Windows 10 Shortcut Keys for Rotate Screen, Shutdown

Windows 10 Shortcut Keys for Rotate Screen, Shutdown

Answers: There are many cool windows 10 keyboard shortcuts that can help users fasten their typing and working speeds. The usage of the windows 10 shortcuts pdf is vast and is helpful too. The tricks are worth learning and remembering as it makes the work more exciting and easier as well. The system can also support custom keyboard shortcuts windows 10 by doing some simple settings.

rotate window screen

Let us first know how to rotate screen windows 10 with keyboards shortcut:

  1. Press the Alt key and Ctrl key simultaneously as the base keys
key rotate screen
  1. Press the right arrow and left arrow to shift page from landscape to portrait and vice versa [ Alt+Ctrl+ right arrow] [Alt+Ctrl+ left arrow]
 Alt+Ctrl+ left arrow
 Alt+Ctrl+ right arrow
  1. The screen can be turned at 90 degrees by the right arrow and 180 degree by the left arrow
turned at 90 degrees
  1. Alt+Ctrl+ up arrow can turn the screen to upside down and Alt+Ctrl+ down arrow can fix it to landscape view again
  2. One can always customize the keyboard settings and adjust the desired keys to perform the activities commanded or needed

We can also know how to use the shutdown keyboard shortcut windows 10:

  1. The simplest way to shut down the system is to use the basic windows button with the X key simultaneously.
window key
  1. This is followed by pressing the U key while keeping the other two pressed
  2. The U key is pressed again to turn off or shut down the system.
  3. The windows key+ X +U is common for all the power on/off requirements as hibernate, sleep or restart.

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  • This website is becoming one of my favorites because of the technical solutions they provide. Even these keyboard commands have made my life a little hassle-free. Earlier I kept on using the mouse which confused me a bit.

  • The shortcuts and keyboard commands make working efficient and little less time-consuming. This was very helpful to know all the commands.

  • Using the mouse constantly and looking up for the icons on the screen to rotate the screen was becoming a little too much. Thanks for the Errorsdoc which let me know the shortcuts.

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