How to Update Drivers Windows 7 & Also Update Audio, USB, Bluetooth Drivers

How to Update Drivers Windows 7 & Also Update Audio, USB, Bluetooth Drivers

Are you looking for a step-by-step guide for how to update drivers windows 7? We know several methods to help you update drivers windows 7. From hardware drivers and video card drivers to sound drivers and USB drivers, this post will tell you the best methods to update all of them. For every method to update the Windows 7 computer drivers, we have also provided the steps which are really easy to follow. 

So, let us now start reading these methods and get your computer drivers updated quickly.  

How to Update Drivers Windows 7?

We are here with 5 cool methods to update the drivers on your Windows 7 computer. In these methods, you will get to know the steps for updating the Bluetooth drivers, USB drivers, audio drivers, video drivers, as well as the graphics drivers on your computer. 

These methods have been tried and tested to make sure that the drivers in your Windows 7 computer get updated in the correct way. 

Method 1: How to Update Bluetooth Drivers on Windows 7 via Device Manager?

Have you been facing any kind of issue while using the Bluetooth on your Windows 7 computer? A possible error with the Bluetooth driver may be the cause of this issue. You can update drivers windows 7 to get rid of this problem. The 7-step procedure given below will help you in updating the Bluetooth drivers on your PC. 

1. Firstly, open the “Control Panel” on your Windows 7 computer.

2. Now, click twice on the “Device Manager”.

Device Manager - Update Drivers Windows 7

3. Next, you have to look for the “Bluetooth Driver” and once located, click twice on it for the update.

4. Then click on the “Driver” tab.

5. After that, click on the “Update Driver” option.

6. Next, click on “Search Automatically” to get the updated driver software.

7. Once the search is complete, you can follow the instructions on your screen to install the latest driver updates for the Bluetooth.

Now, try using the Bluetooth of your Windows 7 computer. You will not face any kind of issue with it. 

Method 3: How Do I Update My USB Drivers in Windows 7 via Device Manager?

Many users of Windows 7 face problems with USB operations when their USB drives become outdated. A quick fix to this problem is to update the USB drivers on your computer. So, here is the best way to update drivers Windows 7 for error-free USB operations. You can update the USB drivers in just 7 quick steps. 

1. First, you need to click on “Start” and then select “Control Panel”.

2. Now, click on “System” and then choose the “Hardware” tab. 

3. The third step is to click on “Device Manager”.

4. Now, tap on “Universal Serial Bus Controllers”.

5. Highlight the component to be updated by selecting it.

6. Right-click on this component and then select “Update Driver Software” from the “Menu”. 

Update Driver Software - How to Update Drivers Windows 7

7. Now, the “Update Driver Software” wizard will be open on your screen. Follow the instructions shown here to Update USB Drivers Windows 7. 

Method 4: How to Update Drivers Windows 7 for Audio and Video?

“Do I need to update drivers windows 7?” If you too are thinking about this, then let us tell you that updating the sound and video drivers will be very beneficial for you while you use the sound and video features on your Windows 7 computer. Corrupted drivers of audio and video controllers can generate multiple errors on your device. To escape these errors, we will suggest you to update the drivers right away. 

So, let us now take a look at the following steps to update the sound drivers and video drivers on your PC.

1. On your Windows 7 computer, open the “Control Panel”.

2. Go to “Device Manager”.

3. Now, double-click on the option of “Sound, Video and Game Controllers”.

4. Next, you have to locate the device that is causing an issue and then click twice on the driver.

5. Then go to the “Driver” tab and press “Uninstall”.

6. Insert the “Driver Disc” into your Windows 7 computer.

7. Perform as per the instructions on your screen. Then this procedure to update video driver Windows 7 and audio driver Windows 7 will be over.

Method 5: How to Update Drivers Windows 7 for Graphics?

Lack of updated graphics drivers Minecraft Windows 7 may cause certain problems on your computer. To avoid any problems related to the graphics, you can update the graphics drivers. In this section, you can learn how to update graphics drivers windows 7 in just 8 steps. 

Note: The name of your computer’s graphic card will be required to go ahead with this procedure. If you don’t remember the name of the graphics card installed on your system, then here is how you can check the same. Click on “Start”. Click on “System Information”. Here, expand the components. Then you will be able to view the name of the graphics card that has been installed on your Windows 7 computer. 

1. Begin with right-clicking anywhere on your computer screen.

2. Choose “Screen Resolution”.

3. Now, click on the “Advanced Settings”.

4. A window will now open. Here, you can check the name of the graphics card installed on your system.

5. Now, click on the “Properties” and then open the “Driver” tab.

6. Next, click on “Update Driver”.

7. Tap on “Search Automatically for the Updated Driver Software”.

8. When the search is complete, perform as per the on-screen instructions to install the latest update for the graphics driver Windows 7. 

When you have finished updating the graphics drivers on your computer, you will encounter no graphic related issues. 

Summing up the Blog

This blog showed you how to update computer drivers windows 7 by performing simple and quick steps. We are sure, by now, all your Windows 7 computer drivers must have been updated by you. If you were pleased by this blog, then do let us know via your comments. We will keep writing such awesome posts for you!

Meanwhile, you can read through the proven fixes for Bluetooth turned off Windows 10. And if you also want to know how to turn off Windows Defender, then you should definitely go ahead with this worthwhile post. 

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