Fix When Epson Printer In Error State Windows 10

Fix When Epson Printer In Error State Windows 10

Fix When Epson Printer In Error State Windows 10

Windows 10 is the newest version of Windows OS. It is pretty reliable and effortless to use. During the first few years, many of us have upgraded to it freely. However, there is not anything which is entirely perfect. And so is in the case of Windows 10. One of the most common problems that we have seen in Windows 10 is support issues with printers.

However, the reason is quite simple. Sometimes, the upgraded versions do not provide drivers for old printers and other mechanisms. And in some different cases, the manufacturers of the printers do not offer the updated drivers with changing time. So, if you’re facing issues with the printer then here we have some solutions for you. Just go through the given steps below and repair your system.

Fix Error State Issue For A Regular Epson Printer:

Step 1:- While checking the issues of a printer, let the Windows find its problem by itself first. Search for ‘Printers’ in the windows search bar. Select the option “Devices and Printers.” A new window will open displaying all the details of the devices connected to the system.

Devices and Printers

Step 2:- In the “Devices and Printers” window you’ll see all the device connected to your system grouped as per their categories. In the printers section, look for your printer with which you are having issues. To run the windows own troubleshoot, right click on the printer. From the drop down select ‘Troubleshoot.’ But, most of the time the original troubleshoot of windows do not work correctly. So, you better be prepared for that.

Epson Printer

Step 3:- When you lost the hope with the original troubleshoot of Windows, take things in your hand. Check if your system is detecting the printer or not. If not, then click on the start menu and go to settings. On the settings, the window goes to the devices section. There, you can see Printers & Scanners option. On that list, if you can’t see your printer then click on add a printer or scanner button and let windows detect it automatically. Before that make sure that your printer is connected to the system and is in switched on mode.

 Settings Devices Printers & scanners

Step 4:- The windows will automatically detect your printer and will ask you to proceed with the installation. Follow the guidance shown on the screen and complete the installation.

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Solution For Epson Printer Error State:

When it comes to printers, we can never choose anything else over high-quality printing of Epson Printer. However, while using an Epson Printer, from all the issues ‘Error 031008’ is the most common error we often come across. This error in the Epson printer is quite popular and problematic as well. This problem often occurs due to the incorrect injection of the ink cartridges or the print heads. Well, it’s not that it can’t be helped. Follow these steps to repair your printer and continue printing.

Step 1:- As we came to know that for Epson Printer In Error State can be because of the incorrect injection of the ink cartridges, first of all, configure your ink cartridges. Replace your ink with a new one and start working smoothly.

Solution For Epson Printer Error State

Step 2:- First open your printer and grab the print head. Then slide it to the left. Before that, make sure that the printer is in shut down mode and off the power source. Or else it may cause fatal electric shock.

Solution For Epson Printer Error State 1

Step 3:- In the case of print head blockage, check a rough print and identify which colors are being affected. Now, select tools and click on print quality.

Step 4:- If you got any pop-ups stating that there are errors in the print quality report which need to be resolved, then click on the OK button.

Step 5:-  After that, go to the menu. Onthe menu tab, you’ll find the settings option. Click on the settings button and then click OK.

Solution For Epson Printer Error State 2

Step 6:- After clicking Ok, the tools menu will open up. In the tools menu, find “Clean Print head” and click on it. Now, click Ok on the pop-up tab.

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The steps we discussed above to solve the problem when the Epson Printer Is In An Error State Windows 10 are the printer’s self-cleaning cycle. If even after following the steps the printer does not work correctly, then consider replacing the cartridge of your printer. If there is still a problem, then you can contact Epson Support service and follow their guidelines.

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  1. I always have an error state on my Epson bw305 printer, using HP laptop. My PC desktop windows 7, doesn’t have a problem printing. i tried a number of times uninstalling, using my driver disk and updating online drivers, to no success. check the ports tab and un checked the “Bi lateral” option.
    I don’t no, where to go from here. my laptop is HP pavilion g6, upgraded to windows 10.

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