How to Enable/Disable Touchpad on HP Laptop on Windows 10, Windows 8, and Windows 7?

How to Enable/Disable Touchpad on HP Laptop on Windows 10, Windows 8, and Windows 7?

HP laptop’s touchpad can be disabled and enabled as per your convenience. There can be several methods for doing so. The pointing device can be turned on or off from the Mouse Properties. On certain models of HP laptops like Pavilion, there is an On/Off button given near the trackpad. This button can be used to instantly disable the touchpad on HP laptops. Likewise, the device can be enabled with the help of this button. 

On HP laptops with Windows 10, Windows 8, and Windows 7, there are more methods that you can try for disabling as well as enabling the touchpad. These methods can be found in this blog. Additionally, you will learn to disable and enable the trackpad on HP EliteBook, HP Pavilion, HP ProBook, and HP Notebook laptops.

An overview of this blog can be found as follows:

How Do I Disable the Touchpad on My HP Laptop?

To disable the touchpad on your HP laptop, you can visit the Mouse Properties. An option will be given here for disabling it. On some models of HP laptops, there is a switch or button specifically for the touchpad. By pressing it, this part can be turned off for as long as required. Certain users may be having an HP laptop that has been featured with an internet touchpad button. This button is present inside the device’s touchpad. Also, it can be directly used for turning off this part. To permanently disable the touchpad, the mouse drivers can be deleted from your HP laptop

Method 1: Disabling via Mouse Properties

It is the Synaptics touchpad drivers in HP which help us to disable and customize different touchpad settings. To use these drivers for turning off the touchpad, you can move to the Mouse Properties. Here, you can choose Device Settings. The option for disabling the pointing device will be found in these settings. The sooner you press the option, the quicker will the touchpad get disabled.

Follow the steps illustrated below to disable the touchpad on your HP laptop:

  • Tap on Windows “Start”.
  • Type in “Mouse” in the search field.
  • Select “Mouse” to see the “Mouse Properties” windows.
  • Visit the tab for “Device Settings”.
  • Choose “Disable.” 
  • When the confirmation is shown, press “Ok.”

We hope that these steps briefed you on how to disable the touchpad on HP laptops. In case this method did not work for you, the next one can be preferred.

Method 2: Disable Using On/Off Touchpad Switch/Button

You may be familiar with certain models of HP laptops that come with a touchpad button or switch. Should you happen to own one such model, this switch/button will work as the HP laptop disable touchpad shortcut. By inspecting the area around this part, you can be certain that the switch is available with respect to your model. As you push this switch, a light should blink. This light will signify that the touchpad has been finally disabled.

  • Check whether your HP laptop is built with an “On”/”Off” button or switch near its touchpad.

Remember: The “On” or “Off” switch may be very small. You will have to closely examine your laptop’s touchpad area to find it.

  • After finding it, press this “On” or “Off” switch or button.

When your device’s touchpad is working, pressing the tiny button for “On”/”Off” will disable this part. To use the touchpad again, you will have to press the same button one more time. 

Method 3: Turn off by Pressing the Internet TouchPad Button

An internet touchpad button can be understood as a button present inside the touchpad. HP has introduced certain models on which this button can be found. You can check whether or not your machine’s touchpad is carrying the internet touchpad button. On finding it, you can place your finger in the touchpad’s top corner. Ensure that the finger has been kept towards the left in this corner. This corner has to be pressed for a few seconds. Eventually, you will find that the button has disabled the touchpad on the HP laptop.

  • Find out whether there is a button inside your HP laptop’s touchpad.
  • Place your finger on the touchpad. You have to place it in its corner at the top-left.
  • Touch this corner for at least 5 seconds.
  • Check if you can see a tiny light blinking. The blinking of this light will signify that the touchpad has been disabled. 

Method 4: Disable By Uninstalling Drivers

On your HP laptop, you would have often seen the Device Manager. This can assist you in uninstalling certain drivers. The touchpad-related drivers can be uninstalled. Since the drivers would not be present, using the touchpad may not be possible. Thus, this part will become permanently disabled. 

For learning more about how to disable the touchpad on your HP laptop on a permanent basis, these directions should be read:

  • Let’s begin by pressing the “Windows” key.
  • You will see a “Search” option here. Input “Device Manager” here. Then search for it.
  • Tap on the “Enter” key.
  • Near the option “Mice and Other Pointing Devices”, an arrow will be placed. Press the arrow.
  • The touchpad listing should be seen now. Right-click on this listing for selecting “Uninstall”.

Caution: Since this method will permanently disable the touchpad of your HP laptop, it should be done only after carefully thinking.

How to Disable the Touchpad on My HP Laptop with Windows 10/Windows 8?

Some people may prefer the use of an external mouse more than the touchpad of HP laptops. These devices with Windows 10 or Windows 8 come with an option of turning off the touchpad. To initiate the method to disable the touchpad on your Windows 8 HP laptop or even Windows 10, run the Touchpad Settings. A toggle will be given here. It has to be pressed. Within a short while, the touchpad will be out of use.

  • The “Windows” key needs to be pushed.
  • Insert “Touchpad” in the space for “Search”.
  • Tap on the “Enter” key.
  • “Touchpad Settings” should get launched.

Pro Tip: “Touchpad Settings” can also be accessed by using a shortcut. You can press together the “Windows” and “I” keys on the keyboard. Then click on “Devices”. Now, “Touchpad” should be seen. By selecting it, its settings will appear.

  • A toggle switch below “Touchpad” will be available. Press it for turning off this part.

Remember: In place of the touchpad, you may use a Bluetooth mouse on your Windows 8 or Windows 10 HP laptop. Even after disabling this part, the mouse will help you in performing the usual functions of the touchpad.

What is the Procedure to Disable Touchpad on Windows 7 HP Laptops?

The Control Panel of Windows 7 HP laptops can be used for deactivating the touchpad. In the Control Panel, you can open Hardware and Sound. This will carry a section called Devices and Printers. Below this section, an option stating Mouse will be found. From here, you will be able to access the Mouse Properties. You can look for either Clickpad or Touchpad and disable it. 

Through these directions, you can understand more about how to disable the touchpad on your HP laptop with Windows 7:

  • From the “Taskbar”, run “Start Menu”.
  • Find “Control Panel” and open it.
  • Click on “Hardware and Sound”.
  • Locate “Mouse” below the section of “Devices and Printers”.
  • Visit the window of “Mouse Properties”.
  • In the “Clickpad” or “Touchpad” tab, choose the checkbox/button next to “Disable”.
  • Finally, press the “Ok” tab.

How to Enable My Touchpad on My HP Laptop?

Several users of HP laptops have been able to activate the touchpad from the Mouse Properties. You can prefer this option for the same purpose. Other than this, you can use the On or Off button that has been specifically provided on HP laptops to start this part. In case your device carries no such button, then you can inspect the insides of its touchpad. A button along with an LED light should be present here for enabling the pointing device of HP laptops.

On reading further, you can check more methods on how to enable the touchpad on HP laptops.

Method 1: Enable Using the Mouse Properties

At some point, you may have come across the Mouse Properties of your HP laptop. These properties are featured with certain options that help you in making changes to the settings of the Mouse. Even for seeing the touchpad enabled on HP, these properties can be of use. From Mouse Properties, you can move to Device Settings. The Enable option can be easily viewed. You can quickly press it and the touchpad will start working.

  • Visit your HP laptop’s “Start Menu”.
  • Click on “Search” and write “Mouse” here.
  • To open “Mouse Properties”, tap on “Mouse” in the results.
  • In the properties, “Device Settings” will be given. Select its tab.
  • Here, you have to pick the “Enable” option.
  • To make the changes, select “Ok”.

Method 2: Pressing the On/Off Touchpad Button for Enabling

As a result of some difficulty, the trackpad of your HP device may have been turned off. Requiring its use at present, you may want to undo the action. We will advise you to check whether or not your HP laptop has been built with an On/Off button for the touchpad. On the models of HP on which this button exists, it needs to be pressed for activating the trackpad.

Caution: On all HP laptops, the enable touchpad shortcut button or switch may not be found. This method will remain applicable to only those models on which the button is available.

  • Look at the area around your HP laptop’s touchpad. Ensure the presence of an “Off”/”On” button.
  • If the “Off”/”On” button is given, press it.
  • Check the touchpad. Confirm whether it has been enabled.

Remember: The method given in this section can enable the touchpad on HP laptops only when the button has been initially used for turning off this part. 

Method 3: Enable via the Button Inside Touchpad

Some HP users may be familiar with a small button inside their laptop’s touchpad. However, not every user may know the function of this button. Our tech experts have found that it can be used as an instant way of enabling HP laptop’s touchpad. To provide you with the exact location of the button, it is available in the upper corner, probably on the left side. It needs to be pressed for a while. The light on the button should go off, indicating that the touchpad can now be used.

Those of you who require the detailed steps to learn how to enable the touchpad on HP laptops should read below:

  • Inspect your device’s touchpad. Inside it, a button may be present.
  • After confirming that the button is present in the area, keep your finger in the touchpad’s top left-hand corner.
  • Gently push this corner for nearly 5 seconds.
  • As you enable the touchpad, a light on the device may turn off. This will indicate that the touchpad is active now.

Method 4: Check Whether Mouse Drivers are Installed on Your HP Laptop

There are some drivers that let you use the touchpad of your HP laptop. These are the mouse drivers. You may have mistakenly uninstalled them. Or they may not be existing on your device. You can check whether these drivers have been installed on your HP laptop. Should you not find them, installing the drivers from a reliable source will be suggested. Once their installation is complete, you will be able to enable the touchpad on HP.

How to Enable the Touchpad on Your HP Laptop with Windows 10 or Windows 8?

The settings of the touchpad give you the easiest way to start the pointing device on HP laptops. Especially when your HP laptop runs with Windows 8 and Windows 10, this way should be opted for. From the Start Menu, you can search Touchpad Settings and open them. You can initiate changes in the settings to make the touchpad enabled.

Here is more information on how to enable scrolling on the touchpad on Windows 10 HP laptops or on those with Windows 8:

  • Access “Search” by running “Start Menu”.
  • Start writing “Touchpad” here.
  • For proceeding, hit “Enter”.
  • Press the “Tab” key after “Touchpad Settings” get launched.

Pro Tip: Should you require a shortcut for heading to “Touchpad Settings”, press the “Windows” key along with the “I” key. You will reach “Settings”. Press “Tab” on the keyboard. Then using the arrow and “Enter” keys, “Devices” needs to be selected. After this, choose “Touchpad”.

  • Under “Touchpad”, you can find a switch. Tap on this switch to enable the touchpad of the Windows 8/Windows 10 HP laptop.

What is the Method to Enable HP’s Touchpad on Windows 7?

When you need to enable the touchpad on HP laptops with Windows 7, the Device Settings should be used. These Settings can be accessed from Hardware and Sound. In the Device Settings, you can find an option that mentions Enable. With the help of the Spacebar key, this option can be enabled. Following this, you will have to apply these changes to successfully turn on the touchpad of your Windows 7 HP laptop.

  • To commence, the “Control Panel” has to be accessed.

Pro Tip: To open “Control Panel” directly from your keyboard, you may prefer hitting the “Windows” key. Then you can mention “Control Panel” here. After this, hold and quickly release the “Enter” key.

  • Make a selection for “Hardware and Sound”.
  • Following this, hit “Enter”.
  • Find the “Mouse” option.
  • Again press “Enter”.
  • Using the following shortcut, navigate to “Device Settings”.

“Ctrl” key + “Tab” key

Remember: On your Windows 7 HP laptop, you may find “Touchpad” or “Clickpad” mentioned in place of “Device Settings”. There may also be an option similar to the same in case “Touchpad”/”Clickpad” or “Device Settings” are not found. Accordingly, make the selection and execute the upcoming step.

  • Push “Enter” one more time.
  • Tick the checkbox for the “Enable” option.
  • Then tap on the “Spacebar” key.
  • Click on “Apply”.
  • Select “Ok”.

How to Enable or Disable Touchpad on HP EliteBook Laptop with Windows 10?

Your HP EliteBook’s disabled touchpad can prevent you from using it. For enabling it again, you can rush to the Settings from the Windows menu. Through the Settings, enter Devices. To continue, you can opt for Touchpad and then hit its switch. This will help you in enabling the touchpad. Should you need to disable it again due to any reason, the switch needs to be pressed. It should be noted that this method will be the most suitable for HP EliteBook Laptops with Windows 10.

  • In “Start”, tap on the icon of “Settings”.
settings - hp elitebook enable touchpad
  • Click on “Devices”.
Devices - hp elitebook 8570w enable touchpad
  • Select “Touchpad” given on the left.
  • Click on the toggle for “Touchpad” for enabling or disabling it.
hp elitebook enable touchpad
  • You may choose “Leave Touchpad on When a Mouse is Connected” if you want to.
  • The speed of the cursor can be adjusted as per your requirement.

The method outlined above can guide you to enable or disable the touchpad on the HP EliteBook laptop’s different models. Some of these models have been featured in the following table:

HP EliteBook 840 LaptopHP EliteBook 840 G3 LaptopHP EliteBook 840 G5 LaptopHP EliteBook 8440P Laptop
HP EliteBook 8460P LaptopHP EliteBook 8470P LaptopHP EliteBook 8570W Laptop

Can You Enable and Disable the Touchpad on an HP Pavilion Laptop?

The touchpad of HP Pavilion Laptops involves a bit of learning prior to correctly using it. This may influence certain users to disable the touchpad of their devices and switch to an external mouse. These laptops enable you in turning off this particular part from the Control Panel. It will only get disabled for a temporary time period. By launching the Control Panel, the mousepad can again be enabled.

In this section, we have explained in-depth how to disable the touchpad on an HP Pavilion Laptop and enable it again, when required. You can read further to know the same.

  • On your HP Pavilion Laptop, find the “On”/”Off” button. This button will be placed near the laptop’s touchpad.
  • Tap the button for turning on/off the touchpad.
  • On finding no button, click on the icon of “Windows”.
  • Prefer opening “Control Panel”.
  • Make certain that the “Classic View” option has been selected.
  • You will see an icon representing “Mouse”. Press this icon twice.
  • Select “Disable”.
  • Now, apply the changes.
  • After this, tap on “Ok”.
  • For enabling the touchpad of your device, repeat step 6.
  • In the end, press “Enable”.

There are several models of HP Pavilion Laptops. The method described in this section can be used for enabling/disabling the touchpad on specific models. You can check whether or not you have one of the following models before executing this method:

HP Pavilion DM4 LaptopHP Pavilion DV6 LaptopHP Pavilion DV7 Laptop
HP Pavilion G6 LaptopHP Pavilion G7 LaptopHP Pavilion X360 Laptop

How to Enable and Disable the Touchpad on Your HP ProBook Laptop?

The users of HP ProBook Laptops can go through this section for knowing how to enable or disable the touchpad. The HP ProBook’s touchpad gets enabled or disabled with a pivot. You can look at the upper corner of your device’s “Touchpad”. On the left-hand side, a round pivot will be present in the area. In this part, a small light will be illuminated. This is an indication of the touchpad being disabled. Press this light two times. The light will no longer be on. Also, the touchpad of your HP ProBook will be enabled. To disable it, you can press the light twice.

Can I Enable and Disable the Touchpad on My HP Notebook?

On HP Notebook, to disable the touchpad, you need not visit any settings on the device. There is a shortcut that can be followed for disabling it. The same shortcut can also be used for enabling this part. 

On the left corner of your HP Notebook’s “Touchpad”, at the top, tap twice. The touchpad will be disabled. A graphic may appear on the display. It will show a red line on the touchpad to indicate that the pointing device has become disabled. On certain models, a light may turn on along with the production of a sound. This process can be repeated on your HP Notebook to enable its touchpad.

HP Printer Models Compatible with Our Methods

On other models of HP laptops, you can enable or disable the touchpad using our methods. Some of these models have been given here:

HP Envy 17 LaptopHP Envy X360 LaptopHP ProBook 640 LaptopHP ProBook 4540S Laptop
HP ProBook 6560B LaptopHP Spectre X360 LaptopHP EliteBook Folio 9470M
To Conclude

The touchpad of HP laptops can be convenient for multiple users. However, certain users may prefer using a mouse more than the in-built trackpad. For them, HP has provided an option to disable the touchpad. In this blog, we aimed at covering all the ways using which the touchpad can be disabled. Interestingly, there are also methods that can help you in enabling the trackpad once again. Based on the version of Windows on your HP laptop, we outlined the directions associated with these methods. By now, we believe that you will be having the complete knowledge to enable and disable the pointing device using multiple ways on different models of HP laptops.
Pertaining to some factors, certain kinds of problems can arise on HP laptops. You should always be aware of the factors that can affect the performance of your system or make it bugged by errors.

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