality.
  • The thickness of the paper may not have been correctly mentioned in the settings of your printer.

We believe that the 4 reasons mentioned above will help you in preventing the same problem from occurring again on your device.

How to Fix Epson Printer Skipping Lines or Missing Lines?

Epson printer problems like skipping lines or missing lines are not unusual to witness. Based on the reasons due to which they can occur, we have mentioned 4 fixes in the following parts of the blog. As per these fixes, you will be required to implement the Clean Print Cartridges Utility, clean your device’s contacts, set aside the black printer cartridge for 2 hours, and replace the cartridge in case it is problematic.

Fix 1: Run the Clean Print Cartridges Utility

The Clean Print Cartridges Utility has been used by several users who were often seeing the problem of Epson printer printing with lines missing. As they implemented the utility, the problem did not seem to return. For implementing it, you can ensure that your printing device and system are connected. Then you can move to the Start Menu to enter the Control Panel. Here, you can visit the section of Printer and Faxes. Via the option of Preferences, you can continue with the remaining procedure. 

  • Connect your printer to your computer and turn it on.
Connect Epson Printer to Computer to fix the issue
  • Now click on the “Start” button and click on the “Control Panel”.
Click Control Panel to resolve skipping printing lines
  • Double click on the “Printer and Faxes” folder.
Device and printers- Epson printer skipping lines when printing
  • Right-click on your printer’s icon and choose “Preferences”.
Printer and Choose Preference- Epson printer not printing clearly
  • Click on the “Services” tab and select “Service this Device”.
  • This will open the “Printer Toolbox”.
  • Now, on the “Device Services” tab, click on “Clean the Print Cartridge” and follow the onscreen instructions to fix the issue.
  • Print a test page to see if the issue has been resolved.

In case the printed test page is showing any missing or skipping lines even now, do check that all the steps listed above were performed in the same manner as displayed above.

Important: There can also be times wherein your Epson printer may print completely blank pages. To settle such a problem, you can consider going through our fixes for Epson printer printing blank pages.

Fix 2: Clean the Contacts of Your Epson Printer

In the second measure for troubleshooting an Epson printer that is skipping lines while printing, cleaning the device’s contacts will be suggested. To clean them, you will have to access them first. You can open the door of the ink cartridge and ensure that the carriage is not producing any sound. Then you can power off the device and remove the cartridge. You can locate the contacts and gently clean them. The cleaning process has been elaborated in the directions presented as follows.

  • Open the ink cartridge’s access door and wait until the carriage stops producing sound.
  • Turn off the printer and disconnect the power cord.
  • Remove the ink cartridge and place it on paper with the nozzle plate facing upwards.
  • Clean the copper-colored contacts with a lint-free cloth and distilled water.
  • Clean the other ink cartridges as well.
  • Next, clean the electrical contacts in the carriage.
  • Allow the ink cartridge and carriage electrical contacts to dry for at least 10 minutes.
  • Reinstall the ink cartridges and close the ink cartridge access door.
  • Reconnect the printer and press the “Power” button to turn on the printer.
  • Print a test page to check if the issue has been resolved.

Please Note: Printing a test page will be necessary to ensure that no missing or skipping lines are being observed now. In case you notice the same problem even now, you can move to the fix mentioned in the upcoming section. It should help you in dealing with an Epson printer skipping lines when printing.

Fix 3: Remove the Black Cartridges For Two Hours

While gathering the best fixes for removing the issue of Epson printer missing lines when printing, we chanced upon the fix stated in this section. As per this measure, you can remove the black cartridge for at least two hours. Initially, you can take out the black print cartridge of your device. Then you can close your device. Make sure that you keep the cartridge on a clean sheet without damaging the nozzles. Now, you can leave the cartridge on that sheet.

Let us now go through the complete steps of this fix by reading the directions mentioned as follows.

  • Carefully remove the black print cartridge and close the printer.
  • Place the cartridge on paper with the nozzles facing upwards.
  • Let the cartridge sit idle for at least two hours.
  • Reinstall the cartridge and print a test page.
  • Look for defects on the printed test page.

Important: Certain users of Epson printers have reported that instead of missing or skipping lines in the print, their devices were not printing black color or lines in other colors as well. In case you too are seeing such an issue, we’ll recommend you to read our fixes for Epson printer not printing.

Fix 4: Replace the Problematic Cartridge

There is a possibility that the problem of the Epson printer skipping lines or missing lines may be appearing due to issues with the cartridge. Your device’s cartridge may have become damaged or it may be appearing to be problematic due to several reasons. As a result of the same, your device may not be printing properly. Thus, missing or skipping lines may be seen.

When you are sure that this is the reason why you are facing the printing issues with your Epson printer, replacing the cartridge with a new one will be the apt thing to do. Ensure that the new cartridge is original. After you have correctly installed it into your printer, printing a test page will be suggested to make sure that no printing errors are being faced now.

Epson Printer Models Compatible with these Fixes

The fixes mentioned here will be suitable for dealing with the problem on the following models of the Epson XP Printer:

Epson XP 410 PrinterEpson XP 420 PrinterEpson XP 440 PrinterEpson XP 430 Printer

These can be used for repairing the issue of missing or skipping lines on the Epson printer models given as follows:

Epson WF 2540 PrinterEpson WF 2630 PrinterEpson Artisan 1430 Inkjet PrinterEpson ET 2650 Printer
In a Nutshell

Epson printers are used by many for both personal and official tasks. In case the printer stops printing properly and starts to miss or skip lines, you may not be able to accomplish certain tasks. To make sure that your Epson printer keeps printing as usual, we supplied you with 4 fixes. After implementing them, you won’t be seeing the issue of Epson printer printing with lines missing or skipping any longer. We hope that your printing tasks will have been resumed by now.

Do you have any suggestions for this post? In case you do, you can share them with us right away. The following comment section will be useful for this purpose.

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2 years ago

Just tried the 2 hour wait suggestion. Ridiculously (?) it worked a treat. Thank you.

2 years ago

Your post is very helpful and information is reliable. I am satisfied with your post. Thank you so much.

3 years ago

Thanks for posting such an informative reading. I was not sure of the cause. But your fixes worked well for me.

3 years ago

we have epson t20111 model reciept printere,but its printing bfine but unfortunatly barcode part is missing.

4 years ago

Anybody who has kids must be aware of the last-minute requirements of print outs. Two days back my little one asked me to take out a print for his class presentation at 11 pm. It was not troubling as I have a printer at my place until my Epson printer skipping lines issue bothered me. As I told you it was late at night hence I could get it fixed next morning only. But then my son started sobbing about the presentation and I ended up looking for the solution online itself. I read a lot of articles but the steps mentioned were quite complicated to me as I am not a tech-savvy. The very first solution asked to Run the clean print cartridges utility and I was impressed with the result. After that, I printed the required pages for my kid and became the supermom in his eyes.

4 years ago

Thank you. This 73 year old tech illiterate fixed her Epson 640 with the skipping lines problem. Not sure which of your suggestions worked. I tried them all. All good now.

Mo Kane
4 years ago

Kithe, Linda, Where is the “ink port” on the printer, and on the cartridge? It may seem intuitive, but I don’t want to screw up the printer.

Malcolm Darroch
4 years ago

Epson WF-3620 is leaving blank areas on the page when printing a Word document.
Prints from a spreadsheet perfect. Prints of grey pictures from Power point – not bad.
Prints from pdf of a Word document have the same problem as word.
Any thoughts?

Mad Harper
4 years ago

Hi. I tried nozzle check/clean, print head alignment and the water trick. No idea which one of those made it work, but all good now. Thank you!

4 years ago

I have poor quality copying with yellow or white stripes through the pictures and white stripes of words missing when printing landscape. looks terrible