How to Fix Epson Workforce WF 3620 Printer Error Code 0x97?

How to Fix Epson Workforce WF 3620 Printer Error Code 0x97?

Undoubtedly, Epson printers are one of the popular printers and globally accepted because of its highly distinguished services. But no machine or software is 100% perfect. There are situations when problems crops up due to technical or functional reasons. One of the most discussed error among the Epson printer error is Error code 0x97. It is a frequently reported error.

What is Epson Workforce WF 3620 Printer Error Code 0x97?

This error is encountered by the user who is using the printer from a long time. When the error occurs it happens without any warnings or signs. Basically, the error reflects on the printer with an signal that assists to enable the printer on and off again. Till the error is not fixed it restricts the user to use the printer.

Epson error 0x97 signifies a notification reporting related to the problem related to your Epson printer. The error is visible in the LED screen of the printer. The users get this error code while printing process is in progress and unexpectedly the printer stops functioning. This error is usually faced on the Epson WF-4630, WF-3640 or WF-7610 printer models.

Cause of the Epson error code 0x97

The Epson Printer error 0x97 usually occurs due to some hardware issue internally. There are some selective Epson printer’s models that face this particular hardware issue where their motherboard stops functioning unexpectedly. When the hardware issue occurs the user is restricted to carry out functionalities of the printer.

The highly experienced engineers have come up with workarounds for this problem but the permanent solution for this problem is to repair or getting a replacement for the printer.

How to Fix the Error Code 0x97?

Follow the below recommended methods mentioned below to troubleshoot and solve the error code.

Solution I:

  • Go to the Epson official website and download 0x97 Fix Patch
  • Then click on the Scan button.
  • Finally fix the repair button to repair the Printer.

Still Error Code 0x97 Coming. Get Support for Epson Printer @ USA/Canada +1-844-414-5222 & UK +44 2896 002856

Solution II:

  • Reboot your computer.
  • Login as an administrator user.
  • Click on Start button -> then click on all Programs -> then click on Accessories -> then move to Tools -> then final hit System restore.
  • Click Next after clicking on “Restore my machine to an earlier date”>.
  • Choose the latest computer to restore date within the “click a restoration date” Listing then click “Next”.
  • Go to the authentication window then click “Next”.
  • Reboot your system once the restoration process is over.

Reach ErrorsDoc professionals @ USA/Canada +1-844-414-5222 & UK +44 2896 002856 If both Solution didn’t work for you

Once you follow both the solutions then attempt working with your printer once again. In case the error persists you can call to the reliable third party companies like The highly experienced and certified technicians assure prompt resolution of the epson error code 0x97. They provide feasible solution instantly. Call to the toll free technical support number +1-844-414-5222 and garner immediate support.

18 thoughts on “How to Fix Epson Workforce WF 3620 Printer Error Code 0x97?

  1. The next time I buy any 3-in-one will be never. I suffered a junky HP one, then a junky Lexmark one, and now a junky Epson one. N E V E R A G A I N E V E R. Same for all my family and clients. Epson, you should stop harming yourself. You had such a great reputation; my ancient FX-80 dotmatrix still works perfectly.

  2. I cant believe you didn’t provide a link to the patch your talking about. Just common sense and a good practice. It also proves that there is such a patch. Don’t say go to the website, PROVIDE THE LINK.

  3. The problem i had was with the epson wf 3640, the same epson series. So i gave it a try and used the same fixing steps for error code 0x97 and it worked. Thanks’

  4. The video tip was helpful. It was a challenge doing it but managed to work it out at the end. He demo was for the same printer and the error code- epson wf 3620 error code 0x97 so it was much convenient for me

  5. What is so frustrating about the epson printer error code 0x97 is that i have to do a system restore whenever it comes up. The last time i visited this page and did a system restore and got my epson printer working. Did the same thing again.

  6. I just got this error message. Printer error. Turn off and then turn on again. epson error code 0x97. For details, see your documentation or visit This message is showing in my printer screen. I have switch off and turned it on again but still the same. And there is no help instruction when i visit

  7. Tried to copy from the scan and I’m getting the epson error code 0x97. It prints out a print head sheet after a printhead cleaning, but it will not print anything else after that. Is this error code 0x97 due to an printer error or the computer error?

  8. I can see that a lot of people with epson wf 4630 gets the error code 0x97. I should have done a little more research before buying this product. It is really frustrating when within the first few months the printer stops working.

  9. Unfortunately these fixes are not working for my printer wf-3640. It looks like I am going to have to buy a replacement, it is NOT going to be an Epson!

  10. Do all epson printers come up with an error after each couple of months? I had a different error the last time and now it give me another error code today 0x97. I am sick with these errors popping up each time i have to print. I am getting myself another brand printer instead repairing this epson error

  11. My epson printer abruptly stopped working today with a message “printer error……. error code 0x97” the epson printer support did not offer much help but to just switched off and on the printer. Now they are asking to bring in the printer to their store for repairs. Should i take the printer to the local store or is there any other way to resolve this problem? Cause i believe this is a software related and nothing to do with the hardware of the printer.

  12. my epson printer broke down today with the error code 0x97. The first step did not help but the step two method worked. Thanks you so much.

  13. Well that was a bummer, i have tried all of the steps mentioned above for my epson wf 3640 error code 0x97 but after printing some few pages my printer came back to the same error code 0x97. I have check some few other steps online and it seems likely that it has fix my printer issue. It worked for my epson wf 3640 so i will just share the same steps and i hope others who have similar problem can get it fixed. First, Turn off your printer and unplug all cables connected to the epson printer. Wait for 5 minutes after the printer has come to a complete shutdown. Now, press and hold the power button for more than a minute. After a minute of pressing and holding the power button, plug in the power cable while you still keep pressing the power button. Hold down the power button for another minute after plugging in the power cable. Release the power button after a minute is gone. Your epson printer will start up and the error code 0x97 will be gone.

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