What do The Numbers Mean on Snapchat

What do The Numbers Mean on Snapchat

Snapchat is one of the widely used messaging applications. Users would be fond of using this application to send and receive videos, pictures and emojis. The best part is that, all these things shared on the Snapchat will be automatically deleted within some seconds.

As you all know that, there are healthy competitions going on in between many messaging applications. In order to prove their messaging application is best, all the companies are trying to include some loving and rare features to improve the users of the application. One such feature on the Snapchat is the numbers. The Snapchat numbers actually mean your Snapchat scores.

What Does the Numbers Mean on Snapchat

When you open up your Snapchat application, you can find a random numbers just below your display name. These numbers denote your Snapchat score and these numbers will change from time to time. Mostly, the random numbers on your Snapchat will be increasing as you use the Snapchat application. These numbers will let you know the status of your seniority you hold while comparing to the other users. You can compare the Snapchat scores of yours and your friend to discover who is using the Snapchat more among each other.

How Snapchat Score is Calculated?

Your Snapchat score is determined by a special equation that merges the number of snaps you have received, you have sent and stories you have shared. The Snapchat number will gradually increase if you keep using the Snapchat for sending and receiving the snaps. On the other hand, the Snapchat number will remain unchanged if you did not use the Snapchat for messaging purpose. With your Snapchat score, you would come to know about how much you rely on the Snapchat application and whether or not it is a convincing score. You can increase your Snapchat score by some actions.

How to Increase your Snapchat Score?

You can increase your Snapchat score by a few factors, which are as follows,

  • Your points will be counted when send or receive snaps in general.
  • You cannot fetch points when you send snaps to many or all of your friends.
  • Reviewing your own stories or snaps or other person’s stories or snaps would not create any impact on your score.
  • When you post a snap on the Snapchat, you can increase your score by a point.

Now, you know what could increase your points and what not. You can do the activities on the Snapchat according to what can rise your scores.

Know Your Relationship With Your Friends with the Snapchat Numbers

The Snapchat streak is an indication of the bonding between the two friends on the Snapchat or two Snapchat users. When you keep on sending pictures, messages, videos to your friend and in turn receive that much number of snaps from the same friend, you will get to see the fire icon along with the number of days around your profile. You can as well see the time when the last post has been sent to your friends or received from your friends.

If you open the camera interface on the Snapchat application and click on the discover section, you can able to see the total number of photos, texts and videos you have sent to your friends or received from your friends. When you move on to the “My Story” section on the right side, you can able to see how many people have viewed your story and, on the left side, you can able to see time passed after your story has been shared on the Snapchat.

I hope that now you have understood what the numbers on the Snapchat actually mean.

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