How to Sign out of QuickBooks and Log off Users?

How to Sign out of QuickBooks and Log off Users?

It is essential to log out of QuickBooks for the safety of your company’s data. This is a trusted software for storing information as important as your company files and financial data. Hence, when you sign out, an unauthorized person cannot access this information from your system.

You may also come across some instances in which you may find multiple authorized users accessing QB company files. Particularly for reasons like using the Single-user mode, you may want to log users out of QuickBooks.

In both situations, you should have an understanding of how to sign out yourself and log off other users. The methods can vary as per the QuickBooks Online or Enterprise version. Or, when you are using the Multi-user Mode or messenger, these variations can exist.

How do You Log out of QuickBooks in Multi-user Mode?

The Multi-user QuickBooks mode entitles several professionals of a company to obtain access to it. Therefore, when you want to see how to log out of QuickBooks, you may not find a particular option that instantly achieves the action.

You can use the option that lets you run company files in the Multi-user mode. When you sign in to it as a regular user, you will find the option to log off, mainly in the File menu.

Tip: As a user of QuickBooks Enterprise as well, you can try using this method and sign out.

  • Ensure that you are using the server to run “QuickBooks”.
  • On fulfilling the condition above, enter “File”.
  • Via this menu, tap on “Open or Restore Company”.
  • Then you have to pick “Open a Company File”.
  • Moving ahead, please click on the “Next” button.
  • Look for your QuickBooks company file. Also, choose it.
  • Choose the option that mentions “Open File in Multi-user Mode”.
  • Now, use the “Open” option.
  • The normal credentials have to be used to sign in to your company file.
  • Again, visit “File”.
  • Then opt for “Close Company/Log off”.

With this instruction, you will log out of QuickBooks on the said server. Also, you may no longer be able to access your file until you sign in again.

How to Sign/Log out of QuickBooks Online?

When you comprehend the functionality of the Gear/Settings button, you can also understand how to sign out of QuickBooks Online. The button gives you access to several options. As you go through them, you can also find the one for logging yourself out of the accounting software.

  • See the “Gear” button in “QBO”.

Important: Sometimes you may not want to log out of the software. Even so, QuickBooks may log out a user. To prevent auto-log off, the same button can help you reach the necessary settings and make changes.

  • On pressing it, you will find several options. One of these should say “Sign out”. Push it.
How to Log out of QuickBooks Online

The button will redirect you to the screen for signing in. When you want to log in again, you may use it.

Please Remember: You can find this method to be useful for QuickBooks Online Advanced as well.

How to Log a User out of QuickBooks?

When you use QB in its Single-user Mode, it is vital that no other/inactive user is present. On finding that this is not the case, you can log out single or multiple users from your company file. This force log-off functionality is available in the QuickBooks chat app. You can also identify it as a chat messenger.

Please Remember: The following method to log users out of QuickBooks can work when you are an admin user.

  • View your device’s system tray.
  • Look next to this tray. From here, run “QuickBooks Messenger”.
  • Tap on “Actions” given in the form of a dropdown.
  • Now, you have to choose “Close Company File for Users”.
  • You will now see a dialog. From it, choose one or more users. 

The user(s) you select should now be logged out of the software. Following this, you can run QB in the desired mode.

Important: Try not to close the software in an attempt to sign out of it. Though the software shall stop working, for the time being, you will still remain logged into it.


With this reading, it is clear that the ways to log out of QuickBooks can differ as per some conditions. Given that you may be using particular modes/versions of the accounting software, you can sign out yourself or a user with the methods shared above. Thus, the integrity of your data can also remain safe.

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