How to Enable & Disable Touchpad on HP Laptop

Enable & Disable Touchpad On HP Laptop in WIndows

Are you facing the problem of unwanted cursor movement even when your fingers move over the touchpad slightly? Do you want to work on your HP Laptop on something which calls for a lot of accuracy and control? Do you want to use your external device: mouse or pointing device? Then Enable & Disable the Touchpad on your HP Laptop is the best solution.

How to Disable Touchpad on HP Laptop in Windows?

It is the Synaptic touchpad drivers which help us to disable and enable or customize different touchpad settings. Follow the steps illustrated below to disable the touchpad on your HP laptop:

1. Tap on Windows “Start” and type in the search field “mouse.”

2. Tap on “mouse” to see the “Mouse Properties” windows.

mouse pad-How to Disable Touchpad on HP Laptop

3. Tap on the “Device Settings” tab and select “Enable” or “Disable.” When the confirmation is shown, tap on “OK.”

enable Disable mouse pad-How to Disable Touchpad on HP Laptop

By following the steps given above you can also learn How to Enable Touchpad on HP Laptop.

Now, do you know what is to be done when your HP Laptop Touchpad is not working? Yes, there are instances when it just stops working after updating the software which is a little uncommon. When your touchpad feels awkward, it registers gestures which were not intended to do so and then fails to recognize the swipes, clicks, and pinches done on purpose.

This problem can be fixed by following the four methods given below:

In the sections to come up, we have shared with you 4 brilliant methods to fix the problem of HP Laptop touchpad not working correctly. Use these 4 methods to fix your problem instantly. 

Method 1: Reboot and Restart HP Laptop

You will definitely find this method the easiest and quickest too. All you need to do is reboot your HP laptop. Then restart it to ensure that the touchpad has started to work again.

Method 2: Enable HP Touchpad if Disabled

Just enable the HP Touchpad. It is possible that during the Windows update, HP Touchpad may have got disabled. For this, you can follow the 5 steps given below. 

1. Go to “Start”.

2. Type “Mouse” and select “Mouse”.

3. Click on “Device Settings”.

4. Select “Enable”/”Disable”.

5. Now, tap “Ok”.

Method 3: Use HP Driver Update Utility 

In some cases the HP Touchpad Driver becomes outdated. You can use HP Driver Update Utility to find the HP Touchpad Driver status. Usually, your laptop checks the internet for updated driver software as updates are needed. In case the laptop is unable to find it, you can do it manually.

Note: Before this, you will first have to uninstall the old Touchpad Driver. This can be done by going to the “Device Manager”, then right-click on the touchpad and lastly click on “Uninstall.” Now, go to the “Download” section and look for the “HP Laptop website” or Google “Windows 10 Touchpad Driver” suitable for the model of your device. Now, you may install the new one. Next, launch the “Touchpad Driver” of your choice. Click “Scan.” This will scan your Laptop and find the problems in the existing driver. Click on “Update.” This will update your old Driver to the new version. Next, reboot your Laptop. This will activate the driver to give the required result.

Method 4: Use Windows Troubleshooter for HP Laptop Windows 10

Use Windows Troubleshooter to solve the problem in your HP Touchpad if it is not starting after the Windows 10 update(Turn off automatic updates). Follow the steps given below.

1. Tap on “Start” and then select “Settings”.

2. In the search field, type in “Troubleshooting.”

3. Tap on “Hardware and Sound.”

Hardware and sound - How To Enable & Disable Touchpad On HP Laptop

4. Tap on “Hardware and Devices”.

5. Press “Next.”

6. Now, “Windows Troubleshooter” will search for the problem. It will give you the recommended solutions to fix the problem. Tap on “Apply this fix” to solve the problem.

troubleshoot setting- Disable Touchpad on Hp Laptop in Windows 10


In this blog, we learnt how to enable and disable the touchpad on your HP laptop. We also helped you find various solutions to fix the problem of unwanted cursor movement. We hope the steps given were easy for you to follow. For all kinds of problems with your HP laptop, you can stay connected with us. We will assist you with the best solutions!

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frolep rotrem
1 year ago

I like this web site post “How to Enable & Disable Touchpad on Laptop” its a masterpiece! Glad I detected this on google.

Daniel Stokes
1 year ago

My search history on google was constantly referring to how to enable touchpad on HP laptop as the touchscreen of my HP laptop was not enabled. As a result, this issue did let me enjoy the feature of the touchscreen. After scrutinizing a lot I was not able to come up with the solution. In the end, I had to ask about the same to a colleague and he gave this link which had multiple solutions. I am glad that now I enjoy the feature of Touchscreen on my HP laptop.

dudley gegera
1 year ago

Thank you this very helpfull