How to Reset Canon Printer to Factory Settings and Reset its Ink Cartridge?

How to Reset Canon Printer to Factory Settings and Reset its Ink Cartridge?

Resetting the ink cartridge of your Canon printer can be required in situations wherein the cartridge is not getting recognized. The cartridge needs to be correctly reset in your printing device if you do not wish to see any damages or errors. To prevent the same and assist you in the task, we have authored several methods on how to reset the Canon printer’s ink cartridge. Along with these methods, you can also browse through the ways to restore your printer to the default state by factory resetting it. The models on which these methods can work have also been cited here.

In this post on how to reset the Canon ink cartridge, the following is what we will be studying today:

 How to Reset or Factory Reset a Canon Printer?

Factory resetting or resetting your Canon printer can make the device as good as new. The settings of the printer will return to the state in which the device came. For resetting it, you can utilize the Setup option on the printer. Press it and then opt for Device Settings. Then choose Reset Setting. Accompanying this, the user will be required to select the Reset All option. Throughout this procedure to factory reset the Canon printer, the arrow buttons of your machine can be used for selecting these options.

Let us now find the complete steps to correctly perform this procedure. They have been mentioned below:

  • On your Canon printer, select “Setup“.
select "Setup to reset canon printer
  • Go to “Device Settings“. Your Canon printer’s arrow buttons can be used for reaching this option.
Go to "Device Settings to reset canon printer
  • Push the “Ok” button.
  • Using the arrow buttons, select “Reset Setting“.
  • Tap “Ok“.
select "Reset Setting" to reset a canon printer
  • Choose “Reset All“. The device’s arrow buttons will help in selecting it.
  • Again push “Ok“.
Choose "Reset All" and reset canon printer
  • After this, opt for “Yes“.
opt for "Yes"
  • Press the “Ok” button one more time.
Press the "Ok"

Resetting or factory resetting your Canon printer will now be complete. However, it should be noted that for using your device any further, the procedure to set it up will have to be performed one more time.

How Do I Reset My Canon Printer to Factory Settings?

Along with resetting the ink cartridge, some of you may also require help with how to reset the Canon printer to its factory settings. The method to do so has been identified in this section. To follow it, you can first find and hit the Stop button till the time you hear a ringing alarm. After that, you can press the Start button once you hear the alarm at least 19 times. Gradually, you will be able to reset your Canon printer to its factory settings.

  • Until a ringing alarm is heard on your device, press the “Stop” button.
  • Now, hit the “Start” button after the alarm rings 19 times or flashes.
  • Your printer will get restored to the factory settings. Then you will be required to remove its drivers from your system.
  • Install the latest versions of the drivers once again. 

How should I Reset My Canon PIXMA Printer to its Default Factory Settings?

In certain situations, your Canon PIXMA Printer may not work as smoothly as you expect it to. You can choose to reset it to its default factory settings. For restoring the default factory settings, you can enter the Device Settings when your printer is powered on. From these settings, you can choose the option of Resetting. Then you can proceed to factory reset your device using the instructions given as follows. 

  • Start your Canon PIXMA Printer.
  • Look for the “Device Settings”. You will find this option in the menu. Using the arrows, you can select it.
  • Now, select “Ok”.
  • Choose “Resetting”.
  • Hit “Ok”.
  • Next, turn off your printer.
  • Press the “Stop” and “Power” buttons at the same instant.
  • Keep the “Power” button pressed. Then release “Stop”. Now, press “Stop” twice.
  • After 30 seconds, “O” will be displayed on the screen. To continue, tap on “Stop” 4 times.
  • Then push the “Power” button twice.
  • Now, press the “Power” button one more time for turning off your printer.

How to Reset Canon Printer’s Ink Cartridge?

The Power button is a usual way for resetting the ink cartridge of a Canon printer. Using a certain method, a chip can be used for resetting the cartridges. Certain Canon devices can come with a Stop, Resume, Ok, or Reset button. This button can also be used for this purpose. Surprisingly, in some cases, just by reinstalling the ink cartridges, they can get reset.
To reset the Canon ink Cartridge, you can adopt one of the 6 methods displayed on this page. While selecting the method, do keep in mind the model of your printer. Also, consider whether or not the chosen method will be suitable for your device.

Method 1: Reset Canon Ink Cartridge by Using Power Button

Using the Power button to reset the Canon printer’s ink cartridge is the most usual method. For applying this method, please ensure that your printer isn’t on. Then push the Power button. Subsequently, push the Stop button as well. This is followed by leaving the Stop button for a while. Afterwards, you can press it again with the Power button. This is followed by a few more simple steps to proceed with resetting your device’s ink cartridge.

  • Turn off the Canon printer.
  • Press the “Power” button together with the “Stop” button.
  • Now, leave the “Stop” button.
  • Again press the “Stop” button while holding the “Power” button. Press the “Stop” button twice.
  • You will see “O” on the screen after 30 seconds.
  • Now, press the “Stop” button four times and then the “Power” button twice.
  • Press the “Power” button again. The printer will turn off. 
  • Release the USB and power cables of the Canon printer. 
  • Keep pressing the “Power” button and access the ink cartridge door. Connect the cables to the device.
  • Close the ink cartridge door and release the “Power” button.

Method 2: Resetting Canon Ink Cartridge via Chip

Coming to the second method, we will now learn the use of a chip to reset the Canon printer’s ink cartridge. In order to initiate this method, you can locate the door of the device, open it, and take off its cartridge. After that, the cartridge needs to be positioned in the main resetter channel. See to it that the chip of the cartridge and the contact plate connect with each other. To go ahead, the directions have been stated as follows:

  • Open the ink cartridge door of the Canon printer and remove the cartridge.
  • Place the cartridge into the main resetter channel.
  • Ensure that the ink cartridge chip and the resetter contact plate make a contact.
  • Now, press the cartridge for a while. 
  • You will see that the LED light on the chip resetter flashes a number of times when the contact has been made.
  • When the light becomes constant, release the Canon ink cartridge.
  • Now, install it back to your Canon printer.

Note: While doing this method, there may be a slight chance of encountering any software-related problem. In case you come across such a problem, you can refer to our post on Canon Printer troubleshooting measures to fix it.

Method 3: Reset Canon Ink Cartridge via Stop/Resume/Ok/Reset Button

Your Canon Printer may have been provided with the Stop, Resume, Ok or Reset button. Using one of these buttons, it can be possible to reset your printing machine’s cartridge. To use one of these buttons, you will only have to perform a 2-step method. These steps will be inclusive of pressing any one of these buttons that is present on your Canon printer. Then you need to hold it for as many as 5 seconds. 

  • Press “Stop”/”Resume”/”Ok”/”Reset” on your Canon printer.
  • Press the chosen button for 5 seconds.
5 second - how to reset canon printer

Now, the printing will be set to the “ink out” condition.

The third method for how to reset the Canon ink cartridge will work for the following PIXMA MP Printer series:

Canon PIXMA MP150 Printer Canon PIXMA MP160 Printer Canon PIXMA MP170 Printer Canon PIXMA MP180 PrinterCanon PIXMA MP190 Printer 
Canon PIXMA MP210 Printer Canon PIXMA MP240 Printer Canon PIXMA MP250 Printer Canon PIXMA MP260 PrinterCanon PIXMA MP270 Printer 
Canon PIXMA MP280 Printer Canon PIXMA MP450 Printer Canon PIXMA MP460 Printer Canon PIXMA MP470 Printer Canon PIXMA MP480 Printer 
Canon PIXMA MP490 Printer Canon PIXMA MP495 Printer 

Method 3 will also be helpful for restoring the ink cartridge to defaults for the following Canon PIXMA MX Printer Series:

Canon PIXMA MX310 Printer Canon PIXMA MX320 Printer Canon PIXMA MX330 Printer Canon PIXMA MX340 Printer Canon PIXMA MX350 Printer 
Canon PIXMA MX360 PrinterCanon PIXMA MX410 Printer Canon PIXMA MX420 Printer Canon PIXMA MX432 Printer Canon PIXMA MX439 Printer
Canon PIXMA MX452 PrinterCanon PIXMA MX512 PrinterCanon PIXMA MX522 PrinterCanon PIXMA MG5320 Printer

You can make use of the third method for resetting the ink cartridge of the following Canon PIXMA iP Printer Series:

Canon PIXMA iP1600 Printer Canon PIXMA iP1800 Printer Canon PIXMA iP2600 Printer Canon PIXMA iP2700 Printer Canon PIXMA iP2702 Printer 

In addition, the method given in this sub-section will help in resetting the ink cartridge on the following Canon PIXMA MG Printer Series:

Canon PIXMA MG2120 PrinterCanon PIXMA MG2220 PrinterCanon PIXMA MG3120 PrinterCanon PIXMA MG3220 PrinterCanon PIXMA MG4220 PrinterCanon PIXMA MG4120 Printer

Method 4: Reset Canon Ink Cartridge via Resume Button

Should you like to know how to reset the ink cartridge in Canon printers with the help of the Resume button, you can glance at the method given in this sub-section. To use it, you can press the Resume button. Along with that, you will also be required to press the Power button. After a while, you can keep the Power button pressed and push the Resume button at least 5 times.

  • Tap and hold the “Resume” button of your printer.
  • Now, tap and hold the “Power” button.
  • Leave the “Resume” button.
  • Then tap the “Resume” button five times.
  • Now, leave the “Power” button. 

The ink level or the power light will stop blinking and become steady. Then the process will be complete. 

Method 4 can be used for the Canon PIXMA iP Printer models given below:

Canon PIXMA iP1600 PrinterCanon PIXMA iP1800 PrinterCanon PIXMA iP2600 PrinterCanon PIXMA iP2700 PrinterCanon PIXMA iP2702 Printer

Method 5: Resetting Canon Ink Cartridge by Reinstalling 

Certain users may wish to know whether or not reinstallation can help to reset the Canon printer’s ink cartridge. The process of reinstallation can certainly help in doing so. To begin with, you can unplug the machine and hit the On/Off button. At the same instant, the cable has to be plugged in. For reinstalling, you can tap the Reset/Stop button at least two times. To carry out the remaining procedure, you can visit Shipping Mode 3.

  • Turn off your Canon Printer and unplug it.
  • Tap the “On” or “Off” button. Plug in the cable at the same time.
  • Press the “Stop” or “Reset” button twice. Keep holding the “On” or “Off” button at the same time. 
  • Now, release the “On” or “Off” button.
  • Then you have to press the “Right arrow” button for “Shipping Mode 3”.
  • To select the mode, press “Ok”.
  • Tap the “Stop” or “Reset” button after the “Without Cleaning” message gets displayed on the screen.
  • Next, open the printer cover
  • Let the cartridge move towards the left.
  • Plug out the Canon printer. 
  • Remove both the ink cartridges.
  • Close the printer cover.
  • Plug in the printer’s power cable and press the “On” or “Off” button.
  • A message will be displayed telling you to “Replace Cartridges”. Then place back the cartridges
  • The printer will take a while to recognize them. Then the procedure will be complete.

Note: Method 5 will be excellent for Canon PIXMA Printers which have LCD or a display screen.

Method 6: Reset Canon Ink Cartridge by Color Start Button

The sixth method will educate you about the way to reset the ink Cartridge in Canon Printers via the Color Start button. For the purpose of utilizing this button, you can keep your device on and then hit the Reset button. While you do so, ensure that the Colour Start button is pressed. This step has to be repeated twice. Later, your device will start configuring.

The remaining guidelines have been showcased here.

  • Start your Canon printer.
  • Tap the “Reset” button. Keep pressing the “Color Start” button along with it.
  • Continue step 2 for 5 seconds.
  • Now, leave the “Color Start” button and the “Reset” button.
  • Now, wait for 20 seconds for the device to configure.
  • When you see “1” on display, tap the “Tool” button.
  • Now, “A” will be on display. Keep holding the “Tool” button together with the “Reset” button.
  • When the lights stop blinking, leave the “Tool” button and “Reset” button.
  • Turn off the printer and press the “Power” button along with the “Reset”/”Stop” button. 
  • Power LED will lit. Tap the “Reset”/”Stop” button twice. Keep holding the “Power” button.
  • Release the buttons. The device will now be in service mode.
  • The LED lights will become green. Tap the “Stop” or “Reset” button”.
  • Now, press the “Orange” button once, “Green” button twice, then “Orange” button thrice, then “Green” button 4 times, then “Orange” button 5 times, then “Green” button 6 times, then “Orange” button 11 times and then “Green” button 12 times. 

Note: You can use this method to reset the Canon ink cartridge in Canon Pixma Series All Models 

Where is the Reset Button on a Canon Printer?

On this page, we provided you with several methods for resetting your device’s ink cartridge. Some of these methods require the use of the Reset button in order to reset the cartridge. There is a possibility that some of the users may not have been able to find the Canon printer Reset button on the device. For this reason, you can consider looking at the image given as follows:

Where is the Reset Button on a Canon Printer?

The button indicated by “(A)” shows where the Reset button has been placed. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How to reset canon ink cartridge without chip resetter?

Using the “Power” button on the device remains a simple method that includes no chip resetter. You can reset the ink cartridge by pressing the button as well as “Stop” at the same time. Then you can leave only the second button for a short while and press it again. Leave it one more time and check the Canon printer’s display for a value. You can press the keys in a defined manner to complete the reset.

Can I reset the ink cartridges once they’ve been refilled?

You may use the chip of the printer to reset its cartridges after they have been refilled. The chip needs to be connected with the contact plate of the resetter. You may find this chip while removing the ink cartridge of Canon. When the contact has been made, it should flash multiple times. 

What is a hard Reset on Canon Printer?

Hard reset is a way to clear the entire hardware memory and updates related to your Canon printer. A “Reset” button can be given on the device. You can press it for nearly 5 seconds and the ink should run out. Hard reset on Canon can be done in more ways too.

How to reset the Canon Printer TS3122?

Turn off and plug out your TS3122 Printer. If any cables are attached, then remove them as well. After 2 minutes, plug in the device, insert the cables again, and power it on. It should be reset now. 

Drawing to a Close

Resetting the cartridge of Canon printers can seem like a task when you’re not aware of the exact steps to do so. To help you out in such a situation, we provided you with numerous methods supported by step-by-step instructions. We also listed the models on which these methods to reset the ink Cartridge of Canon printers will work. In addition, we made you familiar with the ways to restore your printing device to its default settings. 

Here’s more to read! Resolve the Canon Printer Offline status issue in case you are experiencing it. Go through our guide with just a tap!

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Geert Cooremans
2 years ago

How to reset Canon Printer MG5650?

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3 years ago

Which of the above resets to factory settings? All are to only reset the cartridge settings no mention to a complste factory reset. Please expand on that.


Chuck Doty
4 years ago

I have a 03 paper jam, but don’t have a jam and it won’t reset.

4 years ago

I have a canon PIXMA MG2420. The color cartridge was empty so I threw it out. Can I still scan and print without a color cartridge in the chamber?

Richard Thomson.
4 years ago

I have error cod 5012 on my Pixma MX926.
From memory, the scan bar should be hard left, now it is hard right.
I have just repositioned the ink carriage after inadvertently dislodging
same in a slip while shifting the printer. Carriage appears to be normal,
error message is up and no access to menu; ‘copy’ blinks, but will not
select fax, scan or menu.

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I have MG240s and I have issue of 5B00 how can I solve this error from my canon?? please help me

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4 years ago

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4 years ago

Hi, My Canon PIXMA TS 5160 keeps printing out pages with blue lines instead of blank pages, how do l fix this please?