How to Clean Epson Printer Head Manually

epson printer clean head

If you find the printed image is unpredictably faded or spots in the printed copy are missing, you can be solve these glitches by cleaning the printer head, which safeguards that the nozzles are delivering ink accurately.

Sometimes it is inescapable that the printer heads congest over time as tiny amounts of ink residue dry out and gets collected in the nozzles. The idea of replacing cartridges rapidly whilst the low ink alert goes off can be a little effective to prevent ink from drying inside the nozzles, but you still may face the same issue as one or the other might get blocked for many reasons. Blocked printer heads can take place despite, if you make use of an original Epson cartridge.

Possible Reasons of Printer Head Blockage

If in case you don’t amend your ink cartridge immediately when you see a low ink warning, it’ll result in faded printouts. When used with a new cartridge, your printer prepares the print head for the new cartridge, this process is also called as priming. The negative aspect to this is when from time to time the printer pushes too much ink and the surplus ink would spread all over the print head where it ends up jamming the nozzles.

How to Clean Printer Epson L210

If in case you don’t turn off your Epson L210 printer, and keep it on sleep mode the Ink dry up in the nozzles when you don’t make use of it on a regular basis. Turning off your triggers the machine to run a mini-cleaning cycle and helps the ink flowing all over again. As mentioned beforehand, ink dry up when unused.

Knowing the common causes of clogged print heads can help you take the necessary steps to prevent them from happening. As the old adage goes, prevention is always better than cure.

Steps to Cleaning Epson Printer Head Manually

  • On your desktop home screen click on Start and then select Control Panel.
Control Panel
  • In the pop up menu, Choose Hardware and Sound.
  • Now, click on Devices and printers.
device & printers
  • In the list of printers select your Epson L210 printer and then right click and select Printing Preferences.
right click and select Printing
  • Now in the Pop Up menu select Maintenance.
Select Maintenance Option
  • Click on the head cleaning option. This may take few minutes.
head cleaning option
  • After the head cleaning is complete in the pop up menu select Print Nozzle Check Pattern. It may give you options to print a sample paper and click Ok.
  • In the pop up menu now select print.
  • If you get the response as Good, your cleaning is successful, if the pop up message displays that Cleaning required. You may need to clean head again. Either click Clean or click Finish.

Your Epson l210 printer has successfully run the head cleaning manually. You may now print copy in a clean format.

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Randy L
1 year ago

I get the 031008 code. I shut it off and pulled to the left and reset cartridges and turned back on. Same 031008. I can,t get to menu to select clean ink heads. Just keeps coming back to the same screen. What do I do now?

1 year ago

what about after head cleaning the same printout respond still not good, what should i do then?