How to Fix Windows Update Error Code 0x80070422 Immediately in Windows 10

How to Fix Windows Update Error Code 0x80070422 Immediately in Windows 10

If your computer has recently been hit by the Windows update error code 0x80070422, then there is nothing unusual in that. The users of Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, and Windows 10 can face this common error unexpectedly. With our mastery at troubleshooting various kinds of Windows errors, we can help you with this one as well. So, in this post, we will be sharing with you pro fixes to resolve the Windows update error code 0x80070422 immediately. 

What is Windows Update Error 0x80070422?

The error code 0x80070422 Windows 10 can occur on your computer unexpectedly. This error disrupts the functioning of the Firewall program in your Windows 10 computer. While this error code is more likely to be experienced by the users of Windows 10, the users of Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 8.1 can also find this error on their computers. 

What Causes the 0x80070422 Error Windows Update?

The Windows updates error code 0x80070422 can show up on your Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 or Windows 10 computer due to the causes mentioned below.

1. This error is most likely to occur on your computer when you don’t have a Firewall program installed or when it fails to alter some configuration.

2. When you are attempting to make any alterations in the Firewall, malware may enter your Windows computer and cause this error.

3. In case the Windows Firewall is not running properly on your Windows 10 computer, then the chances of encountering this error are highly likely.

4. If you have disabled the Windows Firewall on your system, then this update error code can bug your machine. 

How to Fix Windows Update Error 0x80070422 on Windows 7?

Our experts have found 2 great methods for clearing away the Windows 0x80070422 error code on Windows 7 computers. We will be using two different methods for enabling the Windows Update service on your PC. Once this service has been enabled, this error will not bother you on your Windows 7 computer.

Method 1: Enable Windows Update Service on Windows 7

Now, we will show you the best way to fix the Windows 7 firewall error code 0x80070422. This error can be simply fixed by enabling the Windows Update service on your Windows 7 computer. To enable this service, you can read the 16 steps given below. 

1. Press the “Start” button on your Windows 7 computer.

2. Type in “Admin” in the “Search Box” and tap “Enter”.

3. Now, again press the “Start” button.

4. Then go to the “Control Panel”.

5. The fifth step is to click on the “System and Security”.

6. Then tap the “Administrative Tools” window.

7. Look for the option of “Services” and click twice on it.

8. On the right-hand pane of the next window, look for the “Windows Update” service.

9. Right-click on the “Windows Update” service and select “Properties”.

10. In the “Properties”, you have to go to the “General” tab.

11. Choose “Startup Type” and make a note of the present option setting.

12. In case the “Startup Type” has been set to “Disabled” or “Manual”, change and set it to “Automatic (Delayed Start)”. In case the “Startup Type” has been set to “Automatic” or “Automatic (Delayed Start), set it to “Automatic”. Then press “Ok”.

ok - windows update 0x80070422

13. Now, under the “Service Status”, see to it that the “Start” button is inactive. 

14. Now, open the “Services” window again. See to it that the “Windows Update Status” says “Started”.

15. Then close the “Services” window.

16. Now, restart your Windows 7 computer. The error will have been fixed by now.

Method 2: Use Registry Editor on Windows 7

In this method for resolving the Windows 7 backup error 0x80070422, we will show you how to enable the Windows Update service through the Registry Editor. This method can be performed in 11 steps. Now, let us read these steps and then perform them carefully. 

1. Access the “Start” menu on your Windows 7 system.

2. Type in “regedit” in the “Search Box” and press “Enter”.

3. Open the “Registry Editor”.

4. Locate the key “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE”.

5. Now, click on “Software”.

6. Then click on “Microsoft”.

7. Click on “Windows”.

8. Then click on “CurrentVersion”.

9. Next, click on “Windows Update”.

10. Now, click on “Auto Update”.

11. Checking “Enable Featured Software Data” is the next step. Set its value to “1”.

How to Fix Windows Update Error 0x80070422 on Windows 8?

In the rarest of circumstances, the Windows code 0x80070422 error can be found on Windows 8 and Windows 8.1. So, for the users of Windows 8 and Windows 8.1, we have come up with one promising method for fixing this issue. This method requires you to alter the Windows update configuration. Let us check out the details of this method below.

Method 1: Alter Windows Update Configuration on Windows 8

The code 0x80070422 Windows Store can be easily settled by altering the Windows update configuration. So, for those of you who have a Windows 8 computer and this error code is bothering you a lot, just perform the 6 steps given below to alter the configuration. 

1. Go to the “Settings” application on your Windows 8 computer. 

2. Then click on “Update and Recovery”.

3. Click on the left side and select the option of “How Windows updates get installed”.

4. Turn on the “Windows Updates” option.

5. Configure the recommended updates to provide recommended updates in the similar way you receive crucial updates.

6. Then click on “Apply”. It will save all the alterations made.

Once the alterations have been successfully made, you will stop seeing the Windows Store error on your computer. 

Note: The users of Windows 8.1 can also try out this method in case this error is found on the computer. 

How to Fix Windows Update Error 0x80070422 on Windows 10?

The Windows firewall error 0x80070422 is usually found on Windows 10 computers. If you too have a Windows 10 computer and this error is turning up frequently, then you can go through our methods. In these methods, you will learn to turn off proxy, make a new user profile, try startup repair, use the PC repair tool, and a lot more, to fix this error code. 

Method 1: Use PC Repair Tool on Windows 10

Many of you may be familiar with the PC Repair tool and may have used it to fix various errors on your PC. In case of the Windows update 0x80070422 error, you can use the same tool. The steps to use the PC Repair tool have been shown here. 

1. Open the web browser on your Windows 10 computer and download the “PC Repair Tool”.

2. Install the “PC Repair Tool” and launch it on your computer.

3. Click on “Start Scan” to locate the exact Windows problem.

4. Then click on the “Repair All” option to fix the problem.

Once the tool has finished the scanning and repairing process, the Windows update error will not bother you. 

Suggestion: It might be helpful to upgrade Windows to avoid seeing the Windows update error 0x80070422 in future. 

Method 2: Check for Malware on Windows 10

In certain instances, the users of Windows 10 found that their computers were affected by malware while they were accessing Firewall. This malware was thus causing the 0x80070422 Windows 10 activation error. The same can be possible in your case as well. Therefore, we will advise you to scan your Windows 10 computer and check for any malware. If you happen to find any malware, get it fixed immediately. Then your computer will get free from this Windows activation error. 

Method 3: Use Microsoft’s Fix It Tool on Windows 10

The Windows 10 error 0x80070422 may be faced while you are trying to open the Windows Firewall software. You can use the Fix It tool by Microsoft for troubleshooting the error. Using this tool for fixing the Windows 10 error requires you to do only 3 simple steps. Let us find out what these steps are. 

1. Download Microsoft’s Fix It tool on your Windows 10 computer.

2. Install and run the Fix It tool on your computer.

3. You will see a set of instructions on your screen. Do as directed and troubleshoot the problem within minutes. 

Method 4: Ensure Windows Firewall Service is Properly Running on Windows 10

When the Windows Firewall service is not running smoothly on your computer, you may find the Windows installer error 0x80070422. To ensure that the Windows Firewall service is properly running on your system, the 12 steps given below will be very useful. Let us read these steps. 

1. Press “Windows” key and “R” key together. 

2. Type in “services.msc” in “Run”.

3. Press “Enter” or click “OK”.

services.msc - 0x80070422 error windows update

4. Once the Services window shows up, find and click twice on “Windows Defender Firewall”.

5. Ensure that the “Startup Type” is configured to “Automatic” and that the service is also running.

6. Now, click on “Apply”.

7. Then check whether the changes made have been saved or not.

8. Once the service is turned on, it authorizes you to begin and set the “Windows Defender” tool without any errors.

Note: It is suggested to set up both the “Windows Update” and “Background Intelligent Transfer Service” along with the “Windows Defender Firewall” service. 

9. Ensure that the “Windows Update” service is running properly.

10. Verify that the “configuration” is “Automatic”.

11. Begin the “Background Intelligent Transfer Service”.

12. Configure its “Startup Type” as “Manual”.

Now, use your Windows computer and see if the error persists. 

Method 5: Use Startup Repair Feature on Windows 10

The Startup Repair feature of your computer can be used for resolving the Windows update standalone installer 0x80070422 error. In case you have never used this feature, here you can learn how to use it in just 6 quick steps. 

1. On your Windows 10 computer, go to “Start”.

2. Click on the “Power” button.

3. Use the “Shift” key to choose “Restart” from the “Menu”.

4. Choose the option of “Troubleshoot”. 

5. Then click on “Advanced Options”. 

6. The next step is to tap “Startup Repair”.

Now, the repair process will begin. This may take up to a few minutes. When the process is complete, check whether the error has vanished from your Windows 10 computer. 

Method 6: Use System Restore Feature on Windows 10

The System Restore feature of Windows 10 is very helpful. Through this feature, you can easily restore your Windows computer to a previous condition that lacked any errors or problems. That means when the 0x80070422 Windows 10 error bugs your computer, you can restore the system and run it error-free. 

1. Press the “Windows” key together with the “S” key.

2. Type in “System Restore”.

3. Then select the option of “Create a restore point from the menu”.

4. Then go to the “System Properties”.

5. Click on the “System Restore” button to continue.

6. Tap “Next” when the “System Restore” window opens. 

7. View more restore points, if available.

8. Choose the desired restore point and then click on “Next”.

Now, go through the instructions displayed on your screen to complete the restoration process. When your Windows 10 system has been successfully restored, you can verify whether the error code persists or not. 

Method 7: Turn off Proxy on Windows 10

There are many users who use proxies for safeguarding their privacy over the internet. The proxies can, at times, interfere with your network setup. Thus, you might end up facing the error 0x80070422 Windows update. An ideal fix for this will be to turn off the proxy on your computer. 

1. Go to the “Settings applications”. For this, press the “Windows” key along with the “I” key.

2. Now, go to the “Network & Internet” section. 

3. From the left side of the menu, you have to choose “Proxy”. 

4. Then turn off all the options given in the right window pane.

Now, the Windows update error will have been fixed on your computer. You can use your computer without any interference. 

Method 8: Make a New User Profile on Windows 10

A corrupt or damaged user profile is one of the causes of the tienda Windows error 0x80070422. A simple workaround for this problem is to create a new user profile on your Windows 10 computer. Creating a new profile is an effortless procedure. The steps for making it have been shown as follows. 

1. Open the “Settings” application on your system. 

2. Go to the “Accounts” section.

3. Then choose “Family & other people” from the “Menu” on the left pane.

4. Now, select “Add someone else to this system” on the right side.

5. Next, choose “I don’t have this person’s login information”.

6. Then select “Add a user without a MS account” option.

7. Enter the desired “User Name” and click “Next”.

Now, a new user profile will have been created on your computer. Access your computer via this profile. The error will not be encountered anymore. 


In this post, we explored tons of methods to fix the Windows backup error 0x80070422. This error occurring on Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, and Windows 10 was easy to fix, wasn’t it? Which method worked the best for you? Simply, tell us by dropping a comment. We would love to know! 

Also, check our blogs on how to update Drivers Windows 7 and how to turn off Windows Defender. Our methods for these are simple too.

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