Windows 10 Start Button & Search Not Working

When trying to work on windows 10 through start button, did you find error in making it happening? Have you ever encountered issue with Windows 10 start button not working? If yes, then you are surely looking for prospective solution to solve the issue.

The correct reason for this issue changes on various combinations of PC conditions, yet there are without doubt arrangements that will enable you to fix your not working Start menu issue.

You can attempt any of the accompanying methods, in case you found your Start button not working Windows 10. Follow the steps given in any of the method and see, whether the issue is still there or not.

Methods If Windows 10 Start Button not working?

Method 1: Relog into your account

  • Press the Ctrl + Alt + Delete keys in a combined way on the keyboard. Click Sign out.

Sign Out Window

  • Just type in your password and sign in once more.

Type Password

  • Check if your Start menu works OK now. If not, try the next method.

Method 2: Create new user account

  • At the desktop, right-click on the task bar. Click on Task Manager.

Click Task Manager

  • Select File alternative available on the top of the Task Manager window and after that pick Run new task.

Run New Task

  • Now, type ‘powershell’ and tick the case for ‘Create this task with administrative privilege’. Click OK.

Type Powershall

  • In PowerShell window, type the new username and new password and press enter.

new username and new password

  • Restart your PC and sign into the new user account.
  • Your Start menu should work now.

Method 3: Reinstall video card and sound card drivers

  • Download Display Driver Updater and utilize it to uninstall your running display card driver.
  • Press the Windows logo key and X in a combination on your keyboard and then click on Device Manager.

Device Manager

  • Double-click on ‘Sound, video and game controller’. Also, right-click on your audio card driver and click uninstall device.

Sound Controller

  • Restart your PC after uninstalling both of drivers.

Uninstall Audio

  • Now, refresh your video and sound card driver.
  • Now, check if your Start menu is back.

Method 4: Uninstall third party antivirus programs

On the off chance that you’ve introduced antivirus programs, for example, Norton, Kaspersky, etc, you ought to briefly turn them off or incapacitate them to check whether they’re causing your Start menu not working issue. On the off chance that your PC’s Start menu comes back to ordinary when they’re off, you should contact the seller of the product to check whether they can give some assistance.

Method 5: Uninstall Dropbox

  • Press the Windows logo key and R in one go on your keyboard, type control in and press Enter.
  • View the list by ‘Category’. Now, click on ‘Uninstall a program’.

Uninstall Program

  • Find Dropbox, and click Uninstall to get it expelled from your PC.

Method 6: Run Microsoft Start menu troubleshooter

Introduce this troubleshooter and check whether your concern can be fixed by it. This troubleshooter will check whether the start menu and Cortana are installed correctly or not and fix the issue, then and there. In the event that the issue remains, you should proceed onward to the methods coming up straightaway.

Method 7: Check and fix Windows files

  • At the bottom, right-click on the task bar and click on Task Manager.

Click Task Manager

  • Choose the file option and then choose run new task on the top of the task manager.

Run New Task

  • Then type powershell and tick the case for ‘Create this task with administrative privileges’. Click OK.

Run New Task

  • Type sfc/scannow in and press the Enter key. Sit tight for some time for the process to finish.

Type scannow

  • Copy and glue the following command ‘DSIM/Online /Cleanup-Image/ RestoreHealth’, and press the Enter key. Wait, till it processes.


  • When these two tests completes, check if your Start menu is back.

Method 8: Reinstall Cortana

The motivation behind why your Start menu and Cortana isn’t working could be that they are introduced wrong, by one way or another. You can reinstall them to recover the Start menu include. Here is the secret:

  • Click on the task manager.

Click Task Manager

  • On the Task manager, select file option and choose ‘Run new task’.

Run New Task

  • Then type powershell and tick the case for ‘Create this task with administrative privileges’. Click OK.

Type Powershall

  • Copy and glue the command to reinstall Cortana and press the Enter key.

Glue Command

  • There, your Cortana is reinstalled, and your Start menu ought to likewise be back at this point.

What to do if Windows 10 search not working?

Did you encounter the issue with your PC, when windows 10 search not working? If yes, then the accompanying methods can serve the greatest help to you. ‘

Go through the below mentioned methods.

Method 1: Restart your PC

On the off chance that you haven’t restarted your PC to check whether the issue is gone, do it now before you continue with the accompanying advances, particularly for the individuals who are utilized to give the PC a chance to sleep as opposed to stopping it when not utilizing.

Method 2: Restart Cortana/Search process

  • Choose the task manager by clicking right at the task bar. 

Click Task Manager

  • On your keyboard, press the C key and better find the process Cortana, at that point right click it and click ‘End Task’.


  • On the off chance that you can discover Search process, additionally right-click it and pick End Task.

Method 3: Modify Windows Search service

  • Press the Windows logo key and R in one go on your keyboard. Now, type services.msc in the search box and press Enter.

Services msc

  • Press W key to find the ‘Windows Search’ alternative. Now, right-click it and pick Properties.

Window search

  • Change the Startup type to Automatic, and afterward click OK to save the change and exit.

Change startup

  • Restart your PC after this.

Method 4: Restore indexing services

  • Follow the way: Start button > Control Panel > Indexing Options.

Indexing option

  • Click on the ‘Advanced’ button.

Indexing option Advanced

  • In the recently open window, click ‘Rebuild’ button under Troubleshooting classification.

Rebuild Indexing

  • Click ‘OK’ to continue, if you find the rebuild index notification.

Method 5: Run the in-built troubleshooter

  • Press the Windows logo key and R in a combination on your keyboard. Type in control and press Enter.
  • View the options with the help of available small icons and click on ‘Troubleshooting’.


  • Click on ‘View all’.

Click View All

  • Click on ‘Search and Indexing’.

Search and Indexing

  • Click on ‘Next’.

Click Next Search and Indexing

  • Tick the boxes for the suitable troubleshooting process you see. Now, click on ‘Next’ to proceed.

Check Box and next

  • When the investigating process completes, Windows 10 ought to have the capacity to disclose to you what turned out badly and what you can do to fix it.

In case, the above mentioned methods and their steps failed to work, you can try a simple way to fix the issue of ‘Start button doesn’t work Windows 10 . It is nothing but restarting or refreshing the windows.

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