How to Fix Windows 10 Update Firewall Error Code 0x80070422 Immediately

How to Fix Windows 10 Update Firewall Error Code 0x80070422 Immediately

Windows error code 0x80070422 is one of the commonly reported error by the Windows 10 users. This error is indicated as the Windows 10 Update Firewall error. Till the error hinders the works process it is recommended that the error should be fixed. The PC repair tool is supposed to be implemented in this situation. With the use of this too it functions the repair of the common computer errors, safeguards the crucial financial file loss, security software and malware, failure in the hardware and enhance the performance ability of your computer. So immediately fix the Windows Update error 0x80070422. Follow the below mentioned steps to download the tool to resolve the issue. The PC repair tool is a specially designed to help the Windows users to get rid of the unexpected errors that crops up and hinder the work process.

Steps to Download the PC Repair Tool:

    • Go to the official website and download the PC Repair Tool
    • Install the tool and then run it in your system
    • Then click on Start Scan to locate the exact Windows issues that is creating the unfriendly situations
  • Finally click the Repair All option to fix all issues

Note: Windows needs to be upgraded.

As the error code 0x80070422 is being very common it is important to know the reason why the users get the error message and what are the possible resolutions that is needed to fix the installer encountered an error 0x80070422 and further be able to alter the configuration to your Windows 8 or Windows 8.1 Firewall willingly.

Possible Reasons for the Error  Code 0x80070422

The reason the error code 0x80070422 occurs and the Window users get the error message in Windows 8 and 10. In many situations it happens when the user attempts to turn on the Windows Firewall. What happens actually that the error message is displayed is that it can begin from different Malware or Virus infections to your Windows system and concludes with Windows 8/Windows 8.1 Updates that are not made till now. However, you can go through the instructions mentioned below and follow them for successful fix of your Window issue.

How to to fix error 0x80070422

Prior starting Windows 7 & 8.1 users can also follow the same instructions to resolve the error successfully.  Windows Firewall is the ultimate way to safeguard your computer against malicious applications as well users. Unluckily some of the errors can crop up at times with Windows Firewall. If we talk about errors, these are some of the issues that are frequently reported by the  Window users.

    • The Windows error code 0x80070422 in Windows 10 unexpectedly occurs in your Win 10 computer and hinders in functioning of firewall program. Nothing to panic, this error can easily be fixed by following the suggested resolution methods.
    • Windows Firewall fail to alter certain configuration and the error code 0x80070424 is displayed.  
    • The Windows  10 error can also be experienced by the user while attempting alterations in your firewall. This might be happened due to the malware. Ensure to carry out a extensive scanning of the malware.
    • The error might occur due to Windows Firewall that fails to start. To fix the problem verify that the services needed are running rightly.
    • Disable of the Windows Firewall may lead to this issue. This can only happen if the WIndows installation is corrupt.
    • Windows Firewall are not authorized to alter the settings. In case you find difficult to alter the configuration the problem might be file corruption or any other problem. Anyways you can fix the error by the functionality of System Restore.
    • Windows Firewall fail to perform. At times Windows Firewall won’t work at all. This can result to a big security risk.
  • So to resolve the problem follow the below mentioned solutions.

Follow the step wise instructions shown below. Make sure the you carry out all the steps in the given sequence to get the successful results.

How to Resolve Windows Activation 0x80070422?

Solution I 0x80070422 # Thoroughly Scan your Computer for malware

In case you are continuously facing the error code 0x80070422 while trying to approach Windows Firewall. The main reason is due to virus or malware affect. There are specific malware designed to safeguard in order to open Windows Firewall. However, it can be resolved by carrying out a deep scan of the system.

In case you are not using any antivirus tool, you can use tools such as BullGuard, Bitdefender or Panda antivirus. These programs accord unmatched security features and are excellent in safeguarding all the malware threats.

Once the through scanning of your system is successfully done with any of the antivirus tools the error should be fixed and you are allowed to access the Windows Firewall without any flaw. Many of the Windows 10 users recommend to use malware scanner designed by Microsoft. So you can choose to use the tool for fixing the error as well.

Solution II 0x80070422 # Implement the FIx it Tool by Microsoft:

In case you are facing the error 0x80070422 when you are accessing the Windows Firewall software then your problem can be fixed by implementing the Fix it tool developed by Microsoft. This issue was noticed long before so this tool has been designed and developed by Microsoft to help you to deal with the issue. For using the tool to resolve the issue you simply have to download the Fix it tool. Once downloaded successfully, install it and run the software/tool on your system.

On running the software set of instructions is displayed over the screen. Go through it and follow it accordingly. The tool fixes the problem with your firewall.

Solution III 0x80070422 # Altering Windows Update Configuration:

Follow the below mentioned steps for making changes in the settings of Window Update:

    • Go to Settings application and open it
    • Then click on Update and recovery
    • Click on the left side and select how Windows updates get installed option
    • Turn on the Windows Updates option.
    • Configure recommended updates to provide recommended updates the similar way you receive crucial updates
  • Then click on Apply. It will save all the alterations made

Make a note that this particular solution is suggested for Windows 8 and 8.1 users.

Solution IV 0x80070422 # Verify that the Windows Firewall Service is Running Properly:

In case you are encountering the Windows error code 0x80070422 while attempting to reach the Windows Firewall, the error might probably due to the services you are availing. Windows Firewall needs some services to be turn on for smooth functioning. The below steps might help you to turn on the services:

    • Use Windows Key + R simultaneously and type services.msc.
    • Press Enter or click OK.
    • Once the Services window crops up find and click twice on Windows Defender Firewall.
    • Ensure that the Startup type is configured to Automatic and that the service is running.
    • Click on Apply
  • Check if the changes made are saved or not.

Once the service is turn on it authorizes you to begin and set the Windows Defender tool without any errors.

It is suggested to set up both the  Windows Update and Background Intelligent Transfer Service along with the Windows Defender Firewall service. To resolve the problem you will have to carry out the following.

    • Ensure that the Windows Update service is running properly
    • Verify that the configuration is Automatic
    • Begin the Background Intelligent Transfer Service
    • Configure its Startup type to be Manual
  • Verify if the problem is fixed after carrying out the steps

Solution V 0x80070422 # Implement the Startup Repair Feature:

At times the error is due to the corrupt/damaged Windows 10 installation. For resolving the problem you will have to run Startup Repair feature. It is a very simple and easy process. You just need to follow the steps given below and it’s done:

    • Go to Start and open it
    • Click on the Power button
    • Use the Shift key to choose Restart from the menu
    • Choose Troubleshoot -> Advanced options -> Startup Repair.
  • Thus the repair process begins.

Usually the repair process involves some time so hold patience. Do not hinder the process. When the process is successfully done check the problem is resolved or not. Accordingly move to the other solution

Solution VI 0x80070422 # Go Ahead with System Restore Feature:

While trying to access Windows Firewall if you are facing the error code 0x80070422, you can use System Restore feature. System Restore is very beneficial feature to the users. It helps to restore your computer very easily to the previous condition and resolve many issues. For resolving this error you will have to use System Restore by following the below mentioned steps:

    • Use Windows Key + S
    • Type System Restore
  • Choose Create a restore point from the menu

It is also suggested to the users to download the tool to resolve the system problems and enhance the speed and productivity of your system.

    • Go to the System Properties window will open
    • Click the System Restore button to move ahead
    • Click Next if the System Restore window opens
    • Display more restore points if available
    • Choose the desired restore point -> click Next.
  • Go through the instructions displayed on the screen to complete the restoration process. When your system is restored successfully verify the problem persists or not.

Solution VII 0x80070422 # Turn off your Proxy:

There are many users who use proxy for safeguarding their privacy over the internet. The proxies can at times hinder with your network set up and you might end up with facing the error 0x80070422. For resolving the error you will have to turn off your proxy by following these steps:

    • Go to the Settings applications by using Windows Key + I.
    • Once the settings application opens -> Go to the Network & Internet section.
  • Choose Proxy from the left side menu and turn off all options in the right window pane.

Once you carry out the steps the the problem with Windows Firewall is expected to be fixed completely.

Solution VIII 0x80070422 # Make a New User Profile

If you are face the Windows error code 0x80070422 when you try to run Windows Firewall, the reason might be due to corrupt user profile. Your profile might be damaged or corrupt due to for various possible reasons, but you can easily make a new profile by following the below steps:  

    • Open the Settings application
    • Go to Accounts section
    • Choose Family & other people from the menu on the left pane.
    • Select Add someone else to this system on the right side.
    • Choose I don’t have this person’s log in information.
    • Select Add a user without a MS account option.
  • Enter the desired user name and click Next.

This will create a new user profile. Once you have created a new account for the user shift to it. Now check if the problem exists. If the problem does not crop up you can move your important company files to the new account and start using it as the primary one.

Finally the above mentioned solutions will fix your error code 0x80070422 in Windows 10, 8 or Windows 8.1. There are multiple solutions because the error occurs due to different reasons for different users.

But if you still face the issue despite of following the solutions you can connect with the reliable third party company It is one of the reputed support agency for Windows support. It roofs highly capable and competent professionals who hold extensive experience and expertise in handling Windows errors.They are well trained and are certified by Microsoft. They assure quick feasible support with the clients within a minimum turnaround time (TAT). They are 24X7 active and are easily approachable over phone, email and live chat. You can easily connect with the support executive by dialing the toll free phone support number +1-844-414-5222.

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