How to delete my Gmail account permanently?

How to delete my Gmail account permanently?

Do you want to delete your Gmail account permanently? If yes, you can do it easily. In any case, before you choose whether you don’t need your Gmail account, just think again on the idea. Prior to erasing your Gmail, you should ensure this email address is not connected to your bank, work, or other vital accounts in light of the fact that there’s no real way to forward messages sent to your email address once it’s been deleted. So go to your most critical accounts first and change the contact email address on them.
On the off chance that you made a Gmail account and now for some reason, you want to know how to delete Gmail account permanently, you can follow the below mentioned steps for better results.

  • Go to ‘Google Account Settings’.
  • Select the tab ‘Delete your account or services’ under the tab ‘Account preferences’.
  • Click on the link ‘Delete Products’.
  • Select the ‘Gmail account’ you need to delete.

delete gmail account

  • In the space named ‘Enter your password’, type the password.
  • Click ‘Next’.
  • Click the ‘trashcan’ symbol alongside Gmail.
  • Enter an email address different from the address with the Gmail account you are shutting under ‘Enter an email address’ in the How you’ll sign in to Google dialog box.
  • Click ‘Send Verification Email’.
  • Open the email from Google ([email protected]) with the subject “Security alert for your linked Google account” or “Gmail Deletion Confirmation”.
  • Follow the ‘deletion link’ in the message.
  • If needed, sign in to the Gmail account you are erasing.
  • Under Confirm Gmail Deletion Select ‘Yes, I need to delete email address’ permanently from my Google Account.
  • Click ‘Delete Gmail’.
  • Click ‘Done’.

How to delete Gmail account permanently from Android?

Those who want to know how to delete Gmail account permanently from Android can follow the below mentioned steps to do so. Here are the steps:

delete Gmail account permanently from Android

  • Open Menu and swipe through the choices and click on “Settings”. On the other hand, you can swipe down from the best on your home screen and click on little symbol on the upper right corner and you will have the capacity to open the settings of your Android phone.
  • Look down on the alternatives and tap on the icon ‘Accounts’.
  • Here, you will have the capacity to see every one of the accounts that are connected with your Android phone including Gmail, WhatsApp, and Facebook and many more.
  • Tap on Google and you will find the default preferences set by the user.
  • Tap on the ‘Menu symbol’ and click on option “remove Account”. After that you will have the capacity to see a pop up dialogue, which will ask you to confirm the activity. You have to confirm the action by clicking on the icon ‘Remove account’ once again.

This is how it’s done on an Android Phone or tablet. The procedure is same for all Android phones, with very few variations.

How to delete Gmail account from iPhone?

Want to erase your Gmail account from your iPhone? Looking for possible solutions on how to delete my Gmail account from iPhone? Check out the below mentioned steps.

delete Gmail account from iPhone

  • Go to ‘Google Account Settings’, and after that go to ‘Data Tools’ page. Hit the ‘Delete Products’ tab from the ‘Account Management’ segment.
  • Click the option ‘Remove Gmail Permanently’ under ‘Delete a Product’ tab. When you see the beneath interface, enter the password to confirm and hit the ‘Delete Google Account’ to proceed.
  • On the following interface, tick out the option ‘Yes, I need to permanently delete’ choice.
  • Enter an email address not quite the same as the location related with the account you are shutting under ‘New primary email address’. This will be your new email address. At that point enter the ‘Gmail password’ and hit the tab ‘Remove Gmail’ to proceed with the procedure.
  • At that point open the ‘Gmail Removal Confirmation email’ from the email address you determine as your new one. Follow the deletion link inside it.
  • It’s done now.
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