How To Fix When “My Hp Printer Is Printing Blank Pages”

How To Fix When “My Hp Printer Is Printing Blank Pages”

How To Fix When “My Hp Printer Is Printing Blank Pages”

This document is only applicable for the Photosmart e-All-in-One Printer Series. Mostly, D110a and D110b are included in the HP Photosmart printers. When you are taking printouts from your printer and the papers that received an output do not contain any black or color ink. The page is nearly blank with a very little ink.

This issue can be easily resolved. It is advised that you use the original HP cartridges for printing. You can also remove your black cartridge and use only the tri-color printer cartridge. You should also check any empty or defective cartridge and replace it. Before, replacing the older cartridges with the new one and printhead is to be cleaned properly.

Resolution: HP Printer Printing Blank Pages

To resolve this “hp printer that prints blank pages” issue, you should follow the solution below:

Solution: Using the original HP cartridges

HP has recommended that you use original HP ink and other supplies for the printing. HP will not the guarantee for the refilled cartridges or the non-HP products. You can purchase the HP cartridges online or from the HP retailers.

Step 1: Verification of the estimation of the ink level in the printer

  • Put the plain colorless paper in the paper tray.
  • Press the button next to the Setup icon in the control panel.
  • Go to the Tools option and press OK.
  • Choose the Estimated Ink Levels and press OK.
Estimated Ink Levels

Step 2: Changing the cartridges

  • Change the old cartridges with the new HP cartridges.
  • Start the further procedure after your printer is silent & idle.
  • Remove the cartridge from the printer by opening the cartridge door.
cartridge door
  • Contacts and nozzles are not to be disturbed.
  • Plastic tape is to be removed.
Tape Removed Cartridge
  • Put the cartridges in the printer.
Put Cartridge
  • Put the plain colorless paper in the input paper tray.
  • Turn on the HP printer by pressing the power button.

Contact the Support team on @ USA/Canada +1-844-414-5222 & UK +44 2896 002856 For Any Help In Resolving Hp Printer’s Printing Blank Pages issues

Step 3: Aligning the printer

  • Turn on the printer when you are loading the papers for printing.
  • Press the button next to the Setup icon in the Control Panel.
  • Go to the Tools section and press OK.
  • Choose the Align Printer option and press OK.
  • Now, the printer will print the alignment page.
  • Lift up the lid of your HP printer.
  • You will now have to on with the printed section down. It should be placed on the right-front corner of your scanner glass.
place an alignment page

Still Unable To Fix “Hp Printer Is Printing Blank Pages Issue” Call Expert @ USA/Canada +1-844-414-5222 & UK +44 2896 002856

15 thoughts on “How To Fix When “My Hp Printer Is Printing Blank Pages”

  1. HP is scamming all of you ..
    When you have ink , the machines are designed to say your ink is low, and when its low some printers are designed to stop working. they are pure scam artist’s and should be sued. clean off the top and bottom of where the ink sprays and clean it with a wet paper towel and not buy ink cartridges. fill them yourself and you can refill them about 20 times for about $5… instead of paying $30 to use half the cartridge until it says low, and stops working.

  2. I am very very disappointed from this HP DeskJet Ink Advantage 3835 printer because since I bought it is full of problems.
    When I turn it off it take ages to open again even I pres the on and off button. It will open when it wants. Another problem is that it was printing blank. I changes the inks, I put new ones and I still have the same problems.

  3. how do i open to check the ink level? I do not know if the fix this hp printer that prints blank pages is due to a low ink problem. I do not recall changing the ink ever since my son bought it for me.

  4. I do most of the printing using the Black ink so the colored ink is of little use. Settings are changed to print in black only use. I have not changed anything in the setting but now my hp printer prints blank pages. The ink level of both inks are still good and when i do a printer cleaning, the test print paper shows that its all the colors on the printer is working fine. Any opinion on this? I am trying to print a pdf document.

  5. I love my HP printer and it has been printing great for 3 years without any problems yet. However it rarely occurs but when i print large amount of pages, the hp printer printing blank pages in between. While printing a job, a particular page will takes more than a paper to print and when that happens, the next page to be printed comes out blank and then again prints the other next page fine. It will skip one entire page and go with the next. I have checked with the paper and none of them are damp or sticky. Checked and cleaned the printer and the rollers but it still happens. Can anyone advise me on this?

  6. I use very little of my color ink and mostly use the black ink. So after reading some articles on printing documents using only black ink color, i changed some settings in my hp and now my hp printer printing blank pages. I went back and changed to the previous settings but it wont work now. I may have clicked something else while doing it so and i cannot remember it. Can someone please help me out

  7. My hp printer printing blank pages and i have tried everything on one of the many forums available and low views youtube videos but still the same.

    1. My HP DESKJET 3636 suddenly stopped printing black. Both cartridges were registering about one third full. I changed both cartridges with new HP ones, but now neither black or colour are printing.
      I have had the printer for about 5 years and use it from home in my charitable work.

  8. My printer is printing blank pages I need help with. It was working till i changed the ink cartridges with a new one. I believe i may have did something wrong while installing the ink cartridges. I have removed and reinserted it three times and i still get my printer printing blank pages

  9. 4 year old HP ENVY 4500 wireless printer prints only blank pages. I did all troubleshooting possible on the printer such as: changing ink cartridges, cleaned cartridges and cleaned print heads, alignment, etc., but still printing blank pages. Is it time that we purchase a new one?

  10. I have tried all the suggested steps mentioned on the article to get my HP printer to print a page but all it does is print blank pages. I have checked and both the cartridge has more than half of ink.. Could it be because I have not used the printer for a few months as i was away for a vacation? Maybe the ink dried up on the printhead and i might have to do something else about this. Need more help on this. Why does this HP printer prints blank pages when i had some much pending work and it stopped on me. I do not want to buy new ink cartridges as they are too expensive! Anyways thanks for the info.

  11. I had this my hp printer prints blank pages issue for days and never did it struck me that it could be due to low ink. I usually get a warning message if there was a problem with the printer but this time there was no warning message when i tried to print it from my phone. I have no idea how to operate but just to print from my phone. My son did all the connection for my printer and all i do with my printer is to print out beautiful quotes i see online or to print some pictures that i take. After reading the article i called up my son and he help me change the printer ink and now it is working great again. Thanks

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