Fix HP Officejet Pro 6830 Printhead Problem, Replacement, Clean Printhead

There are few things that can cause blockages, the most common is having the printer set idle for over a long period of time. If it is left plugged in, it will clean itself but without power the ink will dry out inside the head, depending on weather conditions.

Old and poor quality Ink can also cause blockages , particularly the black as it contains powered graphite that settles over time.

Finally, the microelectronics in the head can burn out. Printheads don’t last forever, and the electronics can’t be repaired, so the best you can do is to try to clean the blockage manually or replace it if it still doesn’t work.

Fix Problem With Printhead HP 6830

  • If you  suspect your printhead is blocked, the first thing to do is print a nozzle check pattern to find out which colors are affected. Select Tools and then click on Print Quality report.
Print Quality Canon
  • If there are any error messages that appear on print quality report those error messages are to be resolved. And then select OK.
  • Next select Settings in the menu and then click Ok.
  • Now choose tools and click Ok.
  • Now in the tools menu select “Clean Printhead” and then click OK.

HP Officejet pro 6830 Problem With Printhead

It is the printer’s self-cleaning cycle and your printheads are automatically cleaned.  This clears most of the blockage and could be run twice or thrice for better results.

If you still cannot fix the printheads you need to replace the cartridges to a new one.

0 thoughts on “Fix HP Officejet Pro 6830 Printhead Problem, Replacement, Clean Printhead

  • my printer keeps notifying me that the printhead appears to be missing not detected or incorrectly installed. does this mean it needs to be replaced? if so exactly where does one get a new one and under what conditions??

    • Richard Johnson says:

      I just replaced ONLY the black cartridge…the 3 color cartridges I don’t need. I just use black prints. suddenly after finally getting good copies, a message appears: printhead problem….It does not say what exactly the problem is…
      how does this get fixed?

  • Oscar Pernillo says:

    Very frustrated: i got a new print HP Office pro 6830 printer; one and half year ago, i printed more less 200 pages and the same problem with the print head. resolve problem do not buy any more HP.

  • SuzAnne Sherrill says:

    Problem with printerhead error report, push OK to get back to menu. Did everything mentioned here and got new printerhead after nothing worked. Still stopped working after four pages and gave error report. Next printer, Epson and getting a $50 off of it for this dead printer as tradein at Best Buy!

  • My 6830 printer suddenly developed a printhead problem when I replaced a yellow ink cartridge ( I always use genuine hp colours). The self cleaning doesnt work and manual cleaning has also failed.Having changed all colours recently I’m now left with all 4 cartridges plus newly purchased spares which are now absolutely useless and they are not exactly cheap.I think I should be refunded for all these now useless cartridges.

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