How to Factory Reset HP Laptop Without Password & CD On Windows 10 7 & 8

How to Factory Reset HP Laptop Without Password & CD On Windows 10 7 & 8

Sometimes HP laptops can freeze due to the changes made to them. There can also be minor faults that can affect the way your HP laptop works. Factory resetting can clear the faults, prevent your laptop from freezing, and improve your device’s performance. To assist each one of you in knowing how to factory reset an HP laptop, we have crafted easy-to-follow methods. These methods can be applied on HP laptops that run with Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10. We understand that an administrator password, recovery disc, and CD work as requisites for restoring HP laptops to factory settings. We will share the methods that make use of the same. Additionally, we will also share the ways to factory reset your machine without a CD or password. Our methods will also be suitable for HP mini, Elitepad, and Pavilion laptops.

Here is a summary of the methods that we will look at to hard factory reset your HP laptop:

How to Factory Reset My HP Laptop?

You can consider resetting your HP laptop to its factory settings in BIOS. In a number of situations, your device may not work as usual when changes have been made in BIOS. There can be other reasons too for resetting it. Using BIOS for this purpose will be helpful.

You can boot your HP laptop and press F10 several times. In BIOS, you can tap the F9 key and select Yes. Later, you can press F10 and save the changes. Your device should start rebooting after this. Gradually, your HP laptop will be reset to the default factory settings.

  • Boot your HP laptop.
  • Press “F10” while booting it. When the black screen of the device is seen, press the key numerous times.
  • Now, press “F9” in “BIOS”.
  • You will see a confirmation dialog. Opt for “Yes”.
  • Push the key for “F10”.
  • Select “Save and Exit”.
  • Your HP laptop will reboot now.

Note for Readers: When you reset your HP laptop to factory settings, prefer to update its drivers. This can be helpful for the improved functioning of your laptop.

Can You Factory Reset Your HP Laptop without a Password?

The method in this section will aid you in factory resetting your HP laptop without an administrator password through the Recovery Manager. You will not be required to log in to your system. As you start it, you can tap the F11 key numerous times. Then pick the option of Troubleshoot to view the Recovery Manager. You can head to System Recovery from here. If needed, a backup of your files can be made. Soon, your HP laptop will be in the default state.

The following is the complete method to learn how to factory reset an HP laptop without an administrator password:

  • Detach all the cables from your HP laptop.
  • Ensure that no external devices are connected to your device.
  • Start your HP laptop. 
  • Press the “F11” key several times.
  • A screen will appear. Click on “Troubleshoot” in the screen.
  • Go to “Recovery Manager”.
  • Now, press “System Recovery” in the “Help” section. 
  • Backup your files if needed or select “Recover without Backing up Your Files”.
  • Click on “Next”.
  • Now, go through the on-screen instructions to complete this procedure.

Note for Readers: You can use this method in an instance wherein you have forgotten your password. As you read here, using the Recover Manager, you will not be required to enter your HP laptop’s password.

How Do I Factory Reset My HP Laptop on Windows 10?

The Windows 10 users can factory reset HP laptops via the settings. In the Windows 10 settings, the Reset this PC option can be used. Some users prefer to factory reset their laptops through the Windows Recovery Environment. You can also use it for bringing the default state back to your device. In addition to these methods, a USB Flash Drive along with the Windows Password Fixer can be utilized for factory resetting a Windows 10 HP laptop for which you have lost the password. 

These 3 methods explaining how to reset HP laptops with Windows 10 to factory settings have been discussed in depth below. You can go through the following sections to learn about them.

Method 1: Factory Resetting through Windows 10 Settings

An easy approach to factory reset your Windows 10 HP laptop is from its Settings. In the Search option of the Start Menu, look for Reset this PC. Open it and press the button labeled Get Started. Now, either tap on Keep My Files or opt for Remove Everything. Later, the option of Just Remove My Files has to be selected. You will be asked to clean your drive. After cleaning it, press Reset. The method to factory reset your HP laptop with Windows 10 will be over.

  • Press the “Windows” key.
  • Search “Reset this PC”.
  • Select the most suitable option from the results.
  • After clicking on it, a window will appear. Look for “Get Started” in it. Then click on the button for it.
factory reset hp laptop windows 10
  • Next, choose “Keep My Files” or “Remove Everything” based on your convenience. 
    • When “Keep My Files” has been selected, you have to press “Next”. To continue, hit “Reset”. The operating system will be reinstalled and the device will get restarted. 

Keep my files - how to factory reset hp desktop windows 10
  • Some of you may be selecting “Remove Everything”. Followed by this, select “Only the Drive Where Windows is Installed”.  You can also choose “All Drives” to delete all the files and recycle your system.
  • Now, click on “Just Remove My Files”. 
Keep my files - how to factory reset hp desktop windows 10

Note for Readers: All your files will be cleared from your system after clicking on “Just Remove My Files”. 

  • Tap on “Remove Files and Clean the Drive”.
  • Now, click on “Reset”. 
  • Wait for some time for the factory reset process to get completed.

Method 2: Reset to Factory Settings via Windows Recovery Environment

In a number of instances, factory resetting is chosen when a user is unable to log in to his/her HP laptop. An HP laptop that runs with Windows 10 allows you to factory reset it without logging in. This is possible via the Windows recovery environment.

To share an overview of this method, you can keep your device off. Detach internet hardware and external devices from it. Push the F11 key to open a new screen. Select Troubleshoot from the screen. Then opt for Reset this PC to continue restoring your device to the factory settings.

These are the remaining steps to find out how to factory reset an HP laptop with Windows 10:

  • Turn off your Windows 10 HP laptop.
  • Any internal hardware that has been added recently must be removed from the device. 
  • Ensure that no external devices, such as USB cables or printers, are connected.
  • Turn on the laptop.
  • Press the key “F11” on your laptop’s keyboard. 
  • The screen for “Choose an Option” will be seen. Click on “Troubleshoot”.
  • The next step is to tap on “Reset this PC”.
  • Select between the options “Remove Everything” or “Keep My Files”.
  • In case you wish to preserve your data, you will have to select “Keep My Files”.
  • Tap on “Reset”. 
  • To remove all the personal files, tap on “Remove Everything”.
  • Click on “Only the Drive Where Windows is Installed”. 

Note for Readers: By selecting this option, every file will be removed from your device.

  • Click on “All Drives” if you want to delete all the files from your PC. 
  • To delete your files, click on “Just Remove My Files”. 
  • Alternatively, you can select “Fully Clean the Drive”.
  • Click on “Reset”. 

Now, the procedure reset to factory settings on HP laptop on Windows 10 will have been completed. You can prefer starting it and personalize it as per your preferences.

Method 3: Factory Reset HP Laptops on Windows 10 without a Password

The users of Windows 10 HP laptops can opt for factory reset without password via Windows Password Fixer and USB flash drive. Using the Windows Password Fixer, you can remove the password from your laptop. The flash drive can be used to burn the Password Fixer. As this USB drive is connected to the HP laptop, booting will begin. Eventually, you can open the Recovery Manager to restore the factory settings.

Here are the remaining details to know how to factory reset your HP laptop on Windows 10 without a password:

  • Ensure that your laptop has a power supply.
  • Check that the keyboard and mouse are working.
  • Now, install the “Windows Password Fixer”. Then run it on your system. 
  • Burn “Windows Password Fixer” to a “USB Flash Drive”. 

Note for Readers: By performing this step, you will get help in creating a reset disc for the password.

  • Connect your HP laptop to the “USB Drive” and boot the system.
  • Click on “Reset Password” to remove the password.
  • Then tap on “Reboot” and remove the “USB Drive”.
  • Restart your HP laptop to make the changes. 
  • Now, sign in to your device without the password.
  • Go to the “Search” box in “Start”.
  • Type in “Recovery Manager”. 
  • Press “Enter” and click on the most suitable icon. 
  • You may see “User Account Control. Click on “Yes”.
  • Now, the “HP Recovery Manager” will open. Go to “Help”. 
  • Tap on “Windows Recovery Environment”. 
  • Then click on “Ok” and the system will reboot.
  • In the “Choose an Option” screen, press “Troubleshoot”.
  • Click on “Recovery Manager”. 
  • Choose “Recover without Backing up Your Files”. 
  • Hit “Next”.
  • Now, follow the on-screen instructions. 

The process to factory reset your Windows 10 HP laptop without requiring a password will finish.

How to Factory Reset My HP Laptop on Windows 8?

HP laptops that are running with Windows 8 can be reset via Windows Recovery Environment. It can be found in the HP Recovery Manager. You will have to select certain options from the menus that appear. Once the necessary options have been selected, the system restoration process should begin. On the completion of this process, your Windows 8 HP laptop will be reset to default.

Reading the following steps will give you a closer look at how to do a factory reset on your HP laptop:

  • Access the charms bar on Windows 8.
  • Find “Recovery” by typing it in “Search”.
  • Click on “HP Recovery Manager” from the results.
  • You will find a menu with 3 columns in it. Choose “I Need Immediate Help.” 
  • Tap on “Windows Recovery Environment”.
  • Give your confirmation for rebooting the machine.
  • After it restarts, the laptop’s screen will display “Choose an Option”. The option of “Troubleshoot” has to be chosen.
  • Select “Recovery Manager”.
  • In the new screen for “Recovery Manager”, click on “I Need Immediate Help” under “Microsoft System Restore”.
  • Go through the menu options that now appear.
  • The factory settings will be restored on your HP laptop.

How to Factory Reset Your HP Laptop with Windows 7?

To reset the HP laptop to factory settings on Windows 7, the Startup method should be considered. As a part of this method, you have to start your laptop and enter the System Recovery Menu for factory resetting it. It is also possible to factory reset it without a CD. When no CD is available, the Recovery Manager should be opened. Using this, you can make a backup of your important data and then restore the factory settings on your Windows 7 HP laptop.

Method 1: Resetting to Factory Settings from Startup

Considering several reasons, Windows 7 HP laptops may have to be reset to the factory settings. To do so from startup, you can open the System Recovery Menu. When you restart your machine, instantly press F11. Keep it pressed to view this menu. After this, navigate to the section of I Need Help Immediately. Now, you will see the System Recovery option. This option will be of use for factory resetting your laptop.

Let us look at the complete method to properly learn how to factory reset HP laptops from startup on Windows 7:

  • First, restart your HP laptop and immediately press the “F11” key. 
  • Keep holding “F11” and you will see the “System Recovery Menu”. 
press the “F11” - how to factory reset hp desktop windows 7

Note for Readers: If the “System Recovery Menu” does not appear, then you can press the “Enter” key. This will help you to enter the “Startup Menu”. Now, press the “F11” key to access the “System Recovery Menu”.

  • Go to the “I Need Help Immediately” section.
  • Choose “System Recovery”.
  • Prepare a backup of your data as per your preference. 
  • Select the option to keep a backup of your files. 

Note for Readers: You can also click on “Recover without Backing up Your Files” when you don’t require the backup at all.

  • Click on “Next”.
  • Press “Ok” when you see a warning. 
  • The system recovery process will begin and take some time. Then click on “Finish” and your system will get restarted. 

Method 2: Factory Reset without a CD

HP laptops with Windows 7 and later operating systems come with an HP password reset disc. It works the same way as a restore disc. So, instead of a CD, the password reset disc can be used to reset the device to the factory settings. 

With the password reset disc of HP, you can restart your laptop to boot it. Press F11 for visiting the Recovery Manager. From the section of I Need Help Immediately, opt for System Recovery. After backing up your files, use an external hard drive. Soon, you will be directed to the Recovery Manager for factory resetting your laptop.

To get further directions to explore how to factory reset an HP laptop on Windows 7 without a CD, you can read below:

  • Let’s begin with turning on your HP laptop. 

Note for Readers: We will suggest you to restart your Windows 7 HP laptop in case it is already on. 

  • The booting process will begin. You will be required to hold the “F11” key.
  • After the booting process, you will see the “Recovery Manager”. Go to the section named “I Need Help Immediately”. 
  • The third step is to tap on “System Recovery”. 
  • Click on “Back up Your Files”. 
  • Now, press “Next”. 
  • Get an external hard drive to connect to your HP laptop. Doing so will be suggested to keep a backup. You can use a blank disc as well. 
  • Insert the disc into the optional disc drive.
  • After connecting the external hard drive or inserting the blank disc, choose the driver letter representing it. 
  • Click on “Next”.
  • The backup process will begin. Wait for some time for the process to get completed. 
  • Then again click on “Next”.
  • Now, the “Recovery Manager” will reset the HP laptop to the factory settings.
  • Click on “Finish”.
  • Now, a set of on-screen instructions will be displayed on the screen. Follow the set to complete the installation, as well as the setup, of the Windows operating system. 

Note: For those of you who want to factory reset your HP laptop but don’t want to keep a backup of your data, you can select “Recover without Backing up Your Files”.

How to Factory Reset HP Laptops without a Disc?

With no requirement of a CD or recovery disc, your HP laptop can be factory reset. As you start or restart your machine, you have to reach the Choose an Option screen. You can continuously press the F11 key for reaching the screen. Select the Troubleshoot option to find the Recovery Manager. On running the Recovery Manager, you will be able to hard factory reset your HP machine without inserting any CD or recovery disc.

  • Start/restart the machine.
  • Repeatedly push the “F11” key. Alternatively, you can use a combination of “Esc” and “F11” keys.
  • In “Choose an Option”, click on “Troubleshoot”.
  • Locate “Recovery Manager” and tap on it.
  • In the “Recovery Manager”, pick the option of “Factory Reset”.

This is the final step that you have to do for factory resetting your HP laptop. You will be needed to set up your machine when you use it now.

How to Factory Reset My HP Mini Laptop?

HP mini laptops can run into some issues that can be repaired by factory resetting them. The most common way to factory reset this model is via the Recovery Manager. This method will be suggested for HP mini laptops with Windows Vista. On the off chance that you are running this device with Windows 7, the HP Recovery Manager should be preferred for this purpose.

The details of these methods can be known from the following sub-sections. They will also provide you with the required guidelines to execute these methods.

Method 1: Factory Reset Your HP Mini Laptop on Windows Vista

In this section, we will focus on how to factory reset an HP laptop on Windows Vista for the mini series. This method will be the most suitable for HP mini laptops. On this model, you can launch the Start menu and open the Recovery Manager by searching for it. Navigate to the Advanced Options. Pick System Recovery from here. Afterward, you can select System Recovery from HP Recovery Manager. Prior to bringing your device into the default state, you can make a backup. 

  • Tap on “Start” on your HP mini laptop.
  • Search for “Recovery Manager”.
  • Then click on the “Recovery Manager” option. 
  • Now, press “Advanced Options”. 
  • Go to “System Recovery”.
  • Tap on “Next” to restart your laptop.
  • Once it has restarted, “HP Recovery Manager” will open. In it, click on “System Recovery”. 
  • Hit “Next”.
  • You may be prompted with a message to use “Microsoft System Restore”. Click on “No”.
  • Choose “Recover without Backing up Your Files” if you don’t want to keep a backup.
  • Click on “Next”.

Now, the restoration process will begin. It may take some time. After the process is complete, your laptop will restart. You will be asked to set up Windows Vista after the reset process.

Method 2: Factory Reset Windows 7 HP Mini Laptops

On HP mini laptops with Windows 7, the factory reset procedure can be initiated from All Programs. Open the Recovery Manager from here. Press it one more time to start the HP Recovery Manager.  When you see the System Restore option, click on it. Prepare a backup of your files as per your requirement. Then you can wait for the restoration process to begin.

Let’s now go through all the guidelines about how to reset your HP laptop to factory settings.

  • Go to “Start”. 
  • Click on “All Programs”.
  • Then go to “Recovery Manager” in “All Programs”.
  • Tap on “Recovery Manager” again to start the “HP Recovery Manager” program.
  • The next step is to go to “I Need Help Immediately”. 
  • Tap on “System Recovery”.
  • Your laptop will restart and the “HP Recovery Manager” will quickly begin. Click on “System Restore”. 
  • Tap on “Next”.
  • In case you are prompted to use “Microsoft System Restore”, click on “No”.
  • Decide whether you want to keep a backup of your files. If not, then select “Recover without Backing up Your Files”. 
  • Hit “Next”. 
  • Now, wait for the restoration process to finish. 

Once the restoration process finishes, your HP mini laptop will restart. You will notice that the device is in the default state now.

What is the Method for HP Pavilion Laptop Factory Reset on Windows 7?

Sometimes, HP pavilion laptops can constantly freeze due to certain causes. By factory resetting this model, the problem can be done away with. In addition, the performance of your device will become better.

In brief, you can factory reset your HP laptop from the Recovery Manager. The manager can be accessed by restarting your device and pressing the F11 key multiple times. During this process, you may choose to backup your files or perform the factory reset procedure without saving your data.

  • Turn off your HP Pavilion Windows 7 laptop. 
  • Remove all the cables or external devices connected to it. 
  • Empty the internal drives. 
  • Also, remove any internal hardware that has been recently added.
  • Keep the power cord connected.
  • Now, turn on your HP Pavilion laptop. 
  • Repeatedly press the “F11” key. 
  • Next, the “Recovery Manager” will now be available on the screen. Go to the section titled “I Need Help Immediately”. 
  • Click on “System Recovery”.
  • Keep a backup of your files if you wish to. You may also recover without a backup.
  • Click on “Next”.
  • Then press “Ok”.
  • Wait for the process to get completed.
  • Press “Finish”. 

We hope that this method assisted you in clearly knowing how to reset an HP pavilion laptop to factory settings. Make sure that you miss none of the steps while doing it.

How Do I Execute HP ElitePad 1000 G2 Factory Reset?

When minor troubles are faced on your HP ElitePad 1000 G2, you can restore it to the default state. Open the Service Bar on your device. Then enter the Settings. Head to Change PC Settings. After this, find the Update and Recovery option. Via Recovery, you will be able to reset the HP laptop to factory settings. As you use your system now, you will notice that no minor troubles are being faced now.

  • Press the “Power” key to turn on HP ElitePad 1000 G2.
  • The second step involves unlocking the device’s screen. 
  • Visit the “Main Menu”.
  • To open the “Service Bar”, slide your finger from the top left to the screen’s center.
  • Next, select “Settings” in the “Service bar”.
  • Then press “Change PC Settings”.
  • Choose the “Update and Recovery” option.
  • Tap on “Recovery”.
  • Opt for “Remove Everything and Reinstall Windows”.
  • Now, connect your HP ElitePad 1000 G2 to the charger since the battery may get drained in the procedure.
  • Then click on “Next”.
  • Now, the device will take 30 minutes to factory reset. The process should finish after that.

Installing the Latest Drivers after Factory Resetting Your HP Laptop

One thing that is the most important after you factory reset your HP laptop is to install the latest drivers for the operating system. Since factory reset can be done for troubleshooting various troubles, the latest drivers will ensure that they do not occur again. 

For getting the latest drivers, you can run the Device Manager. Every driver will be visible here. Right-tap on a driver. From the list, head to properties. Here, you have to click on Driver and select the option of Update driver. Soon, the most recent version of the driver will be installed.

  • Press the “Windows” key and the “X” key together on the keyboard. 
  • In the “Device Manager”, you will see all the drivers listed under the categories.
  • Right-click on the driver and a list will be visible. 
  • Select “Properties” from this list.
  • The next step is to go to the “Driver” tab.
  • Tap on “Update Driver”.
  • Now, select the option of “Search Automatically for Updated Driver Software”.
  • Install the updated driver software.

Note for Readers: After selecting the option “Search Automatically for Updated Driver Software”, you may see a message. It would state that the best driver software for your system has already been installed. Then you will be required to do manual research for the driver. For getting the latest version, we will recommend you to visit the official website of the manufacturer. You can find the updated drivers here and install them.

HP Laptop Models Compatible with the Methods Shown Above

HP Stream Laptops’ factory reset can be done using the methods shown in this blog. These methods can be applied to the following models of this series:

HP Stream 11 LaptopHP Stream Notebook PC 13HP Stream 14 LaptopHP Stream 14 AX0XX Laptop

The methods included in this post can be suitable for the HP laptop models given in the following table:

HP Split X2 LaptopHP Pavilion G6 LaptopHP G72 LaptopHP Envy X360 Laptop
HP 15 LaptopHP 2000 LaptopHP ProBook 4430S

Our methods for factory resetting can be used on the models of the following HP laptop series as well:

HP Chromebook LaptopsHP Notebook LaptopsHP Omen Laptops

In Summary

There can be numerous reasons to factory reset your HP laptop. Irrespective of the reason, factory resetting can help in improving the performance of your device. HP laptops with Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10 can be restored to their default state via BIOS, Windows Recovery Environment, HP Recovery Manager, and other such methods. As you read with us, when a CD or admin password isn’t available, your laptop can be hard reset then as well. Keeping various circumstances in mind, we crafted all the possible methods here. Hopefully, you would have been able to reset your laptop to the factory settings by now.

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