Why My Epson Printer Printing Blank Pages

Fix When My Epson Printer Printing Blank Pages

Epson printers are popular among users across the globe for quality and reliability. However, oftentimes, users find their Epson printer printing blank pages. This is a cause for concern for any user as it halts the printing of documents. On a business day, this can affect one’s productivity. Even if you operate it for your personal use, not being able to use your printer in your desired manner is something which should worry you.

The problem can appear in your printer at any point in time. As is the case with other users of Epson printers, you might wonder why your printer has started acting up all of a sudden. You need to get to the bottom of this matter to find out more about the issue. There can be a host of possible factors due to which your Epson printer printing blank pages or printer not printing properly.

Read on to know more about these factors and the steps that you can undertake to resolve the issue, depending on its cause.

Why My Epson Printer is Printing Blank Pages?

This is a common problem with Epson printers. Sometimes it can occur due to the installation of a new cartridge. Or, it may be a sign that your existing cartridge has got out of order and that you need to replace it with a new one. Plus, you also cannot write off any hardware or software problem in your printer. An issue with the hardware or software of your printer can also be the culprit.

These are some of the possible causes that could be behind the issue. Unless you perform some steps to diagnose the actual problem, it would be next to impossible to determine the exact cause for such unusual functioning of your printer.

Possible Solutions to fix Epson XP 440 Printing Blank Pages

Fix 1 – Empty Cartridge

Change ink - epson xp 430 printing blank pages

Is the cartridge of your printer empty? At times, you may leave it empty by mistake. So, as the first step to identifying the issue, check if this is the reason behind the abnormal functioning of your printer.

Fix 2 – Disconnected Cartridge

You may also get blank pages instead of prints as the output from your printer has disconnected cartridge. More often than not it happens that your cartridge is disconnected or not connected to your printer electronically.

cartridge is disconnected - epson wf 3540 printing blank pages

As and when you figure out this issue, the next thing you should consider to do is reinstalling the cartridge. After reinstallation, do not forget to check if all is well with it. Your best bet to determine this is to take some test prints.

Fix 3 – Incompatible Paper Size

To avoid printing issues with your Epson printer it is necessary to ensure that you have chosen the right in-program paper size. If you have changed it by mistake, setting it back to the usual size by tweaking the settings a little can help you in resolving the issue.

Incompatible paper size -epson xp 800 printing blank pages

Fix 4 – Clogged Nozzles

Clogged nozzles constitute one of the primary reasons for printing problems not only in case of Epson printers but printers of all brands around the world. This can happen due to irregular or infrequent use of your printer. When you do not use your printer regularly, you put its ink at the risk of hardening which can then block the nozzles of your printer.

As a part of solving the problem, consider using the “print head nozzle check” feature to prevent this issue. This step will restore the normal flow of ink, clearing up the clogged nozzles and resolve the blank paper printer issue in your Epson printer.

Fix 5 – An Issue With the Printer Driver

An obsolete printer driver is one of the leading causes of print issues in printers. Your Epson printer I no exception to this rule. If you wish to keep this problem from affecting your printer, it is imperative that you keep an eye out for printer driver updates and update your printer driver from time to time.

Epson Printer Models Compatible with Above Solutions

These solutions can be used for the following Epson printer models. 

Epson 310 PrinterEpson 400 PrinterEpson 410 PrinterEpson 420 PrinterEpson 430 Printer
Epson 446 PrinterEpson 1430 PrinterEpson 2530 PrinterEpson 2540 PrinterEpson 2650 Printer
Epson 3620 PrinterEpson 3640 PrinterEpson 4630 Printer

You can use the solutions given in this blog for the following models of the Epson ET Printer series. 

Epson ET 2550 PrinterEpson ET 2650 PrinterEpson ET 2750 PrinterEpson ET 3750 PrinterEpson ET 4750 Printer

These solutions will also be helpful for these models of the Epson WF Printer series.

Epson WF 545 PrinterEpson WF 600 PrinterEpson WF 610 PrinterEpson WF 2530 PrinterEpson WF 2540 Printer
Epson WF 2630 PrinterEpson WF 2650 PrinterEpson WF 2660 PrinterEpson WF 2750 PrinterEpson WF 2760 Printer
Epson WF 3520 PrinterEpson WF 3540 PrinterEpson WF 3620 PrinterEpson WF 3640 PrinterEpson WF 4630 Printer
Epson WF 7610 PrinterEpson WF 7620 PrinterEpson WF 7710 Printer

You can use the solutions provided in this blog to fix the problem on the following models of the Epson XP Printer series. 

Epson XP 200 PrinterEpson XP 245 PrinterEpson XP 300 PrinterEpson XP 310 PrinterEpson XP 320 Printer
Epson XP 330 PrinterEpson XP 340 PrinterEpson XP 400 PrinterEpson XP 410 PrinterEpson XP 420 Printer
Epson XP 424 PrinterEpson XP 430 PrinterEpson XP 434 PrinterEpson XP 440 PrinterEpson XP 800 Printer
Epson XP 600 PrinterEpson XP 6000 Printer

These solutions can also be effective for the other Epson printer models. These models have been shown in the table given below. 

Epson CX4800 PrinterEpson L120 PrinterEpson L210 PrinterEpson L220 PrinterEpson L355 Printer
Epson L360 PrinterEpson L380 PrinterEpson M100 PrinterEpson M105 PrinterEpson M200 Printer
Epson Stylus NX230 PrinterEpson Stylus NX420 PrinterEpson Stylus NX430 Printer

Let Us Conclude

In this blog, we learnt several solutions to fix your Epson printer when it prints blank pages. We hope after using these methods, your Epson printer will not print blank pages anymore. In case the problem does not seem to go away, there could be any other technical problem with your device. We will suggest you to check your Epson printer for any other technical errors. 

We are the experts of troubleshooting problems with Epson printers. Keep reading our blogs to learn more fixes for Epson printer errors

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Elvis Villanueva
5 months ago

No reply to any questions! I got the same issue, I tried all the steps and still got the blank page! I have xp-440. Thanks

9 months ago

Good day
I have a L3060 printer, the printer was printing fine and all of a sudden it started printing blank pages.
I have done all the suggested checks, nozzle head, ink check, connection check etc and all is in order. What do I do now?

C. Tomas
9 months ago

I bought today a ET-3700, added ink, set it up. It prints only blank pages. No problem with the drivers. No error codes. I tried to make a copy too. The copy was blank as well.

Pippa Staple
1 year ago

MY EPSON Printer is printing blank pages. It initially printed a test/welcome page but now it is just spitting out blank pages all the time. I have cleaned printer heads/nopzzles, reinstalled drivers but still blank pages. Any suggestions before I give up?

arlene wallach
1 year ago

I have checked and done every possible trouble shoot. My printer is new and printing blank pages…

1 year ago

I tried all the steps and re-installed new ink.. why do I keep getting blank prints?

Epson Printer 2760

1 year ago

My Epson XP-820 printer has quit printing. Sends out blank pages. I have tried all trouble shooting I can find, and nothing is helping. What do I do ? (Short of throwing it out and buying a new printer).

Beverley Devine
1 year ago

My printer is printing blank pages. My printer keeps either saying ‘error’ or ‘idle’? I have uninstall, reinstalled. Tried troubleshooting. I just seem to be going around in circles? I am trying to print from Open Office.

1 year ago

My Epson printer is now printing blank pages, i have tired troubleshooting but still no change. please kindly help.

1 year ago

my Epson printer L382 print and photocopy blank pages please help