How to Fix HP Printer Alignment Failed Issue

clean the printhead - hp photosmart 7520 printer alignment failed

Generally, the ‘HP printer alignment failed’ issue occurs when there is a glitch in the alignment of the inkjet cartridges in our HP printers. The improper installation also results in the HP printer alignment failure. Additionally, when the target printer and the system could not coordinate with each other then they result in the non-functionality of our printer. 

Any colors associated with an ink cartridge would not be displayed on a printed page due to the HP printer alignment failure. In such cases, you must be wondering what are your options when HP printer alignment keeps failing.

Tips to Fix HP Printer Alignment Issues 

Therefore, we have compiled a guide for you with certain tips and solutions that helps you deal whenever your HP printer cartridge alignment fails. 

Tip 1

Reset the Printer

“Why my HP printer won’t align cartridges?”–have you been asking yourself this question lately. Then did you try to reboot your printer? 

Always give a shot to restart your printer if its display screen shows, ‘HP printer alignment failed error’. 

Do the following to restart your system:

  • Switch off the printer and unplug all cords.
off the printer - hp printer alignment failed
  • Wait for at least 1-2 minutes and attach all the power cables. Also, always prefer a wall outlet to plug your HP printers to maintain a steady electrical connection.
electrical connection - hp printer alignment
  • Turn on your HP printer and try to test a print page to check its functions.

If resetting the printer does not resolve your issue, try all the other tips mentioned below.

Tip 2

Use Genuine HP Ink Cartridges to Fix HP Printer Alignment Failed Issue

We always recommend you to use the genuine HP ink cartridges only as they are reliable and effective. Using fake or non-HP ink cartridges result in the ‘HP printer cartridge alignment failed’ issue on your printer’s display screen. To check the authenticity of the HP ink cartridge, you can scan the QR code on the toner cartridge box. Moreover, you can also visit, type the ink cartridge serial number and then click Verify.

Tip 3

Always Evaluate the Alignment Page

To get rid of the ‘HP printer alignment failed’ issue, always check the printer page to see if it is properly aligned in the printer. Try to print a test alignment page to see if the patterns appear on the test page should be black and blue in color. If the patterns on the alignment test page appear to be faded, there’s a high possibility that your printer is experiencing a dip in its ink levels. Thus, it requires an ink cartridge replacement. 

Tip 4

Check the Estimated Ink Levels 

One of the reasons why your HP printer alignment keeps failing is the dip in the ink levels of the cartridge. Always check the ink level indicator on the HP printer’s Control Panel screen to assess the ink levels to see if any ink cartridges are critically low or empty to replace it with a new cartridge.

Tip 5

Try to Clean the Printhead on your HP Printer Manually

If your HP printer ceases to print black or color ink, or print blank pages, then a genuine case of ‘HP printer alignment failed’ has occurred and you need to manually clean the printhead of your printer to resolve this issue. Follow these steps :

  • To clean a printhead, gather a disposable container, a rough cloth, paper towels, and a distilled lukewarm water.
paper towels - my hp printer won t align cartridges
  • Soak paper towels in the disposable container and pour lukewarm water until it is two inches deep, as the paper towels have to be fully submerged.
  • Remove all the ink cartridges from the printhead by pressing the Tab icon to release it. 
Remove all the ink cartridges - hp printer alignment keeps failing
  • Remove all the cartridges from the printer and place the cartridges upside down on the soaked paper towels. Always ensure, not to leave ink cartridges exposed to outside for more than 30 minutes.
  • Remove and manually clean the printhead by lifting its latch. Lift the printhead out of the printer. Damp the rough cloth with distilled water and wipe all the excess ink from the printhead. Do not squeeze or press the nozzle area. Make sure that the printhead should not be exposed to excess water. 
clean the printhead - hp photosmart 7520 printer alignment failed
  • Place the Printhead upside down in the disposable container in a way that the nozzle headrest on the soaked paper towels. Let it remain soaked for the next 10 minutes.
  • Remove the Printhead from the container and dry it up with the dry paper towels for fifteen minutes. Make sure that the nozzle area is faced up while placing on the fresh paper towels.
  • Once the Printhead is all dried up, re-install the Printhead and cartridges intact as it is, in the HP printer’s carriage. Put all the cartridges in their respective slots, push the Tab icon marked on each of the cartridges until it snaps to its place. 
  • Once all the ink cartridges are installed, close the exterior lid and restart your printer to check the functionality. 

The above-mentioned steps are meant for cleaning the printhead if the warranty of your HP printer is expired but still you are facing the HP printer alignment failed error. 

Tip 5

Try An Automated Printhead Cleaning

Do you know you can perform an automated Printhead cleaning during the failure of the HP printer alignment? Do the following :

  • Load plain white paper into the device’s tray.
  • On the HP printer’s control panel, navigate and touch the Setup option or press the Setup button.
  • On the Setup Menu, choose Tools option, as it will show all the options available in the Tools Menu.
  • Choose ‘Clean Printhead’ from the available options and then press OK.
hp printer alignment failed photosmart
  • An in-built cleaning tool software inside the printer cleans the Printhead.
  • Try to print a test page and see if it’s working well. If the error still persists, clean the Printhead again from the printer’s Control Panel.

If HP Printer Alignment Failed on Any of These Models

HP PhotosmartHP Photosmart 7510HP Photosmart 7520HP Officejet Pro 8500HP 6500

Besides that, you can try all of the above tips in any of the HP printer models. Though we have created a list for your reference to see if one of your printing devices falls in this list or not. If you are still getting the same error in the models which are not mentioned in this list, these solutions will work with any of the HP and non-HP printer models.

In case is your HP printer not responding or you need help on how to change ink in HP printer, you can call our technical experts or chat with them, and they will help you fix the problem in no time. 

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