How To Reset Canon Pixma Printer Ink Cartridge & Factory Settings?

How To Reset Canon Pixma Printer Ink Cartridge & Factory Settings?

How To Reset Canon Pixma Printer Ink Cartridge & Factory Settings?

Canon PIXMA is one of the best series of multi-functional printers available in the market that strive to cater to the needs of both home and office users. Easy to operate and use, Canon PIXMA printers offer trouble-free printing solutions at most times. But, there are times when users might face issues and error messages while using the printing device. These include paper jam, blockage or leakage of an ink cartridge, or random technical glitches. These may disrupt your printer’s normal functionality, and cause unnecessary hindrance to your work and productivity.

However, most of these issues can easily be tackled by quickly resetting your Canon PIXMA printer and its ink cartridge to factory settings. Though each PIXMA model has slightly different factory reset procedure, they all share a lot of common grounds.  In this article, we’ll show you the easiest way to reset your Canon PIXMA printer in case you are experiencing delayed printing problems or ink cartridge issues.

Ways to Reset Canon Printer to Factory Settings

Resetting your Canon PIXMA printer to its default factory setting will restore it back to its initial time, clearing all the settings and specifications that you have made after purchasing it. This would also necessitate reconnecting your printer to your home’s network and re-establishing the entire setup process again. However, this is the easiest way to get rid of all issues and error messages.

To access the factory reset option,

1. Turn your printer on and open the menu.

2. Use the directional arrows to navigate through the setup menu.

3. Go to Device settings and press OK.

4. Now select the Reset settings option and press OK to start the process.

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Ways to Reset Canon PIXMA Printer Ink Cartridge

When you refill or re-install ink cartridge on Canon PIXMA, it, at times, create a reset issue. Though there are various ways to resolve the problem, the best is to reset the printer according to BCH technology. For this,

1. Turn your printer off. 

2. Press the Power button while holding the Stop button.

3. Release the Stop button.

4. Keep holding the Power button and press the Stop button two more times.

5. After around 30 seconds, the printer will display “O.” 

6. Press the Stop button four more times before pressing the Power button twice.

7. Press the Power button one more time to turn off your printer. This will complete the reset process. 

8. Now reset the ink cartridges by unplugging the printer’s power and USB cables.

9. Open the ink cartridge door while pressing the Power button and reconnect the power cables with the Power button is still pressed.

10. Close the cartridge door, and then release the Power button.

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That’s it. By following the aforementioned steps you can easily reset your Canon Printer to factory settings as well as reset your Canon Printer ink cartridge. Should you need help during the process, feel free to call us at our Canon printer helpline number and speak with our expert technicians. They can help you easily reset your Canon printer using Canon Printer Reset Software and help you make the most of technology. Happy printing!

22 thoughts on “How To Reset Canon Pixma Printer Ink Cartridge & Factory Settings?

  1. I have a canon PIXMA MG2420. The color cartridge was empty so I threw it out. Can I still scan and print without a color cartridge in the chamber?

  2. I have error cod 5012 on my Pixma MX926.
    From memory, the scan bar should be hard left, now it is hard right.
    I have just repositioned the ink carriage after inadvertently dislodging
    same in a slip while shifting the printer. Carriage appears to be normal,
    error message is up and no access to menu; ‘copy’ blinks, but will not
    select fax, scan or menu.

  3. how i can reset my canon printer pixma mg2577s for recognize refill ink catridge now the printer not recognize the refill ink catridge


  5. Actually, I find it very helpful, your article helps me a lot to understand about this error. After reading your article i can easily reset my printer. Thanks for sharing this.
    Here we provide information about canon com ijsetup

  6. I can appreciate how nice it is to get “reset” advice that works for most “pixma” printers. However my TR8520 printer does not have the buttons, choices, screens, or arrows that are used with others to reset. In other words my pixma has no visible reset buttons or screens, such as the stop button usually referred to “hold down” unless you’re actually printing when it’s not possible to simultaneously reset when in use. So how can I reset this model?

  7. All I get when trying to reset is code U051. It doesn’t let me see the menu. All buttons I push are useless because I just get U051. Ink carts have been refilled (professionally) and reinstalled. Now, it keeps saying no ink and it won’t let me push anything except to turn it on and off. I’ve tried the reset instructions and unless I’m supposed to hold my breath and stand on one foot while I do all the rest and continue holding the power button, I can’t get it to reset. It’s a Canon MX410.

  8. I Have a Canon Pixma MG7560, after cleaning/washing the foam Absorber, Error 5B00, & Resetting the all the Ink Cartridges.I can not Reset the Printer. ERROR,ERROR, is all a getting, I,ve tried holding the Power, & Stop Buttons, But it will not work.ERROR. Can you please tell what I,m doing wrong.Thanks..

  9. I tried following the steps but i am very confused with the steps as i am not good with electronics and the button pressing. I was told by my grandson that i have to reset my printer to factory settings but how do i reset my canon printer to factory settings? I am very confused. If someone can come here or call me and help, i would be very thankful

  10. Okay i have perform a reset on my canon printer to factory settings but how do i get it connected back to the wifi and the computer? After the reset, the canon printer is no longer connected to the wifi, please help

  11. Thanks a ton for the instruction on how to reset my canon pixma printer. I was told by a friend that i should reset the printer and reconnect the printer back to the wireless network and it worked. My printer is now connected to 3 computers and its prints fine.

  12. Great help. I did a printer factory reset few years back on this printer but could not remember some few steps on how i did it. .the steps i did the last time and the steps mentioned here are a little bit different but it helped me reset my canon printer to factory settings again. Thank you

  13. Thanks for easy guide. We have changed our home modem and after the technician set up the connection, we completely forgot for our canon printer. The password and the user name was changed and the printer would not connect back. A friend of mine suggested to reset the printer to the factory settings so that i can reconfigure it with the new modem settings but i no idea on how do i reset my canon printer to factory settings. I thought it will be complicated like a computer, turns out its just few clicks. This is why i love canon printers, very easy to use and user friendly.

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