How to Fix Windows 10 Update Error 0x8000ffff [Complete Fixes]

How to Fix Windows 10 Update Error 0x8000ffff [Complete Fixes]

Did the message “An unspecified error occurred during system restore 08x000ffff” just show up on your Windows 10 computer? Or is the Xbox 0x8000ffff error code coming in between your games? Let us completely root out the 0x8000ffff Windows update and Xbox error! Find the end number of ways to remove these errors from your device in this post. 

Read the complete post to come across the best fixes for dealing with these error codes. 

What is 0x8000ffff Windows Update Error?

Windows update error 0x8000ffff occurs while performing a Windows update on your system. This error indicates an update issue. Sometimes it can also lock the Windows Store. As a result, you will neither be able to update your Windows 10 computer nor access the Windows Store. 

What are the Causes of 0x8000ffff Windows 10 Update Error?

The 0x8000ffff Windows update 1903 error code is usually caused by an issue in the updating process. However, there are other causes too that can lead you to this error. These causes have been listed below.

1. Damaged registry files form the next most common cause of this Windows update error.

2. In case you have outdated or faulty system drivers, your computer may be bugged by this error. 

3. The third cause of this Windows update error is the incorrect date and time settings.

4. Certain users have reported that this error can be encountered when the VSS or volume shadow copy service has been disabled. 

How to Fix 0x8000ffff Windows Update Error?

You will be surprised to know that the error 0x8000ffff Windows update 1903 can be pushed out of your Windows 10 computer in 10 different ways. To clean this error from your PC, you can update the outdated drivers, delete Windows Store cache, run Windows defender, perform the SFC scan, uninstall the problem causing apps and other such solutions. To find out the steps for performing these solutions, keep reading this post. 

Fix 1: Update Drivers on Windows 10 Computer

When the drivers in your system become obsolete and corrupt, you may encounter the error code 0x8000ffff. So, let us begin fixing the 0x8000ffff Windows update error code by updating the drivers on your Windows 10 computer.

1. Go to “Start” and click on “Settings”.

2. Click on the “Update and security” option and then check for the updates.

Click on the “Update and Security” option

3. Install the updates available for the drivers.

Fix 2: Ensure Correct Date and Time on Windows 10 Computer

Incorrect date and time can also cause the Windows update error 0x8000ffff to appear on your system. The date and time being incorrect, you will not be able to connect to the Windows app server as well. So, to set them correctly, we have outlined 4 steps here. Let us read them.

1. Click on the “Clock” icon at the bottom-right corner of your computer screen.

2. Select “Adjust date/time”

3. Now, turn off the option of “Set time automatically” and then turn it on again.

4. Next, check the updates for the date and time.

Fix 3: Remove Windows Store Cache on Windows 10 Computer

Sometimes Windows Store cache can become corrupt. Corrupt Windows Store cache can create multiple problems. The 0x8000ffff Windows 10 update error is one such problem. Wiping away the Windows Store cache is the best way to get out of this problem. Take a look at the 3 steps shown below to wipe it away. 

1. First, press the “Windows” key and “R” key together.

2. Now, type in “WSReset.exe” and then press the “Enter” key.

3. Next, update the pending applications. You can also try to install them again.

Fix 4: Repair System Files on Windows 10 Computer

The system files can become corrupt due to several reasons. These files can also go missing at times. Corrupt and missing system files can be the source of the 0x8000ffff Windows update 1903 error code. When this is the case for the error on your Windows 10 computer as well, we will suggest you repair the system files immediately. Follow the 5 steps mentioned here for repairing them. 

1. Click on “Start” and enter “Command Prompt”.

2. Right-click on the “Command Prompt”, select the option “Run as administrator”.

3. Now, enter the command “DSIM.exe/Online/Cleanup-image/Restorehealth”.

4. Next, enter the command “sfc/Scannow”.

5. Wait for the system scan to finish the process. Then reboot your computer.

Fix 5: Use Windows Defender on Windows 10 Computer

In the next fix for the Windows update 0x8000ffff Windows 10 error, we will be using the Windows Defender feature. Using Windows Defender, we will show you how to scan your system and troubleshoot this error. 

1. Press the “Windows” key.

2. Click on the “Settings”.

3. Select the option of “Update and security”.

4. Click on “Windows Defender” in the “Update and security” section.

5. Click on the “Settings” in the “Windows Defender”.

6. Save all the work you were doing and then your Windows 10 computer will restart. 

7. Click on the option of “Scan offline”.

When the scan is complete, you will not see the Windows 10 update error anymore. 

Fix 6: Use SFC to Check System Files on Windows 10 Computer

Checking the integrity of the system files can help you sweep out the error 0x8000ffff Windows update. The SFC tool is helpful in scanning your complete system to identify the files that may have become corrupt. Let us learn the 5 steps to use the SFC tool. 

1. Press the “Windows” key on your Windows 10 computer.

2. Type in “Command Prompt” and press “Enter”.

3. Then run the “Command Prompt” as administrator. 

Note: As an alternative, you can also run “PowerShell” as the administrator in case the option of running “Command Prompt” as the administrator is not available. 

4. Enter the following command and then hit “Enter”.


5. Once the command has been entered, the SFC tool will scan and repair the corrupt files. Afterwards, you can use your Windows 10 computer to check that the error has been cleared. 

Fix 7: Boot Windows 10 Computer into Safe Mode

When your system shows you the message “feature update to Windows 10 version 1709 error 0x8000ffff”, you can boot it in Safe Mode to resolve this error code message in an instant. To boot your Windows 10 computer into the Safe Mode, the following set of 10 steps will assist you. 

1. Open “Start” on your Windows 10 system.

2. Next, open the  “Settings”.

3. The third step is to tap “Update & security”.

4. Click on “Recovery” and then tap “Restart now” in the “Advanced startup” section.

5. When your computer has restarted, click on “Troubleshoot”.

6. Head on to the “Advanced options”.

7. Then click on the “Startup settings”.

8. Now, tap “Restart”.

9. When your system has restarted, a list of options will be available on your screen. You have to select the option of “Safe mode with networking” among these. 

10. Finally, update the app or system and this process will be complete. 

Fix 8: Uninstall Apps Causing Problems on Windows 10 Computer

You all love to install applications on your Windows 10 computer. Sometimes these applications can be the cause of the error code 0x8000ffff Windows 10 update 1709. So, now we will be showing an easy method to identify these apps that are causing this error code and uninstall them from your Windows 10 computer. This method is only 4 steps long.

1. On your Windows 10 computer, open the following directory.


Note: Since this directory has been hidden, this command will enable you to access it. 

2. The second step is to go to the following file location. Then open the file in the “Notepad”.


3. Find the apps with “BlockingApplication=True” assigned.

4. Uninstall these applications and the Windows error code will be resolved. 

Fix 9: Make New Administrator Account on Windows 10 Computer

At times, creating a new administrator account is a smart way of escaping the 0x8000ffff Windows 10 update 1803 error code. Do you know how to make a new administrator account on your Windows 10 system? You can know it right here. We have already laid out the complete set of steps below. 

1. Begin with opening the “Settings” app on your system. For this, press the “Windows” key together with the “I” letter key.

2. Go to the section of “Accounts”.

3. Choose “Family & other people” on the left from the menu.

4. Choose “Add someone else to this PC” from the right pane.

5. Click on “I don’t have this person’s sign-in information”.

6. The sixth step is to make a new “Microsoft account”.

7. Next, select the option of “Add a user without a Microsoft account”.

8. Fill in the “User name”. Then press “Next”.

9. To set it as the administrator account, navigate to “Accounts” in the “Settings” app. 

10. Click on “Family and other people”.

11. Choose the new account you just made in the “Other people” section. 

12. Tap the “Change account type” button.

13. Here, you can set the account type to “Administrator”. Then press “Ok”.

14. The final step is to log out from the present account and sign in to the new one. Now, you can use your computer without any bugs. 

Fix 10: Try In-place Upgrade on Windows 10 Computer

An in-place upgrade gets you the recent version of Windows devoid of the 0x8000ffff Windows update server 2016. Also, when you perform an in-place upgrade, you get to keep your files as well as applications. You will be required to download the “Media Creation Tool” for this. For those of you who don’t have this tool, you can check out the procedure shown below to download and use it.

1. Open the official website of Microsoft on your browser. 

2. Download and run the “Media Creation Tool”.

3. Choose the option of “Upgrade this PC now”.

4. Your computer will prepare certain files. Select “Download and install updates (recommended)” afterwards.

5. When the download and installation are over, you will land on the “Ready to install” screen. Choose “Change what to keep”.

6. Select the option of “Keep personal files and apps”. Then press ‘Next”.

7. Do as per the instructions visible on the screen and the in-place upgrade will be complete. 

What is Xbox Error 0x8000ffff?

0x8000ffff Xbox error arises when some features of Xbox Live services are not available. This error largely hints towards a network connection problem. It is experienced the most when you have started a game or joined a group chat. 

What are the Causes of Xbox Store 0x8000ffff Error?

The following are the top 3 reasons for the 0x8000ffff error code on your Xbox. 

1. You will find this error when there is a problem with your network connection.

2. At times, Xbox Live services may not be running. Thus, this error will pop up. 

3. In case you have made any security changes, this error code may affect your console. 

How to Fix Xbox 0x8000ffff Error?

Eliminating the 0x8000ffff error Xbox One can be way more simpler with the 6 fixes shown in the upcoming sections. You can do simple procedures like restarting the console, refreshing the channel list, testing the Xbox Live connection as well as initiating a hard reset on the device to make it free from this error. Scroll down to obtain more information about these fixes. 

Fix 1: Restart Xbox Console

One of the most used fixes for the Xbox 0x8000ffff error involves restarting the console. Restarting the device is indeed simple. You can do it in as less as 4 steps to fix this error code. 

1. Press the “Xbox” button twice to open the “Guide”.

2. Now, scroll down to select the “Settings” option.

3. Select the restart console and press “Yes” to confirm.

4. Next, sign in again after the console has been restarted.

Fix 2: Ensure that Xbox Live Core Service is Running

Xbox 0x8000ffff error code can be easily fixed by ensuring whether the Xbox Live Core Services are up. In case the services are not running, you may be seeing this error code. We will advise you to wait until the Xbox Live Core Services start running. Then this Xbox error code will not bother you. 

Fix 3: Refresh Channel List for Xbox 360

Here, we will try to refresh the channel list to remove the Xbox code 0x8000ffff error. Refreshing this list is a simple procedure. You can do it in just 3 little steps.

1. On your Xbox 360 controller, tap the “Guide” button.

2. Holding the “Right trigger” downwards is the next step. 

3. Now, tap “Y”. This will take you to the “Xbox Dashboard”.

The channel list will be refreshed after a few minutes. Then the Xbox code error will be settled. 

Fix 4: Test Xbox Live Connection

0x8000ffff Xbox One store error may be occurring on your device due to a fault with the Xbox Live connection. To be sure of it, you can check the connection. These 6 steps will aid you in testing the Xbox Live connection.

1. On your controller, tap the “Guide” button.

2. Choose “Settings”.

3. Choose “System settings”.

4. Now, tap “Network settings”.

5. Click on “Wired network”. You can also click on your wireless network’s name.

6. Lastly, press “Test Xbox Live connection”.

Fix 5: Hard Reset Your Xbox One

Performing a hard reset on your controller can eradicate several bugs that may be affecting its performance. Error code 0x8000ffff Xbox One too can be resolved by hard resetting your device. Check out the 9 steps given below to try this fix.

1. Open the “Settings” of the device.

2. Tap “Power & startup”.

3. Choose the option of “Power mode”.

4. Set “Instant-on” to “Energy-saving”.

5. Tap the option of “Turn Xbox off”.

6. Press the “Guide”/”Power” button of the device.

7. Open the “Settings” when your Xbox turns on.

8. Click on “Power & startup”.

9. Enable the option of “Instant-on” again.

Fix 6: Cancel Security Changes Made to Xbox One

Many-a-times users make changes to enhance the security of Xbox One. These changes can initiate errors like the code 0x8000ffff Xbox One store. Reverting these changes will make your device error-free like it was earlier. 

Winding up

In this amazing post, you found a pool of fixes for troubleshooting the 08x000ffff error code on Windows 10 computers as well as Xbox consoles. We believe that by now your device will be running as usual without this error affecting it in any way. So, which method worked really quick for you? Share your answer in our comment section! 

As long as we are here, you will face no problem in using your device. In case you are upset with the 0xc00000e9 Windows 10 error on your PC, our winning fixes will resolve it for you. And if you are looking for smooth ways for Microsoft Windows 10 upgrade, then why not consider our awesome guide? Click to read it now!

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